COROLLARY THEOREMS: "there is no better tomorrow if we do not learn today."


At some point in our history, the Romans were "the Masters of the World"
--literally. Nobody could stand to their determination, to their military knowledge, to their culture, and to their . . . virtue! Yes, Roman virtue is the greatest example of patriotism we know in History, greater even than the Spartan one, particularly because the Romans have survived for so much time. However, Roman virtue weakened over time, and that was the true cause that led, in the end, to the disappearance of the Great Roman Empire.

For the first two hundred years Rome was a Kingdom. The Romans managed to survive and to conquer the entire Italic peninsula due to their exceptional diplomatic skills, first of all, then to their desire to learn, and then to their will to succeed. That was the period when Roman virtue started taking a definite shape. Next, during the Democratic Republic period (for about 500 years), Roman virtue became the topic of many incredible legends.

Note that only a handful of heroes were true, moral, Roman citizens; the sad reality was, the greater the Roman Republic became, immorality also increased. In 49 BC Gaius Julius Cesar proclaimed himself a Dictator, only he is immediately killed by virtuous/moral republican senators. However, the civil war that followed marks the end of the Roman Republic, and the birth of the (Western) Roman Empire.

During the Western Roman Empire, roughly up to 480 AD, the Romans became in fact the Masters of the World. They were the promoters of culture, of civilization, and of moral virtue during those turbulent days . . . Well, we should better present you an example . . .


GREEN LEAF LOne of the greatest Roman Emperors, Marcus Ulpius Traianus--also known simply as Trajan (53-117 AD)--is a wonderful model of Roman virtue. He, his wife and their children, wore no jewelry, they ate modest meals of bread and cheese accompanied only by spring water, and they slept on hard camp-style beds. When she was asked one day about her jewels by some Roman socialite ladies, Trajan's wife presented her children saying, "They are the only jewels I have."

Note that the Roman Empire under Trajan was the richest, the strongest, and the most developed EVER!


It is interesting to note that Romans used to name the people/countries surrounding the Empire "barbarians". To the Romans, the term was strictly related to culture, and it was a pejorative (disrespectful) one. The truth was, Roman culture was impressive! Each country in the World today has a particular "Code of Laws" which was written, more or less, according to the "Roman Code of Laws". Well, you need to study this for yourself, because there is way too much to talk about Roman culture. [Please be aware that Wikipedia IS NOT a good source of information because it is way to basic/general.]

The movie "The Gladiator" pictures the death of the Roman Emperor Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus in 192 AD, and it is far form ANY Roman reality--Roman reality during those days was far more impressive! Anyway, the death of Commodus marks the decline of the Western Roman Empire. After Commodus, the Emperors started being "named" by the Praetorians (the Imperial Guards), depending on who could afford to pay more.
RED LEAFMany historians say the Western Roman Empire fell under the pressure of the migratory people--nothing can be further from the truth. Roman Empire had an advanced culture, exceptional engineers, enormous reserves in gold, in people, plus a well developed industry (well, as advanced trades). What has destroyed the Romans was only their own immorality: they have auto-destroyed themselves!

Nobody was capable to defeat the Romans during those days, and the best argument is the fact that the Roman Empire has survived as the Second Empire--also named the Eastern Roman Empire, or the Byzantine one. [The "Byzantine" name was artificially introduced into the English speaking world by Sir George Finlay in 1854. This disrespectful term, "Byzantine", was intended to suggest "a strange, useless, oddity"--well, the British!] The Eastern Roman Empire has survived for 1000 more years, and its culture, might, and glory became legendary!

The Eastern Roman Empire has lasted exactly up to Tuesday, May 29, 1453, when it was conquered  by the Turkish Sultan Mehmet II. Again, the Eastern Roman Empire did not fall because it was (completely) weakened; it has disappeared due to the Christian countries betrayals. In fact, the Eastern Roman Empire could have easily survived until today, except  that Destiny/History had other plans.
The legacy of the Great Roman Empire was to transmit the advanced Latin (Hellenic) culture to us, especially during the terrible Dark Ages period--this is the Global Picture we would like you to remember. The Gauls (French people), the Germans, the Helvets (Swiss people), the Belgs, the Anglo-Saxons, or the Scandinavian migratory people were just primitive hordes. The culture of the Great Roman Empire they met was so impressive, that they adopted it as fast as they could, and as much as possible.

Note that the Roman Empire has been the only significant center of education for almost 2000 years of turbulent history. The surrounding countries/people were (at least in the beginning) only semi-primitive, blood-thirsty creatures. Anyway, let's move closer to our days.

I was very young when I discovered the Holocaust, and I remained shocked for years . . . The truth is, I am still shocked today. How was that possible? How is it that people can be that inhuman? I read many books about the 2nd WW trying to understand the roots of the evil, because I simply refused to believe it was possible these days, during the Modern Era, that people can be so primitive, cruel, arrogant and stupid.
In the end, it was Life and our Reality that explained things best to me. Note this please: although the two belligerent sides in the 2nd WW hated each other to death, and they killed each other as much as they were able to do it, today there is absolutely no trash of that terrible hate left!

The "reasons" of the 2nd WW are totally invalid today, since all belligerent countries are such good friends, and the people from both sides have absolutely nothing against each other. Therefore, the great question is, "How much deeper could people's stupidity go?"



GREEN LEAF RThe madness of the Second World War is almost impossible to explain logically. Seen from the highest and the most abstract levels, say, at the level of Destiny, that social catastrophe appears to be a lesson which we must never forget, nor repeat.

This World in which we, the adults, do everything we want, it does not belong to us: it belongs to our children, and to the children of tomorrow
. It must be ONLY a protective World, clean and beautiful, in the eyes of our little children. We must hide all our adult-miseries from the children of tomorrow, as much as it is humanely possible.

No social activity is more important than educating children, and please note an interesting aspect here. Children are some sort of intellectual sponges: they absorb the knowledge about "reality" in any way possible. That requires the entire society has to be logic, fair, protective, and nice for them. We owe it to them, and that could also help us become better people, more human, and more intelligent.

The adolescence years in people's life are the most important for the future social-individuals, because during those troubled years the children mature psychologically. If we do not educate our children properly, up to the age of 18, then the new generations of adults are going to be just gangs of bestial individuals, and we are going to continue the massacre, the misery, the evils . . .

For our society, the high-school period is the most important one: that is the only way we can make certain the leaders of tomorrow are going to be HUMAN and MORAL individuals
. Without HUMANITY AND MORALITY any society, anywhere in the Universe, is destined to auto-destruction!

Someplace in a past article we said that the most important human feeling, the basic one that has separated humans from animals, is "shame". This is perfectly true: shameless people are, more or less, animals. Let's picture this somehow.

Intelligence - levels

So, there are four graphs above, and we have no doubts that each one is easy to understand. Let's take the first one named "Humanity Levels". The 0 (this is zero, not "O") level of humanity is the animal state: that implies the "human quality" is an addition to the animal state, which is in fact exactly the way things work in reality. However, do not let that aspect fool you, because little humanity IS NOT SUFFICIENT!

Please note the black area named TSA (Theoretical Social Average): it represents the MINIMUM ADMISSIBLE level of social humanity. Whatever is below that black line is, again, NOT SUFFICIENT: it belongs to the ANIMAL side. That is a particularly important observation, because the bulk of RSA (Real Social Average) is below the minimum admissible level of humanity. We are certain that many do not agree with our last affirmation, but have little patience; we need a few more Amazing Articles to explain the existing reality, from the humanitarian point of view.

The second graph refers to the "Shame" feelings: this is directly proportional to the level/amount of humanity we have. Somehow, shame is the most controversial human feature because it is too little understood--particularly in the English world/side. Note that we refer to the abstract feelings of pride/shame not to the complex, social feelings of belonging to the Human Species, to a certain human/genetic race, or to a certain human culture/country. [That is too complex to define, for now.]

The abstract pride (in opposition to shame) is a basic, animal feeling similar to being "the master of the heard"--most animal species exhibit it, particularly the mammal ones. That kind of pride generates the fight for power, for possessions, for ruling the females of the species, and it is pure animalism. In opposition, shame determines people to act intelligently, to renounce/give-up, and to exercise self-restrain in "satisfying their animal needs". This is, in fact, the insignificant detail that goes unnoticed when defining human nature; however, it is also the most important one!

Shame is a feeling people cannot easily simulate: you either have it or not. In addition, the lack of shame is very easy to detect, since people are quite proud to show/exhibit they are so proud! You may think this is a joke, but if you intend to become a specialist in human psychology, or in social psychology, then you have to start with analyzing the "shame-pride" interrelation very, very careful.
Human feelings may be grouped into:

1. simple (basic or fundamental)
2. complex

"Love", for example, is a complex feeling: if it is "true love", not just biological/animal gender attraction, then it sums a few basic feelings--including a little bit of shame. Other important complex feelings (respect, consideration, sympathy/empathy, moral) also have the fundamental feeling of shame embedded.

The graph related to "Manifestation" refers to the creation-destruction as an involuntary (uncontrolled or the end-result) action. For example, most individuals want and they do try really hard to create something good, only their efforts end up, in most instances, into worse. They are low-level intelligence people, and they do not understand that CREATING is very complex, difficult, and it is not a hocus-pocus thing for everybody. In the same time, making mistakes is extremely easy. In fact, real complexity is to avoid making (serious) mistakes when creating/implementing something new. This topic is very interesting, therefore it will be detailed in further Amazing Articles.

Lastly, the fourth graph is the "Logic-Illogic". Note again the dark TSA bar which separates the logic from illogic--it is very important. Of course, we could add many graphs similar to the ones above, only we need to keep things simple, at their basic level, in order to actually see something from this terrible Global Picture of our social-reality. We are going to do precisely that, in the coming Amazing Articles.


First published on October 17, 2006
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