COROLLARY THEOREMS: "sure, we all die, but the problem is what we do before we die."


Regardless of what some people may have to say, the GREAT CREATOR is not stupid. He has created our Homo Sapiens species as a couple: woman plus man. Note that the couple woman+man is "a natural design", though also an (artificial) social structure in the same time.

Further, the interesting aspect is, each gender is different from the other!


About 70 years ago in USA, when a Lady entered a room, all sitting Gentlemen stood up and offered a seat. Even more, no Gentleman dared addressing to a Lady without taking his hat off first.
Of course, there were many other decent, nice rules of showing respect to Ladies. For example, Gentlemen used to kiss the hand of a Lady, when she allowed that; that was, regardless of who the Gentleman was. A few old documentaries show that Adolf Hitler himself didn't hesitate a beat to take his cap off, and to kiss the hand of a Lady, although he was "the great, almighty Fuhrer"!


RED LEAFThat was only 70 years ago: in social terms that is about three generations. Today, most Ladies are regarded as . . . Well! This perplexing social downgrade is stunning, particularly because it is, as a matter of fact, a 180 degrees opposite shift! Therefore the questions are: "Why?" and "Who is to blame?" In order to answer these questions correctly we need to employ little social psychology.

First of all, let's detail the title topic. The only thing a man can ever understand about women is, "we cannot understand women." If a man manages to understand that women are TOTALLY DIFFERENT, that he will never be able to understand them logically, then that man is a very, very wise person. From a man's point of view, women are unpredictable, logically; they are illogic, in most instances; they are "cranky", paranoiac, impulsive, hidden and deceptive. Of course, not all women fit that description; however, those who do fit it are TRUE LADIES!

The GREAT CREATOR has designed women to ensure THE SURVIVAL OF OUR SPECIES. Women are the ones TO SELECT their partner--of course, they select only subjectively, according to their unpredictable, illogic way of doing things. Still, that is the right way, or better, the only way to ensure the survival of our complex, tormented Homo Sapiens (social) species. Ladies represent our only hope we have for a tomorrow--mind this, of any tomorrow.
GREEN LEAF LAgain, about 70 years ago, when something bad happened people used to say, "Cherche la femme"; in plain English this is, "Find/discover the woman." Today, in similar instances people look for "motives": money, drugs, and passion/lust. Note that something bad is happening right now with our entire Homo Sapiens species: it is steadily degrading morally. Therefore, the new question is, which is the cause: money, drugs, passion, or Ladies? Well, neither; the cause of today's disastrous state of things is a World-wide spread bad education!   

Most social studies performed today work with the average, based on social statistics and market research. That is the first and the most dangerous human error we perform socially. For example, it is a known physiological fact that only 10 percent of the people are capable to differentiate music from noise: those that don't are qualified as "aphonic". Further, less than 1 percent out of those "musically able" are capable to compose/write music. Again, the vast majority of the people, the 90 percent, cannot differentiate real music from noise.

However, based on the average statistics, most of the music produced today in the World is the "hard noise" type: a rapid, loud drums+base rhythm, plus horrible screams and roars. That misery sells! That is "music" for 90% of all people! In contrast, a classical theme (say, of Antonio Lucio Vivaldy or of Johannes Brahms) is difficult to digest for the great 90 percent aphonic majority. Of course, that loud noise circus-like music is never going to be real music, and those average statistics have failed us all once again--this represents just a small component in our continuously degrading social life. 
The average, based on majority, is not the right instrument needed to build/tailor our society. Let's take another example. The latest trend in movies is violence, sex, and vulgar language. Again, that misery sells! Of course, the 90% adore violence, sex, and vulgar language, but that is not the way things have to be socially--fact is, they are not.

Almost each movie produced today in N. America presents an "adult explicit situation" within the very first 15 minutes--this is the current "fashion" in the film-making industry. Violence in movies has reached disgusting levels, absurd and totally idiotic--the average loves violence. Even in live talk-shows, talking "dirty" has become a true badge of honor, and the average audience applauds enthusiastically on each vulgar manifestation they hear/see.

That is the great show on TV of social degradation, though the signs are present in all social activities. We are offered violence instead of logic; sex instead of sane, normal behavior; vulgarity instead of decency . . . Let's put it this way.

Suppose that about ten million mentally handicapped patients have escaped from their mental institutions. Next, or group of idiots manages, somehow, to get into all power positions in our society: managers, CEOs, and influential Government people. In their new "jobs" the mentally-handicapped heroes are asked to perform, somehow; therefore, they do just that because--mind this please--they have tons of new, crazy ideas!

The next step is, analyze carefully the people/society around you.


GREEN LEAF RThe first to bear the blame for the existing disastrous state of things in our society are the women--again, taken as the average; as the entire gender. They are the first educators of themselves, and of their children--in fact of us, of our Species. They managed to degrade themselves in only 70 years, then the entire society started degrading continuously. Why they do what they do is too complex to present in one article, therefore we will have to come back to this topic. Note however, that women in particular, and people in general, are not capable of doing/achieving anything if they do not get a good, solid, decent education while they are still little, innocent children.

Social category represented by women is the best exemplification we can get of the failed "social average" principle. Taken as a gender--therefore, as an average--women are more intelligent then men are. In addition, women have, instinctually, a fantastic affinity to their biologic gender: they love being women, and they are very proud of what they are.

No average woman would ever want to be a man. However, the average is a negative social factor, except women do not understand that. A few intellectually under average ladies started crying out loud that women were "not equal to men", about 100 years ago, and then the entire feminine gender supported them feverishly, without thinking.
Taken as one gender, men are simply idiots--all male animals behave in the same idiotic way in nature. However, the feminine gender strived for 100 years to become "equal to men", and even "better" if possible. Mind this please: women wanted to drop down from their superior intelligence level, in order to become as idiot as men are; and even more, if possible!

RED LEAFThey did it to themselves! The result today is, the average level of intelligence is dropping alarmingly in ladies and, consequently, in men all the same.

Intellectually, women are not capable to differentiate the concept of "average" from "individual". For example, we discuss in this article about the average as being a negative social factor. We have no doubts that ALL WOMEN READERS are going to feel offended: they simply cannot understand that the average is just a theoretical instrument/symbol, totally unrelated to any particular individual/representative.

Where men have to think logically, in order to understand something, women feel that instinctually (and correctly, many times). However, feelings can never match the logic. That doesn't mean that women are not capable of a deeper intellectual analysis; on the contrary, on average women are more intelligent than men are. It is just that the GREAT CREATOR wanted the instincts in women to be far stronger than logic, in order to preserve the entire Homo Sapiens species (adequately).
The intellectual universe of the women is a mixture of gender-specific logic, instincts, and specific feminine values. There are no man-equivalents for the manner in which women perceive reality. A man can only accept a women as she is, and he should never expect to understand woman's instinctual world. In addition, any true man must respect women for "what they are" (regardless of "how they are"): THE MOTHERS OF OUR SPECIES! 


First published on November 03, 2007 
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