They spent the remaining days until the promised return of the Hurrans preparing for that event. I was clear to Raika that Najé and his Governors intended to offer to the newly freed Hurran citizens the chance to colonize a few empty Planets. Their intention was to develop social structures of the new colonies scientifically, based on graphs of expansions in the new territories, according to a three hundred equ. years Colonization Plan.
     Raika got involved, and she dedicated all her energies to designing the future social mechanisms. She was later assigned additional responsibilities, way more difficult, though she always found the time to have dinner with Najé, and to spend the nights together in stormy philosophical discussions.

     Finally, the day came to bring the Hurrans home. All the available spaceships equipped with enhanced Gradient Drive engines went to the incredibly far destination not because they were needed, but very many people wanted to witness those historical events first hand.
     On Aton, Raika and Najé were approaching the dismembered, monstrous construction of the Hurran Fleet, and they could see that seven FW-Docking Ships were positioned separately, adjacent to the main body.

     Najé said, “Aton, send a message to the Hurrans. Tell them that Najé Xallas wishes to speak with the Supreme Leader Gunis Relas.”
     They waited for a while, then Gunis’s face appeared on an entire quarter-sector projection.
     Raika smiled happily, and said, “Oh, Gunis, we are so glad to see you! Are you all right?”
     “I am fine, thank you, Raika, and I am very glad to see that you have kept your promise,” replied Gunis with a faint smile on her small delicate face.
     Najé asked, “Is everything prepared for departure, Gunis?”
     She replied, “Yes, Najé. We are waiting for your orders.”
     He said, “I need to land someplace, to see it for myself, Gunis.”
     “Our operators shall guide your ship, Najé.”

     They received instructions to enter into one of the ships prepared for departure, and Aton executed the landing maneuver majestically. The landing place was inside an enormous hangar filled with tens of thousands of small people in gray and blue uniforms, none of them bearing weapons.
     When they went out of Aton, Najé and Raika met with Gunis. Raika embraced her, and the Ladies talked together for a little while.
     Najé asked, “Tell me, Gunis: did your people listen and honor you, as I told them to do?”
     “Yes, Najé, they all did it.”
     “How many people do you have, Gunis?”
     “They are eight hundred forty-six thousand, seven hundred eighty-two.”
     “Have you decided the fate of those who are to blame for the attack on the Allied Worlds?”
     “Yes, Najé. They shall remain here.”
     Najé thought that was a harsh sentence, though a well deserved one. He asked, “How many guilty people you have found, Gunis?”
     She replied without expression, “Sixty-one thousand, four hundred seventy-seven.”

     Najé remained speechless for a good while. The number of guilty people was astronomical, and it showed that Gunis had punished the Invasion Leaders down to the very roots! Although he considered that too many had been found guilty, Najé knew he couldn’t interfere in Gunis’s decision, therefore he had to accept it.

     When he recovered, he asked, “Have you formed an Interim Government, Gunis?”
     “Yes. I formed a Provisory Government, Najé.”
     “Good. Now, tell me Gunis: is there anything I should know, or something you want to tell me, before we bring you back?”
     “From my part, and from all the Hurran people, I want to thank you very much for your civilized judgment, Najé. We want to ask for pardon from all the citizens of the Allied Worlds, and I want to assure them that the Hurran people shall never have armed forces again.”

     Najé told Aton to translate and to amplify his voice. He said, “You shall be transported near your Home Planet, Togris, where you are allowed to land. Her Excellency Gunis Relas is going to come with me, and she will return to Togris after ten equ. days. Meanwhile, the Provisory Government should take care of a proper Welcome Celebration for the Supreme Leader of the Hurran people.”

     Gunis went with Raika and Najé aboard Aton, then Gunis asked Najé to allow her to witness the departure of her people. The final people loading maneuvers lasted for more than four equ. hours, and they spent the time discussing and watching the events from Central Command.
     When all seven massive FW-Docking Ships disappeared, Najé told Aton to take them to Gorkun City.
     During the following ten equ. days Gunis became very good friends with Raika, and with many other Ladies. They showed her everything in Gorkun City, and they talked a lot about the proposed Colonization Plan. Gunis was grateful, because her people were very many, and they had little or no personal possessions. With the help of the Colonization Plan, her people were going to get the means needed to start small private enterprises.
     Raika asked Najé to arrange for visits to those Planets intended to be colonized, and they visited all five of them. They were wonderful virgin places, and Gunis was greatly impressed. She promised to rule according to the Colonization Plan.
     Arrangements for communications and instantaneous transport started being implemented for future direct contacts between Gans City on Togris, and Gorkun City on Cotta, because Najé intended to supervise closely Hurran historical transition to democracy.

     When the time for the Welcome Celebration of the Hurran Supreme Leader came, all the ships capable of Gradient Drive transport in Gorkun City went to witness that event. The landing place was in Gans City, in front of the colossal building of the ex-Central Planning Committee.
     The ships from Gorkun City took stationary positions in a spread semicircle distribution, on eight levels, therefore forming an impressive aerial structure. It was a very nice display, and the Welcome Celebration was broadcasted live throughout the Allied Worlds.

     Gunis was onboard Aton, with Raika and Najé. When they approached the landing place, they noticed huge masses of people gathered for the Welcome Celebration. Gunis was very emotional: she was shaking, and she had tears in her eyes most of the time. They landed Aton in the center of the semicircle of ships. White carpets started being rolled out for the Supreme Leader. When all the preparations were finished, Aton extended the ramp and opened the gate.

     There was an incredible cry of joy when Gunis appeared on top of the ramp. She started to climb down. At the bottom, a lone, very small child was waiting for her holding a tiny bunch of white flowers . . .



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