COROLLARY THEOREMS: "sure, we all die, but the problem is what we do before we die."


Up to now, we have discussed in these Amazing Article specifically about the Global Picture in USA; when there are references to other countries, they are explicit.

However, the topics presented for USA in this Amazing Article are also valid for any country that uses the adjective "democratic" to qualify their particular form of Government.

People have absolutely no idea what Democracy means, therefore they do not know how to "work with it". Democracy allows the USA citizens to change ANY LAW, and even the structure of the USA Government itself, if it is better that way. Democratic Laws are made only for people; if the Laws are simple, clear, and good for the people, that is fine; if the Laws are not good for us, then we need to change them because you can do that.

Picture this, dear friends. After the 2nd World War, the USA economy has thrived year after year. Trillions, after trillions of dollars in gold have been stashed away in safe deposits each year for future needs. Those are only YOUR MONEY to the last cent, dear USA citizens, and you can do whatever you want with them, literally.

The Congress, the Senate, and the Administration are only your Representatives; in other words, you have delegated each person in the USA Government to take care RESPONSIBLY of your money, of your security, of your health, and of your welfare. If one person in the governmental structure is not performing appropriately, say the honorable G. W. Bush, the USA citizens do have the power to take him down democratically, with or without the Congress help. Never forget that the democratic Laws are made only to serve the people: YOU!
GREEN LEAF LHowever, the sad reality is, the USA Government keeps the USA citizens in a semi-primitive intellectual state of development intentionally, because they do not want the people to KNOW their powers, and to THINK of what they can do. Should the USA people KNOW and THINK, then they would change the existing bad Laws and the existing governmental structure in no time, in order to create a better future for themselves.

Let's start this. In a true Democracy, the Government (has to)/must ensure the basic/fundamental people's needs:

1. free Education at all levels;
2. free, decent shelter for each citizen;
3. free medical care for each citizen, regardless of how complex it could be;
4. sufficient monthly allowance for each citizen, so that he/she does not "have to" work
people should work only if they want to increase their income. In other words, work should be a "free choice", or even a "social activity", not a "must".

Of course, the great question is, where to find the money to sustain such a perfect Democracy. Here starts our little social analysis.

Each time there are presidential electoral campaigns in USA, the candidates present "the Budget". What they do is, the future Representatives say something similar to this: "We have 300 trillion dollars in yearly Revenue, and we will 'spend' it as follows . . ." The overall picture is, each Representative "will spend" all yearly Revenue money they can get their hands on--and even way more. That is your money people. Note that a Government person will pay blindly a few tens of your millions for, say, "White House carpets"!


Suppose the USA is just one person named John. Our USA hero has an yearly income of 40K dollars. If John is totally idiot, then he "will spend" every single cent he earned.

However, if John has just a little bit of brains, then he should stash away as much as he can, out of his yearly income, as a safe reserve for rainy days, or for a possible development/investment.


GREEN LEAF RYou should hear exactly the same thing from any presidential candidate, dear USA citizens. Instead of wasting/flushing all your yearly Revenue, the people in power should set aside each year AT LEAST HALF OF THE YEARLY REVENUE for "people's needs". Note that the USA yearly Revenue is a colossal figure; no other Government on the Planet matches it today.

Setting wisely half of the USA yearly Revenue aside, and then spending the remaining half RESPONSIBLY, is only the first part of this social analysis. In order to explain logically the remaining part, we need to take a real-life example: the USA Real Estate market.

Since the honorable G. W. Bush came to power, the Corporate America went berserk. The "market" is pushing the inflation uncontrollably towards an economy crisis. Note that the only ones to suffer in case of an economic crisis are the simple, ordinary USA citizens; therefore, economy crises are un-democratic, and the USA Government MUST work to prevent them, in due time.

Now, the Real Estate prices went sky-high, without any reasons, simply because there is nobody--no social organism--to control the greedy Real Estate financiers. What the USA Government should democratically do is, they must create the USA Government-controlled competition in Real Estate. That means, the Government should take a few trillions from the pile of Revenue accumulated over the years, and then use it to create the USA Government-controlled Real Estate housing development industry.

In addition to providing work for hundreds of thousand USA citizens, that intelligent action-plan would "cool down" the Real Estate prices, therefore it will stabilize the market. Note that the money invested in the new Government-controlled housing industry ARE NOT LOST! On the contrary, the investments are going to bring back to the USA citizens AT LEAST THE DOUBLE of the initial investment.

In other words, in addition to a financial stability, cheap houses, good jobs, and a better life, the USA citizens will also MAKE VERY NICE PROFITS! It takes only five years to make that plan a REALITY for you, dear USA citizens.
Exactly the same thing happens within any sector of the USA economy where "greed" has pushed the prices to unbearable levels--or where there is an inflationist crisis. Let's take another practical example: the drugs industry.

There is no secret that the drugs industry is selling in USA their lousy, inefficient products at 100-1000 and even 10 000 times more than what the drugs are really worth. That is a terrible inflationist factor, because most USA citizens end up their working life sick with some sort of work or stress-related disease.

RED LEAFShould the USA citizens have a "true" democratic form of Government, then the Government-controlled drugs industry would be a reality in less than 5 years. The results are going to be:

1. hilariously cheap drug prices;
2. many new, good jobs for the USA citizens;
3. way more efficient drug products;
4. a better, more secure life for each USA citizen;
5. excellent benefits back into the public purse.

The social examples presented above are nothing fancy; they contain absolutely no SF, dear people. Not only they are simple and perfectly possible, but in each instance presented above, and in tens other possible, you would end up only with a better life, a stable market, way more good jobs, plus with lots of cash benefits.

All you have to do is ASK FOR THAT!
The democratically elected USA Government MUST obey to your wishes, dear friends; otherwise, do not hesitate to boot it out, and elect a better one.

In order to have a democratic form of Government in USA, there MUST be a strong, direct people's representation in economy. That means, the Government controlled/supervised competition must be actively present in all economy sectors.

Further, the percentage of the Government controlled competition on the market MUST BE A MINIMUM OF 51% in order to "force" the USA Government [and the MARKET] to work, in truth, for the people.



In any country on our Planet there are countless possibilities of building a better, more secure future for us, in just a few years, with minimum efforts. That safer and better future does not require "very much money", "fancy politics", "support from some great powers", "favors from some powers", or whatever. All you have to do is LEARN first, and then elect your Representatives based ON THEIR LEVEL OF INTELLIGENCE!

In USA, people use to elect the President based on his "smile", or on his "charm": that is the certain way leading only to disasters, dear friends. LEARN, so that no idiot candidate may fool you with "the Budget", with "threats", with slogans of the type "not in my watch", or with any electoral inventions. LEARN PSYCHOLOGY and SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY so that the next President you elect is HONEST, EXCEPTIONALLY INTELLIGENT, AND WORKING ONLY FOR YOU TO THE BEST POSSIBLE RESULT.  Study our Articles A37-A41 to understand what intelligence means, and then read all our Amazing Articles to understand our perplexing, extraordinary reality.

THAT should help.


First published on November 04, 2007 
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