Giga was a terribly rough man; utterly exceptional! He was THE CAPTAIN in everything he did or talked about, though not just any Captain: he was a Karr Boundary-Crossing Captain of the old generation! Now, if you take into account that he had been sick with Ionic Storm Fever his entire life, then you should understand why the man was in a permanent fighting mood: physical, verbal, juridical, financial—you name it.
     People called him Giga, and he liked that. Truth is, the name fitted his attitude since he had endless combating resources, and he never gave up. His philosophy was, “When someone plays dirty to you, you have to play back ten times dirtier.
     I do not like any kind of dirty plays, therefore his crude philosophy never worked for me. He also used to say, “I am not bad: I am very bad!” Well, at least in my particular case, those words of his proved to be perfectly true.
     I learned many things form him; most of them were bad things, though a handful of them had some deep philosophical meaning—very deep! For example, “forward”. Whenever we had problems, and we did have plenty of them because—hey!—living our life was not easy in the Padi System, he used to say to me, “Never look back in life, Rale; always head forward.
     As a child, I read a fiction book about an Universe free of any Nebula matter, inside a frightening, empty, dark space, though populated with thousands of tiny Stars . . . It was just a children book having lots of amazing colored pictures, though I shall never forget it. Better said, that idea haunts me ever since.
     This is in fact my weakness: my imagination is too rich. I think too much, and I imagine thousands of utopian things instead of being practical and realistic, as everybody else.
     You see, we have this Padi-Ena problem: they are two Stars! Sure, Ena circles Padi, and they together form only one binary Star System, but they are two! If it were only one then, yes, I would agree there cannot be other Stars in the Nebula Universe. However, since they are two, it means it is possible there are other Stars born out of the Nebula matter, in other corners of the Nebula Universe. In addition, we do have this Purple Cloud enigma: many suspect that its light is generated by a gigantic Star . . . How exciting!
     I am totally nuts about exploring, and I love the Nebula a lot. Frankly, I do not believe there could be anything more beautiful in the entire Nebula Universe than its apparently motionless, white-brownish clouds—they never cease to amaze me! However, watching and admiring is far from sufficient to me, therefore I decided to become a Technician, instead of a Navigator. In order to navigate beyond the Nebula clouds we need engines way more powerful than the Najka-Derin ionic wave propulsion we use these days.
     No. I am thinking of an engine that would amplify the ionic wave to the brink of atomic fusion, and I calculated I could reach safely about a quarter of the light speed. That should be sufficient to take me beyond the Purple Cloud to see for certain if there is another Star there, or not. However, my problem is, I do not know how to enhance the containment field of wave to stand to the atomic fusion . . . then I need a special radiation reflecting shield . . . and then the fore deflectors need to work as Nebula matter collectors . . .

     I am an inventor, and my goal is to build a better interstellar engine one day. Thanks to Captain Giga I already built my first spaceship, and I also tested my first invention in secret: it works! Well now, it works only as an improvement for the time being but, theoretically, there is great potential in there. Possibly, more than I can even imagine . . .



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