COROLLARY THEOREMS: "there is no better tomorrow if we do not learn today."


Both articles A37 and A38 are an introduction to the present one. We suspect nobody was too much impressed with either A37 or A38, although both are extremely important to highlight the capital concept: "intelligence is structured in levels." Anyway, time has come to explain to what are those levels good for.

Try to imagine that Level 0 of intelligence is the animal, instinctual, or a totally inhuman one. The individuals on this level do whatever they "feel-like", meaning, they are capable of killing/raping/stealing without remorse in order to satisfy their immediate needs/pleasures. Their mentality is targeted only towards "destruction"--note that it takes absolutely no intelligence to destroy something/anything.

Now, Level 10 of intelligence is the maximum possible. Specific to it is, these individuals are primarily characterized as being "creators"--we discuss here only about true, beneficial creation. This people have the highest amount of "humanity"--which is also the best indicator we could use to discover/identify the people belonging to a Level 10 intelligence.

Level 5 of average intelligence is not able of creation, though it does not want/(agree with) destruction either. The goal of Level 5 intelligence people is "sustainability"--we are certain you heard a lot about this concept lately. In other words, the average intelligence people want the existing social state/order to perpetuate forever. (Ha!)
RED LEAFLevel 10 of intelligence is great, but we can leave it safely aside since it creates absolutely no social problems; problems are created only by people having low levels of intelligence.

Suppose you are a good, solid Level 5 of intelligence, and you are assigned a task: you have to "talk" to a Level 0 intelligence person in order to "educate" him to change his/her behavior. For example, to stop raping and killing children. History showed us that was not possible; pedophile people cannot change their habits/behavior because the urge of their desires is way stronger than any logic/moral.

The idea is, all your efforts of trying to educate a low level intelligence person are futile because that person does not understand you: there is a terrible gap of missing intelligence between Level 5 and Level 0. What we name "immorality" makes no sense to a Level 0 person; in the same time, the animal need he feels is way stronger than any moral, ever.

The only way to change a Level 0 intelligence person is to act while he/she is still young, to impose some education hoping he/she would elevate his/her intellectual level--therefore, he/she may start understanding a little bit of morality.

Intelligence - levels

Now, in society, most people have average levels of intelligence. The existing gap in communication between Level 5 and Level 0 of intelligence is enormous, but the really interesting aspect is, the gap between Level 10 and Level 5 of intelligence is just as great! This is the great problem of our actual intelligent Human Species: it is extremely difficult (for each of us) to understand each other!

Think of this psychologically, from the Global Picture point of view. To a Level 0 person, books are not good for anything, except for using them as weapons, to kill someone. To the Level 5 intelligence people, books are good only if they are nicely presented, carefully edited, and well appraised by the entire press. The average people always take as good "what the average people say". To a Level 10 person, what the average people say, or the form of the books, are both meaningless. First of all, the average is a very low "standard", and then books may be scratched on stone, on clay, painted on papyrus, whatever--that is totally not important. Only the amount of intelligence a book or a document contains is important.
Note that we used the extremes, the limits [Levels 0, 5, and 10], to exemplify the theory, but the gap of missing intelligence between, say, Level 5 and Level 6 could be enormous. Now, because there is some (or a lot of) intelligence missing between intelligence Levels, people can hardly understand each other. Here comes the collective/social wish to elevate the average social level of intelligence.

Our society deals with very low levels of intelligence using the Justice system, plus correctional and mental institutions. It is relatively easy to identify the persons having very low levels of intelligence because their behavior is illogic, first of all. The real problem is the individuals having high levels of intelligence, because the society (the average) cannot understand them. To a Level 5 intelligence person, a Level 10 individual is totally absurd, fantasist, and "strange/alien". Therefore, the persons having high levels of intelligence are never welcome among the social average: they are ostracized and laughed at. That is the way things are, and note that it is impossible to change the average social mentality.
The real threat is, if social education becomes less stringent, then social average starts slipping down towards lower levels of intelligence. Further, the gap between real social average (RSA) and the maximum intelligence Level 10 increases/widens; therefore, intelligent ideas, concepts, and advices are rejected/(not understood) by society. In the same time, the gap between RSA and Level 0 of bestial/inhuman intelligence narrows, therefore the "under average" intelligence people start having access to the social mechanisms of control in society.

In our human society today, the average intelligence people control the highest social power positions, and they impose average measures of (social) government, which are not constructive. This is a timed degradation process which may be sensed over periods of 10, 20, or 50 years. The result is, things are steadily worse than they used to be. This degradation process generates social injustice, then revolutions, economic crises, and then wars appear at some point in History to change, or to correct, the existing social mistakes.
GREEN LEAF LAnother interesting aspect is the Democratic Mechanism of Selection--described in MERCY. Due to this Democratic Mechanism of Selection, democratic societies (as we know them today) are doomed to end in auto-destruction--take this as a social destruction--because they promote the under-average intelligence people (the opportunists) into the highest social power positions.

Of course, there are ways to correct and to limit the action of the Democratic Mechanism of Selection but, in order to find out about them, you have to read (and to understand) our Science Fiction books first--that's the way things are, dear friends, like it or not. Anyway, this brings back some memories . . .

Two things are worth mentioning, related to the "pure" process of thinking during the Hellenic Civilization--never matched since. First, the old Greek philosophers used a mental method named "catharsis" when they started a/some psychoanalysis process.

That is a pure mental-logic state, and they achieved it using various (more or less personal) techniques, although they were all related to art--this is pure art, in its most classic form or shape. That mental process is important for its "state": it exists! Please investigate this for yourself.

GREEN LEAF RThe second aspect is related to a social-psychology practice. Great Hellenic dignitaries were told by their philosophy teachers/mentors--during those days all great people had a personal philosophy mentor; for example, Alexander the Great had Aristotle as teacher and mentor [Aristotle was the brightest mind our Civilization ever had]--to be followed by a servant who's job was to whisper, from time to time, into dignitary's ear: "Memento mori."

The English translation of the words is, "Remember you are going to die, one day." Those words were needed to temper down any excessive excitement, in order to keep the dignitaries into the optimum mental-logic state. Interesting, aye? 



Understanding the existing social levels of intelligence, and the communication process between them, is extremely important if you intend to make some sense of our chaotic, random reality. Now, you should try to implement/test the simple concepts we have outlined above in your personal life, in order to prove/test the theory via your own personal experience. When everything would become perfectly clear to you, then you are going to open "the eyes of your mind". Next . . .


First published on October 19, 2006
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