COROLLARY THEOREMS: "there is no better tomorrow if we do not learn today."


People use to say, "Errare Humanum Est", meaning, "it is in our human nature to make mistakes", or in a simpler form, "people make mistakes"--the first translation is closer to the original meaning. Note that the words are 2500 years old, and they were first "implemented" in our Civilization by the great Hellenic Civilization/Culture.

Now that we do know that there are levels of intelligence in our society [read Articles 37, 38, and 39], it may be interesting to analyze how people understand the words presented in bold italics above. The Level 0 individuals are out of discussion from the very beginning, because they do not understand anything. The average intelligence people, having a solid Level 5 of intelligence, understand and use the words, "Errare Humanum Est," as an excuse for mistakes. Note that the average people hate deeply any mistakes--possibly more than anything else; this is a psychological characteristic--therefore, they do not appreciate those great, important words; they just hate them!

To a Level 10 intelligence, the mentioned words fit into a specific, strange pattern. For example, the following words were also implemented into our Civilization by the old Latin scientists: atom, electron, analysis, system, structure, synthesis, democracy, humanity, person, radius, data, quantum, matrix, formula, antenna, nucleus, stimuli, Universe, Nebula, planet, solar, spectrum, corollary, vacuum, apparatus, automaton, etc.
RED LEAFOf course, there are way more Latin and Greek origin words in English, similar in importance to the ones exemplified, but their form and abundance are not the point we want to stress. Note that the above set of words describes fairly accurate THE HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENTS IN SCIENCE TODAY!

In other words, it is simply impossible those ancient philosophers knew the complete/total meaning of the above words, given their primitive level of Civilization. Better said, their level of Civilization should have been a lot less developed, because they were supposed to be primitive! We are talking here about 2500 years ago, people; this is 2000 years before the Renaissance cultural revolution! Something is not right there.

GREEN LEAF LTo a Level 10 intelligence, the words "Errare Humanum Est" trigger an alarm bell because the corollary of the words sounds this way: "Only the inhuman (an apparatus, an automaton, a machine, or an artificial intelligence) doesn't make mistakes." This is not just a simple misinterpretation, because those Hellenic philosophers were way more intelligent than we are today. Should they wanted just an excuse for mistakes, it was far more appropriate to use an impersonal form; for example, "mistakes are unavoidable," or "mistakes should happen sooner or later." However, the stress in the above words is on the "human factor". Note that the antonym to human is "inhuman", or "machine"!
The Antikythera mechanismThe question is, did the ancient philosophers know about machines? Yes, they did, because we have discovered they used mechanical machines, gears [the Antikythera mechanism], steam power, optic systems, unknown [incredibly advanced] chemical reactions, and hydraulics.

However, the new thorny question is, did the Hellenic scientists know MORE than what we know they did? Given the above set of words, and their precise, specific meanings, it appears they did. [Consider the name "Ter-Ra": it means "the third Planet from the Sun-star Ra".

So, the Latin philosophers knew about our Planet, and about our Solar System, 2000 years before we become scientifically aware of that. It is possible we may discover one day how advanced the Latin culture really was; for the time being, we should note they were way too advanced for those primitive days.

Now, the topics in Articles A37, A38, and A39 were presented from a moment-in-time perspective; in other words, static. There is, however, a certain, dynamic Global Picture associated to the topics. For example, consider the following.

Consider that person A has a Level 6 of intelligence, and he meets with person B having a Level 4 of intelligence. After the first few moments of the contact, person A notices that person B has an inferior intelligence level, therefore he starts smiling a bit amused at person B.

Person B notices that person A is smiling without no apparent reason, and he realizes that person A considers himself superior; further, person B becomes annoyed, or even angry with person A.


That is the "dynamic aspect" of our human interactions. It is presented above in its most basic (or simple) form: superior intelligence is amused by inferior intelligence, and inferior intelligence is angered by the superior one. That dynamic aspect has tremendous implications at society level. In a past Amazing Article we have mentioned that around 1974 the development of our Civilization was shifted, intentionally, towards the wrong direction. One of the means to implement that terrible shift is the "Resume system" ["Curriculum Vitae" in European cultures] we use today to nominate/appoint people in various jobs--of course, the important aspect are the "power positions", although the "system" works globally, for the entire society.

GREEN LEAF RThe Resume system works this way: regardless of how good or bad a Resume is, it is the human factor, the interviewer, the one to decide. [The Resume thing is frequently and commonly "tailored" for each specific job.] Further, the human factor tends to like/favor lower levels of intelligence, and to dislike/disfavor the superior ones.

If you give it some time, say, a few decades, then our society becomes ruled/managed by low levels intelligence people; in other words, by corruption, imposture, nepotism, etc. In addition, the levels of morality, education, and justice start to degrade, since they are actively and permanently eroded by "the persons in charge". [Consider as an example the USA movies produced since 1974: the language used and the topics/subjects displayed are increasingly, year after year, insanely vulgar.]

Lastly, the anger against high intelligence level persons becomes hate, and the few unfortunate existing intellectuals are labeled as "the enemies of the system". This is no joke, nor a literary speculation: it is our very reality! You may not feel it, but rest assured that some of us do--and it is incredibly painful (well, morally).
No doubt about it, the results are terrible for the entire society (even for the entire Planet). The life of the persecuted individuals is little or not important--excepting a few totally atypical individuals--because intelligent people will always manage to make a living of some sort. For society, however, things go from bad to worse, until a cataclysmic social event/trend should change it in a radical way. This is how things worked throughout our History, for a few thousands years, and they appear to be much like the random plays of chance to the average intelligence--read Hurran Invasion for details.

Naturaly, there are many means to correct the current degradation process: some are "normal", others are "exceptional". Let's take a look at our current political situation. Mr. George Walker Bush is elected the 43rd USA President in 2000 by the average USA society. Note that Mr. Bush was preferred to the alternative, Mr. Al Gore, although Mr. Gore is a mountain of humanity compared to Mr. Bush. Humanity and intelligence are one and the same thing; even more, one without the other cannot be defined as being anything.

However, in 2004, Mr. Bush is reelected by the average USA citizens, and this time he is preferred to Mr. John Kerry who had a few good levels of intelligence above him. Today, Mr. Bush is asking for help from anybody, because he does not know what to do, to do things right.

He managed to ruin USA [well, almost], he started two totally useless wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he had (involuntarily) killed a few thousand USA soldiers plus a few hundred thousand Iraqi citizens [children, ladies, and old people are included into "the lot"]. Note, however, that Mr. Bush was, and he still is, firmly convinced that he did a lot of good to the USA, and to the entire Planet!

Meanwhile, the average USA citizens have finally understood that they made two big mistakes, one after the other, and they want it over. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way.

In all pictures presented above there is something fundamental missing: intelligence! Without a little bit of intelligence, nothing is going to work today, or tomorrow. For example, the quick and obvious solution is to elect a Democrat President for the next term, but that solves exactly nothing. The problem in USA and anywhere else in the World is, high level intelligence is repelled systematically, while the under average intelligence people are encouraged to "compete". Of course, the under average intelligence people are always going to win any social competition because the human decisional factor favors them
Well then, what is the future for us? Mr. Michel de Notredame told us. Our Civilization is close to a great change, as never before in History. Even more, that "change" is going to mark our future for about two thousand years from now on until . . .


First published on December 07, 2006 
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