COROLLARY THEOREMS: "there is no better tomorrow if we do not learn today."

Intelligence! There is nothing more valuable than true, good intelligence is. As it was mentioned in MERCY
, intelligence is the only thing that makes us "alike" our CREATOR, because the GREAT CREATOR himself is ONLY INTELLIGENCE.

Unfortunately, only a few people understand what INTELLIGENCE really means. Listen to the following.

Birds use a dynamic gliding technique to fly; that means, they need a certain, initial speed before they actually start flying--well, most of them do. The same technique is used by the dolphins to "swim". It has been noticed that dolphins are capable of speeds of up to 80 Km/hr, although they move their body very little in order to propel themselves. The scientists were, and they still are, puzzled by dolphins' incredible speed, and they cannot explain it.

This is the explanation, dear friends: when dolphins achieve a certain, initial speed, they cease to "propel" themselves; what they do is, they use the shape of their body to increase the "lifting force" [best defined by the Bernoulli equation]. To us, dolphins appear to execute just a few wave-like motions while they actually glide through the water at the incredible speed of 80 Km/hr! Anyway, both the birds and the fish [we know that dolphins are not fish; this is not important] use the lifting-force to fly/glide, and that action requires a certain amount of logic named, instinct.
GREEN LEAF RBeetle insects use a lot more elaborated technique to fly. Their front wings are curved, hard surfaces, and that increases the efficiency of the lifting-force; the hind wings work behind the front ones to suck the air. Therefore, bugs can easily take-off and fly straight up. The point to note is, controlling that type of flying is no joke, although the brain of those little bugs is . . . Well!

Lastly, the most intriguing type of flying is butterflies' one: they use, mostly, the action-reaction forces to fly, and that manner of flying appears strange and funny looking to us. On the other hand, using the action-reaction forces to fly is THE MOST DIFFICULT type of flying! Now, the birds need a few weeks to watch their parents fly, and then a day or two of exercises before they actually learn to fly. Next, young birds continue perfecting their flying technique for a few more weeks. In contrast, a little butterfly comes out of its pupa and it needs only a couple hours to dry and straighten its wings, then it starts flying!
Note this: all its previous life the butterfly creature was a caterpillar crawling on branches; next, the butterfly is locked in a a pupa where it suffers the most intriguing phenomenon in nature: the metamorphosis! Once that incredible, miraculous transformation is ended, the new little creature knows how to fly! How is that possible? The only reasonable explanation is, the butterfly has the instinct of flying embedded into its genes! Sure but, what is that "instinct", and how is it translated into GENES? Nobody can answer this question.

In principle, the instinct is defined as "an automatic, reflex-like, inherited knowledge". The problem is, how could a thought, or knowledge, be coded into genes [better said into molecules]? If that were true, then we could design "instinctual programs" into the genes of new babies; we could create geniuses before they are actually born! Of course, it doesn't work that way.
GREEN LEAF LThe truth is, this most basic form of intelligence, the instinct, cannot be explained by our "mechanical" science. More advanced forms of intelligence are simply beyond our power of  comprehension. We all take it for granted this phenomenal process of "thinking", but we have absolutely no idea of how it is performed. Can you imagine that, if you put together atoms, or complex organic molecules, into a small pile, they are going to start thinking by themselves? Just think carefully about that, and you should realize that there is something very, very strange happening there. This extraordinary process of thinking shouldn't be possible!

The basis of the ordinary thinking process which we all experience permanently goes way beyond our Atomic Universe: it has the roots into what we named in our SF books, and in these Amazing Articles, the Subatomic. To be a little more specific, our thinking is finalized/performed on Primary Energies (and by the Certitude Factors). For details about the Subatomic, Primary Energies, Certitude Factors, and about the process of thinking, we strongly recommend reading first MERCY, then Three Stories from Hilsa'N Tassa Galaxy.
Right! To come back on track, the process of thinking cannot be explained using the science we know. Little children are born with the instinct of milk sucking, of recognizing their mothers, of hiding, of crying, and of many others. However, the most remarkable human instinct is the capacity of learning: it is phenomenal! Some children are capable of learning . . . [we do not know how to size this appropriately]; some children are capable of learning more than we can imagine, and most children are capable of learning incredibly much. Allow us to present a trivial, personal example.

At Corollary Theorems we offer for sale the book Logically Structured English Grammar4, and we rate it as "beginner-intermediate". However, almost everybody is telling us that the book is perfectly logic, complete, though incredibly complex ["way too advanced"--they cry out loud]. Not so, dear people.

When Mr. O G POPA has ended grade eight, he had to pass an examination for admission into highschool [that highschool was in fact a "Theoretical Lyceum"]. One exam out of three was a set of books perfectly similar to Logically Structured English Grammar4, meaning, it contained the complete morphological and syntactical analyses.

Mind this, please: Mr. O G POPA was A GRADE EIGHT student, and that was, again, one exam out of three! Today, highschool graduates have absolutely no idea what the words "Accusative" or "Infinitive" mean!


Note that it is never children or students' fault: they are capable of learning as much as we  teach them. However, if we do not teach our children appropriately, it is natural they do not learn anything. The negative result is, children become adults, and some adults start asking: "What is life?"; "Why do we live?"; "What is 'humanely'?"; and so on. In other words, they live in a state of intellectual semi-primitivism [as a cynical joke, this state is named "tabula rasa", or "clean slate" in plain English--it refers to the status of the brain]. In order to become an intellectual, or even an intelligent, logic person, you must train your brain with very, very much GOOD KNOWLEDGE.

RED LEAFThe Psychology science uses the "Intelligence IQ" (Intelligence Quotient/Quality) scale to label/mark individuals. Please believe this: we swear we tried really hard to make some sense out of that "Intelligence IQ" thing for years, but all our efforts proved to be futile. The most important quality we have is humanity, which is not included into the IQ scale. Take a criminal, for example: he may have a very high IQ, in his criminal way, but that IQ number means, for certain, nothing good for anybody, or for our society.

OK then, what should we do to measure the intelligence level people have, so that we can use that information in some beneficial way? There are a few good methods, though we will exemplify only a simple one here. Now, one of the most important mathematical concepts we know is the "limit". The way this mathematical limit works is this: if we have an infinite series, we can calculate its maximum and minimum limits. Of course, minus and plus infinite are valid mathematical limits, except in real life they do not make much sense; therefore, they are replaced by two theoretical maximum and minimum limits.
Suppose we have a range of 11 numbers, from 0 to 10, with 0 representing the minimum level of intelligence, and 10 the maximum one. The first thing to note is the middle point, 5, representing the average intelligence. In any society (anywhere in the Universe) people's intelligence may be considered as being somewhere within the theoretical 0 to 10 limits. Let's picture this somehow.

Intelligence Levels

[Theoretical Social (Intelligence) Average] presented above is only a theoretical limit because, in any particular society/culture, real TSA may be well into the "pink zone" of Under Average Intelligence. However, our wish is that society would develop into the "blue zone" of Above Average Intelligence. Let's picture this idea.

Distribution of Intelligence in Society

Two new abbreviations are used in the above picture: RSA stands for Real Social Average, and WSA means Wished Social Average. The point to note is, RSA is under TSA, and that requires a few explanations, because we are certain that many do not agree with the idea.
Yeah, except we are not going to do it in this Article--it is already too long. This Article presents only a few introductory notions, and we trust there is nothing difficult up to this point. We will have to stop here, because these things are not so easy to understand--it is best to read about them only a little bit at a time. Do not worry, dear friends, you are going to read the entire topic in our next Amazing Articles; however, if you want to understand social psychology, then we do recommend our SF books.


First published on October 15, 2006 
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