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Our Abstract Graphics site is a 2017 novelty. However, its initial pages (about 30) have been first conceived and developed inside the mother site COROLLARY THEOREMS. It happens that the thematic of abstract graphics is a bit too different from the general topic of "educational books" promoted in COROLLARY THEOREMS. Therefore, in order to help our visitors find their one and only Abstract Graphics way, we came up with this actual dedicated site.
So, at COROLLARY THEOREMS we are a 2004 continuous presence on the Internet. At Abstract Graphics we intend to become an active site, permanently changing with newer and more attractive offers to the clients, from now on. Note that we deal in this site with a new for of a digital art: the RGB screen-designed Abstract Graphics!
Unfortunately, we cannot highlight any noble "art ageing" attribute, so the genuine connoisseurs are going to be a little suspicious, for a while. Still, we are prone to win them to our Abstract Graphics side, since we offer a true color-symphony blended into some unique, strange and stunning shapes, unmatched by anybody else on the entire Internet.
The process of creating our Abstract Graphics RGB pictures is a jealously guarded trade-secret. However, we do need to reveal that we use some commercial picture programs to replace the classic, millennia old by now, painting-brushes. This new modern Abstract Graphics art could seem "controversial" to many art-critics, only reality is there right there, in front of your eyes. The people are looking at "screens" lately, not at canvases; plus, the RGB digital colors rule our World like never before, in about 16 million shades. In addition, we are able to differentiate the perfect 20 MB digital/mechanical photos of nature/reality, from the wonderful and awesome semi-random talent and skills generously embedded in our Abstract Graphics creations.

Sure, we do expect it will take some time for our Abstract Graphics to become worldwide recognized, though we are truly proud we are the very pioneers of this new modern form of art. Visit us and please talk with us, and become accustomed with THE FUTURE OF ART!

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