When Naiollah announced they were close to the next supply stop, Ahlane asked her to describe local conditions. Following, they found out that Horje System had been colonized about three hundred i-std. years before, in order to facilitate imperial expansion. Although the colonization plans had been abandoned in time, since the efforts to sustain them outweighed the benefits, the System was still used as a supply point for spaceships, and for major trade contacts.
     Horje System was composed of fourteen Planets, out of which only one big Planet, Horje Five, had natural living conditions, although with almost double the gravity vector than Imperial Standard norm, and with a high air pressure on the surface. Horje Five was used only for agriculture and as source of air and water, while the people in control lived in a space-city, Jothlan, built on a natural Satellite of the Planet. Remotely controlled automated machines harvested the crops on Horje Five, and the products were used locally, mostly for space-food rations processing. Almost all industries in the Horje System were targeted towards space travel.

     Ghethe told Naiollah to take them to another space-city, Kalanda, built on a natural Satellite of a giant blue gas Planet—Horje Nine. Ahlane asked him if there were other options to land in the Horje System.
     “We could land either in Kalanda or Jothlan, Ahlane. Between the two, however, the best place for a fast transaction is Kalanda, since the energy factories are located right there.
     Now, Ladies, Kalanda is a space-city, therefore you need to wear spacesuits which will protect you in case there is an accidental vacuum exposure. Besides, this is an excellent opportunity for you to become familiar with Naiollah’s spacesuits. I shall explain only summarily how to dress them, then you can ask Naiollah for particular details.”
     Ghethe presented two brand-new, black, women type spacesuits having double yellow stripes on sides, then he explained the general dressing procedures. He left, after advising them again to ask Naiollah for help with details.
     He also dressed in his spacesuit which was a one-design prototype construction, and also an intrinsic part of his combat armor. Ghethe did not anticipate any troubles with the local people because they were hard workers, imperial loyalist, and the energy factories belonged in proportion of forty parts per unit to the Imperial Family.

     When the Ladies finished dressing, Ghethe wanted to inspect the adjustments and to further instruct them in using the controls. He couldn’t help admiring the astonishing bodylines of the two Ladies, because the spacesuits were self-adjusting to their natural size due to the body heat.
     Ahlane, in particular, had such a perfect body that Ghethe wondered if the beauty of the Zelhane Ladies was natural, or enhanced by some mysterious, extremely advanced, genetic engineering technologies. He restrained—hardly—his instinctual affinity of touching her, and he explained instead the functionality of the spacesuit controls.

     Later that day, a little bald man with gray-green skin color contacted them on Naiollah’s communications channels. The man had large all-black eyes, elliptic in shape and arranged in a sharp “V”. Those particular anatomical features were typical to the majority colonist race originated from the nearby Lancota System.
     During the conversation, the man appeared to be greatly charmed by Ladies’ beauty, as he watched them attentively, each one at a time. He asked about their destination, their cargo, their registration codes, and about the length of their visit. In the end, he issued landing instructions to the spaceport five hundred seventy-four.

     While Naiollah approached Kalanda City, they all admired the panoramic view of its marvelous constructions, and the myriad of its glittering inviting lights. Ghethe explained that the City was built on the surface, though mostly below the ground. There were over nineteen million people living and working in Kalanda, since it was one of the most important trade nodes of the Empire, in addition to being a top-grade repair facility, and an excellent supply base for everything a spaceship needed.
     Particularly remarkable were the shops in Kalanda City, which were famous for their exotic, diverse, and good quality merchandise. Ghethe detailed a plan to visit all the interesting parts of the City in about five i-std. days, and the Ladies were anticipating pleasing surprises, beyond commonality.
     They landed inside an enormous hangar populated with many medium and small spaceships, built inside a mountain and protected from space vacuum by a triple gates airlock system. There were many people working around the ships, most of them small in size and dressed in yellow uniforms. Overall, the surrounding activity sounds were very pleasing and greatly relaxing after the long days spent in the open-space isolation.

     Ghethe and Zelhane Ladies exited Naiollah. They were directed to the Spaceport Administration Office where they met with Mr. Hira Otora—a little man with the same characteristics as the majority colonist race, dressed in sumptuous, expensive clothes. His nose, mouth, and ears were very small and barely protruded. Mr. Otora used a concealed electronic translator to communicate, while his real voice was faint and high-pitched.
     “Welcome to Kalanda City, Dear visitors! I am Hira Otora, Administrator of the Spaceport five hundred seventy-four, and I am honored if you should call me Hira.
     Please, take seats, and allow me to offer you something to drink, and to eat. We have the largest assortment of fine foods and drinks in this part of the Galaxy, and they are all at your disposition, My Dear guests.” He appeared to be unable to keep his eyes away from the superbly shaped spacesuits of the two Zelhane Ladies, only his manners were decent and comforting.
     After introductions, they took seats in fancy armchairs, although rather small.
     Ghethe said, “Thank you very much for your offer, Hira, but we intend to have something in the City. We were told that you have here a wide variety of culinary cultures.”
     Mr. Otora replied, “Incredible variety, My Dear guest, and beyond belief! We have trade relations with over five hundred Systems, and most of them are from very far outside the Imperial Worlds.”
     “That should be, definitely, very interesting to see. However, I prefer, Hira, that we first conclude our supply transaction, if you do not mind,” said Ghethe.
     “Ah, not at all, Ghethe, only this is not an enjoyable discussion for Ladies. They could visit the spaceships we have in here. Some of them are alien, true marvels of engineering ingenuity. I am confident this is going to be a memorable experience,” suggested Mr. Otora.
     “The Gentleman is right, Ahlane. If this is going to be a bargained transaction, it could be later invalidated for being influenced by your distracting presence. I shall let you know when I finish over the helmet comnode,” promised Ghethe on the internal communications channel.
     “Very well then, we shall wander around, Ghethe,” agreed Ahlane, then she and Mlane stood up and walked out the office.
     Both men admired attentively the fascinating bodily movements of the two Ladies, as they walked out the office, then Mr. Otora turned towards Ghethe and asked, “Do you have a list of supplies, Mr. Dakka?”
     Ghethe handed the list, then he waited for Mr. Otora to finish reading it.
     “Oh, you are using TL fifty-six energy batteries on your engines? I haven’t seen ships with this type of engines for over three i-std. years!” commented Mr. Otora highly surprised.
     “Aah, yeah, we have new engines,” admitted Ghethe not much pleased to talk about that subject.
     “What model, Sir, if you do not mind? Newer engines are very well priced around here. Therefore, you could get a huge fortune if you intend to sell one or two of them,” proposed Mr. Otora.
     “They are a special model, Sir, and we do not intend to sell them,” replied Ghethe troubled by Mr. Otora’s insistence.
     “A special model! You could get very, very rich, Sir, and we offer in exchange excellent TL twenty-nine engines for free!” persisted the little man.
     “Again, Mr. Otora, they are not for sale. Besides, I do not believe our ship would allow any removal of her registered components.”
     “What! You have a Self-Unit Intelligence ship! This is unbelievable!” replied the little man highly stirred by the news.
     The transaction turned annoying for Ghethe, because he had involuntarily slipped important information about Naiollah. He thought of wiping out any knowledge about the ship from Mr. Otora’s memory, but he delayed that action for the final moments.
     “Mr. Otora, let’s return to our transaction. I do not enjoy talking about our ship,” suggested Ghethe.
     “We still have to verify the registration codes, Sir,” warned Mr. Otora.
     “Please do it, Sir. Our registration codes are all in order, and the ship itself, as you probably know, is a judicial entity which allows only for the legally-assigned owners.”
     “Sir, we can offer you a very nice little Planet for your ship,” continued Mr. Otora with his chain of temptations.
     “Again, our ship is not for sale at any price, Sir,” assured Ghethe in a bored voice.
     “As you wish, Sir. According to your list, the total transaction value goes up to two hundred seventy thousand Horje Credits.”
     That sum was worth about one hundred eighty thousand Batlan Credits, and it was way too much even for the existing economic recession. Ghethe felt again the impulse of reading Mr. Otora’s mind, to see his true intentions, though he restrained himself from doing it. He proposed, “I was thinking of one hundred fifty thousand in total, Sir.”
     “Wow–wow–wow, My Dear guest! You are asking for the best quality energy, and this takes money . . . and time,” replied Mr. Otora with a barely noticeable smile.
     “Time! Why should it take time? You have the energy factories right here,” asked Ghethe surprised and confused.
     “Ha, ha! The TL fifty-six energy batteries require time to process, Sir,” explained the little man in a carefree attitude.
     “How much time are we talking here, Sir?” asked Ghethe nervously.
     “Oh, about nine or eleven Kalanda days,” replied Mr. Otora casually.
     Something was not right in Otora’s attitude, and in his conversation. Ghethe concluded that the Spaceport Administrator tried to make that transaction difficult on purpose. He abandoned all moral reservations and started probing the mind of his interlocutor. It was of a strange pattern, though he had no problems reading it . . . THEN HE SAW IT! He immediately paralyzed the man, then he rushed outside the office.
     “Ahlane, answer to me! Ahlane! Mlane!
     They were nowhere in sight, therefore he flew up, near the ceiling, to watch the activity throughout the hangar. Everything looked normal, except for a medium size ship having a dynamic shape and a strange green hull which was maneuvering to exit the hangar. Ghethe raced to it. He landed on the body of the ship, in front of the black mirror navigation control windows, and he pressed his hands against the ceramic material. He closed his eyes in order to amplify at maximum his mind penetration . . . He could sense the fear of the alien people inside, but he was looking for . . . YES! THE LADIES WERE CAPTIVE INSIDE!
     Ghethe started focusing all his mental powers on the molecular bonds of that ceramic glass. Slowly—way too slowly for him—the black opaque windowpane started glowing yellow around his gloved hands. The ship had passed the first system of gates and was waiting for the second one to open. Window’s ceramic material was bright yellow changing towards white . . . whiter . . . a crack . . . The window exploded in thousands of small pieces projected inside.
     Ghethe entered the ship. There were three people inside the navigation control compartment, all hurt. One of them was holding a high-power plasma rifle. Ghethe took the rifle and started shooting at the control panels until the engines went rolling down. Alarms were ringing everywhere. Moments later, the ship dropped brutally on the ground.
     He forced his thoughts into the strange mind of one man who was still conscious, to find the location of the Ladies aboard the ship. Once he discovered the information he needed, Ghethe paralyzed all people permanently, then he went to the access gate. Due to the alarm condition the gate was closed and sealed, therefore he had to probe again alien’s memories to look for the codes. When the gate opened, he caught the man by his clothes with one hand and started dragging him along.

     He had to pass through seven more sealed gates, and over eleven individuals, all of them heavily armed, until he reached the cargo-bay area. Ghethe killed all the people he met by severing the heartbeat centers inside their brains, though he was also touched by a plasma charge in the left shoulder area. The armor helped a lot to minimize the damage, although the plasma shield had been previously set to a minimum. Consequently, he had to stop for a brief while to readjust the controls to maximum protection.

     Ghethe was scared to death for the safety of his Ladies, and he promised to destroy the entire Kalanda City if anything bad would have happened to them. He looked desperately around for a while, trying to identify the door to the cargo compartment where the Ladies had been locked in. Finally, he found it!
     “Ahlane, can you hear me? Ahlane! Mlane! Answer to me!
     That door had a coded lock, and the man he was dragging along knew nothing about it, though he found out that the code was known to three of the men he had already killed. Ghethe threw away the useless being.
     That door was not a sealed, automatic one; it was a manual action metal door used only to be very secure. Ghethe positioned his hands on the edges, to the middle, then he started pushing his fingers between the wall and door’s edge until he got a firm grip. Next, he tried pulling the door out, by pushing with one foot on the wall.
     The door was a sturdy massive construction; therefore, he had to waste precious moments to gather all his strength again for a new try. It took seven attempts of building up the power enhancements of his armor, and his own mental powers, until the door was bent enough in the middle. He pulled it out, then he threw it away.
He could see the Ladies lying on the floor, unconscious. Ghethe took both of them carefully in his arms, after activating the plasma shields on their spacesuits, then he left on the way he came. There was too much weight to fly down from the ship with both Ladies once, so he had to make two trips.
     They were in the huge airlock between the first and the second system of airtight gates, both closed, and alarm horns were ringing madly around. Ghethe looked for a service gate, but he couldn’t find any. He remembered Naiollah.
     “Naiollah, are you all right?
     “Yes, Ghethe.
     “Naiollah, come to the exit airlock eleven right now!
     “This will take thirty-six i-std. seconds, Ghethe.
     “Naiollah, prepare four cutting jets, plasma guns.
     Soon, Naiollah announced, “The plasma guns are ready, Ghethe. I am in front of the gate, but it does not open.
     “Naiollah, fire the plasma guns and cut an ellipse, sufficiently big for me to pass through.
     “The operation is started, Ghethe. This will take over six i-std. minutes.
     “Naiollah, are there armed forces in the hangar?
     “There are armed people gathered around me, Ghethe. They do fire at me, but my shields are holding, Ghethe.
     “Naiollah, amplify my voice inside the hangar.
     “I opened the secure comnode channel green-seven, Ghethe. Say ‘start’ and ‘stop’, Ghethe.
     He switched his helmet’s comnode to the secure channel, then said, “Start. Move away from my ship! Stop.” The voice amplification had been so strong he felt the metallic floor vibrating under his feet. “Are they moving away, Naiollah?
     “Not much, Ghethe.
     “Start. If you do not clear the hangar I shall destroy your entire City! Stop. Are they leaving now, Naiollah?
     “Yes, Ghethe. They are clearing the hangar.
     He took some time to check the Ladies. Although unconscious, they appeared to be physically unharmed. “Ah, they are going to pay dearly for this!” promised Ghethe, and a terrible anger was storming inside his soul.

     The ellipse was almost finished when he noticed that an yellowish gas was pumped inside the airlock. He activated the vacuum condition on all spacesuits, although he knew that each of them had the integrity compromised.
     “Hurry Naiollah!
     “Finishing in nine i-std. seconds . . . Finished, Ghethe.
     He came to the cut ellipse, then he put his palms on it and pushed hard. It was a heavy piece of metal as that section of the gate was more than half i-std. step thick. The piece fell with a massive thud inside the hangar, then Ghethe threw a swift glance around. He took both Ladies in his arms, and then he exited the airlock.
     “Naiollah, open the access gate!
     Ghethe entered inside Naiollah, then into the Laboratory. He laid Mlane on a medical recovery bed, and Ahlane on the medical investigations bench. Ghethe took off her right glove, then he brought a sensor unit in contact to her skin. He said, “Naiollah, analyze Ahlane’s blood content and compare it with your previous records. Identify foreign substances. Also, analyze all her body functions.”
     A fine grid of yellow dots covered Ahlane’s body, and began monitoring her internal activities.

     More than five tense i-std. minutes passed until Naiollah answered, “There is a minor quantity of an unknown neuro-paralyzing organic substance in Ahlane’s blood, but it is harmless to her constitution because all her body activities are normal, although very slow. Considering the assimilation rate of the unknown substance, I estimate she could wake up in about two i-std. hours, Ghethe.”
     He felt greatly relieved, then he tested Mlane and got the same results. Ghethe took the Ladies in Ahlane’s suite. He laid them both on the bed, then he removed their helmets gently.

     Ghethe checked his spacesuit, and discovered that he was harmed fairly bad in his left shoulder area. However, he continued suppressing the pain. The worst part was, his armor had suffered a serious plasma burn, and it was partially damaged.
     He found a vacuum patch for the spacesuit, then he checked all the systems of his armor. The laser and plasma shield had only forty-eight parts per unit capacity, though he considered that it was sufficient for his next actions. He prepared two hard-combat “Automated Tracking Liquefier” units which he mounted on his shoulders, then he exited Naiollah.
     As soon as he was out of the cover of Naiollah’s strong shields, a rain of plasma charges and pulsed laser fire began following him—and his shoulder units started to respond automatically with invisible pulses to fire—up to the Spaceport Administration office. There, he discovered Mr. Otora perfectly motionless, as he had left him. He grabbed the man by one arm, then he dragged him back to Naiollah. Ghethe took Mr. Otora into the Main Salon, then he released the paralyzing condition.
     “Listen to me, you worthless worm: you will order to bring all the supplies I need in half i-std. hour. If they are not here by then, I shall destroy your entire City! MOVE!” demanded Ghethe in a rage.
     “H . . . h . . . how?” articulated Mr. Otora while trembling spasmodically.
     “Naiollah, establish a comnode connection to Kalanda City!” ordered Ghethe nervously.
     “Connection established, Ghethe.”
     “This is Hira Otora. I want . . .”

     When Mr. Otora finished ordering, Ghethe asked to speak with the highest Representative of Kalanda. After a while, a little man of the Lancota race came on his projection.
     “I am Fujia Hata, the Representative of Kalanda City. We do not tolerate terrorist acts, Sir!” declared the Representative in a firm electronic voice.
     “Do you tolerate kidnapping of your visitors?” asked Ghethe in an angry reply.
     “Kidnapping! It never happened, Sir!” declared the man appearing to be shocked.
     “It happened many times, and it happened just now again! This man of yours is very anxious to tell you how,” said Ghethe, and then Mr. Otora started, against his will, to confess all that happened, including many names and details of his past criminal activities.
     It lasted for more than half i-std. hour. When it was ended, the Representative had dark-green patches of color on his face. Everybody in Kalanda City had heard the horrible revelations of Mr. Otora’s dark and dirty secrets, as they were transmitted over an open comnode channel.
     “Sir, we regret deeply this abominable incident. Please, rest assured that we shall punish severely all the guilty people involved,” pleaded Mr. Hata trying to assure Ghethe of his good intentions.
     “You may be sincere, Sir, but listen to this. First, I want my supplies here in fifteen i-std. minutes. Secondly, I have the power to destroy your entire City and I can barely restrain myself from doing it! Do you know who are the Ladies this worm dared to touch?” asked Ghethe furiously.
     “I have no idea, Sir,” answered Mr. Hata in a frightened attitude.
     “They are Ahlane Loh Zelhane and Mlane Loh Zelhane, the legal heiresses of the Empire, and all this entire place BELONGS TO THEM!” shouted Ghethe.
     “Sir, the Empire—” started Mr. Hata visibly disturbed.
     “The Empire is alive and well, and the Ladies also own more than forty parts per unit of the energy factories here, plus many more. We have no time to investigate this incident now, but rest assured, Sir, that we shall come back, and then WE shall punish ALL the guilty people involved! Now, I want my supplies!” ordered Ghethe.
     “Yes, Your Highness, they are on their way to you. Please forgive us, Your Highness, we didn’t know—”
     “You have disappointed me a lot, Sir!” concluded Ghethe, still very angry.
     “Please, Your Highness, there was no way I could have known—” started Mr. Hata in a begging voice.
     Ghethe severed the comnode connection, then he looked at Mr. Otora. “You are going to suffer really hard, Hira. You shall have no further use of your hands, legs, and eyes from now on. I shall let you live only to get further punishment from your people. Do not worry, you will forget all your secret accounts, and all your dirty connections—”
     “Mercy! Please, Your Highness, be merciful! Please . . .” begged the little man, and his all-black eyes were filled with terror.
     “You are a beast, and you have only one i-std. year left to live as an intelligent being. After that, you shall become an animal: a frightened animal!” ended Ghethe his words, and his suggestions.
     “My eyes! My hands!”
     Ghethe blocked Mr. Otora’s speech capabilities because his screams were too difficult to tolerate, then he threw him out of Naiollah.
     Fairly soon his supplies and the energy batteries arrived, and he went out to check them for seal integrity, and for foul play. He refused all the food supplies. Ghethe exchanged the energy batteries, then he asked Naiollah to perform additional checks on them. She reported back to him that the energy batteries were filled to the maximum limit admissible, and were of excellent quality. That information managed to calm him down, a little bit.
     Many groups of people were crowding around Ghethe with peaceful and compassionate intentions. Later, even the Representative arrived running and begging for forgiveness. Ghethe looked into the minds of a few workers, and he saw revolt, shame for the incident that happened to the imperial heiresses, and a great desire to protect the two Ladies. Those compassionate feelings coming from ordinary poor people helped a lot to subside his rage.
     He spoke to the Representative in a dour voice, “Take personal care in punishing all the guilty people involved, Mr. Hata, and be prepared to meet with us again!”
     “Exemplary punishment, Your Highness! Please, forgive us, Your Highness!”
     “Your people have harmed the heiresses of the Empire, Mr. Hata, and you are responsible for your people!” objected Ghethe with some reminiscence of his great anger.
     “But I couldn’t possibly know who you are, Your Highness! Please be reasonable!”
     Ghethe waited for a while to calm down, and to become capable of logical reasoning, then he admitted, “Yes, Sir, you are right, you had no way of knowing who we were. Please excuse my moments of anger.”
     “No need, Your Highness! We all would have done exactly the same in your place. All of us!” rushed the Representative with much revolt and great desire to fight the evil in his attitude, although he was just a little taller than Ghethe’s waistline, and very frail. The scene with Mr. Hata’s display of courage brought a comic note to the entire incident, and many people gathered around began displaying smiles.
     Ghethe was a lot calmer, since he understood that the terrible past incident was only a criminal act committed by an isolated group of individuals. He was sorry he had threatened them with the destruction of the entire Kalanda City; therefore, he spoke to the Representative trying to sweeten his previous words. “Sir, we intend to rebuild the Empire on new basis, to be better for everybody. Most important, we want to help poor people to regain their dignity, and to rediscover social justice. We want them to trust the New Empire, and to be proud of being imperial citizens.
     Now, if you want to do something for the Ladies you have involuntarily injured then, when we come back, we would like to see that all these people, and any other deprived ones in Kalanda, have good and decent lives,” said Ghethe, and he ended his words moving his finger in a semicircle, pointing towards the groups of simple workers.
     “And so they shall, Your Highness, you have my word on this,” promised the Representative.
     The people gathered around began to cheer and to applaud. Ghethe ignored them, and entered the ship.
     “Naiollah, take us out of here and execute the deceiving strategy. Once finished, head for Dubar at maximum speed.”
     “Noted, Ghethe.”
     He went to Ahlane’s suite, and found them both awake. He asked with great concern, “Are you all right, Ladies?”
     “Yes, Ghethe, we are, but . . . what happened?” asked Ahlane, then she added, “We watched you talking with the people outside, only we just woke up and we couldn’t understand anything. What happened?”
     She appeared to be fine, although very scared. Ghethe replied in a firm voice, “Tell me what you remember, Ladies.”
     Ahlane explained, “We went out of the Administration Office, then we started wandering around. I remember that an alien Gentleman approached, and he invited us to visit a strange green ship. We declined the offer, then another one came close, and then one of them touched my arm with a device . . . then . . . I woke up in here!”
     “I remember the same thing,” assured Mlane, “I saw the man who touched Ahlane and my intention was to call you, Ghethe, but then I felt a pinch in my forearm and . . . What happened?”
     “They tried to kidnap you, Ladies . . . Not for political reasons,” answered Ghethe nervously.
     “Oh, My!” started both Ladies terrified, and almost instantly their facial colors changed to deep shades of blue.

     Ghethe explained how he had managed to save them in a few largely general details.
     “You stopped a flying spaceship, Ghethe?” asked Mlane bewildered and in doubt.
     Still troubled, he answered, “Yeah.”
     Ahlane asked confused, “How did you get inside?”
     “Well . . . I broke one of their command windows.”
     “Ghethe, are you hurt?” asked Ahlane alarmed after noticing his damaged armor.
     He admitted, “Aah . . . I guess one got me.”
     “Oh, My! Let’s go to your bed immediately, Ghethe Dakka!” said Ahlane in a firm voice.

     Both Ladies helped him to his suite, although he was perfectly able to take care of himself. However, Ghethe felt so good to be the object of their attentions, that he let them do whatever they wanted.
     He asked the Ladies for a few moments to take off the armor and the spacesuit, and to change into something appropriate. While doing it, he examined the injury. It looked worse than it really was, and he felt a lot of satisfaction imagining Ladies’ coming surprise.

     They became greatly shocked, indeed, because the plasma charge had vaporized a part of his upper arm muscles, and a good portion of the skin was burned and full of blood. Those moments in which the Ladies hovered around him, preoccupied with his person and touching him with such delicate, soothing hands, were the most pleasing for Ghethe. His only dissatisfaction was, the injuries were limited to one shoulder only.
     The Ladies washed his wounds very gently, they applied all sorts of disinfectant ointments, then they wrapped his shoulder and the left arm carefully in regenerative bandages. After that, they helped him eat, then they gave him a sleeping pill.
     While Ghethe slept, Ahlane asked Naiollah to show them all the existing records she had about the past events. They discovered that, in the moment Ghethe had started flying, his spacesuit camera began sending automatically images to Naiollah. The Ladies were stunned to see Ghethe’s hands breaking the command window of the alien ship, the fights inside, then the terrible pulling out of the metal door to the cargo compartment they were in.
     They could see and hear everything because, once started, the automatic recording ended only when Ghethe took his armor off. Both of them were terrified and proud of him altogether, since it was the first time when they saw some of his powers in action.
     Later, they became totally shocked, frightened and sickened by Mr. Otora’s revelations concerning their intended fate. Next, both of them felt deeply touched, as they understood the words Ghethe addressed to the Kalanda City Representative before departure.
     At the end of the recordings, Ahlane told Mlane not to disclose to Ghethe that they saw what happened—some aspects were way too embarrassing to remember—then she asked Naiollah to delete their access to those files.



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