COROLLARY THEOREMS: "there is no better tomorrow if we do not learn today."

In N. America life is different than anywhere else in the World. Try to imagine a giant machine [the N. American society] running at full steam. Each person/citizen is a tiny wheel that has to spin continuously, according to the "program": this is, one program/life/(way of life) for everybody.

When someone rebels against the machine, he/she is immediately side-tracked. There is always a good reserve of "spare parts" [the unemployment rate] therefore the machine keeps on working on and on, the same, for generations!

Fact is, in reality, things are far more terrible than the impersonal comparison we have presented above. This is the great problem in N. America and, somewhat less, in the rest of the World: INHUMANITY! The more developed technologically we are, the more inhuman we become. Note that there is a point beyond which there is no turning back. Unfortunately, N. America has passed that land-mark a long time ago.

The USA nation relies only on power: brute, physical and technological power--inhumanity is that high there! However, there are powers way beyond any technology, and our World is going to acknowledge that--unofficially, of course--pretty soon. We refer here to the powers of the human mind taken as MENTAL POWERS. Is that thing so great? Is it truly powerful? How does it work? What is it, exactly? What is our CREATOR going to do about that? What can we do about that?
Sorry for this; we are not going to answer to any of the above questions because, now, it would be totally futile. There is a huge gap in understanding between an average intelligence person and an idiot; however, there is a similar gap between high intelligence and the average.

The best thing to do is to let the average people mind/care their own average life; further, any explanations in this article should take the form of average-ideas, normal-things, or "things that we all understand". [The answers to all questions highlighted in previous paragraph may be discovered in our SF books.]


This "Guantanamo Bay" article is intended to present a few social-psychology aspects. Unfortunately, psychology and social-psychology are, possibly, the toughest human, logic, mental activities, and only a few can handle them successfully. The vast majority of the people are well aware they are not capable of that much logic, therefore they rely on "force", "technology", "experts" and whatevers to deal with this kind of psychical aspects. That is the certain way leading only to disasters: great, terrible, social disasters!

People are faced today with the following dilemma: is technology able to replace human intelligence or not. As it is explained in Three Stories from Hilsa'N Tassa, technology cannot replace human intelligence today, tomorrow, 1 000 years from now, and even 1 000 000 (one million) years from this time. Human intelligence was created by the GREAT CREATOR, and it is going to be way more powerful than anything we, the creations, will ever attempt to create.

However, the average people think that technology may replace, at least partially, human intelligence, and that should be sufficient for our needs--wrong again. When dealing with social structures, or political situations, one single apparently insignificant detail may have terrible consequences.
We will not analyze the events leading to the Guantanamo Bay situation because they are way too complex. Seen for the Global Picture point of view, they were a chain of mistakes/failures after mistakes/failures. Now, this Guantanamo Bay problem requires a particular attention because we have there a SOCIAL GROUP of people: the prisoners. Their statute is only one, WAR PRISONERS, in spite of all anti-human efforts of the Bush Administration.

Now, when dealing with social structures, the only people trained for the job are social psychologists. Note that official education does not guarantee that a person is a good social psychologist. Any specialist, in any domain, must work by himself diligently for years to improve the knowledge he got in schools, in order to understand "a little something". Further, when we deal with psychology, a "specialist" is required:

1. to be very, very intelligent;
2. to read an enormous amount of good books;
3. to study the society by himself, experimentally, for a few good decades;
4. not to rely on any known theoretical psychological concepts, except for the basic, fundamental principles
[we suspect this last statement is a bit "too strong", therefore we will have to detail it in a future article].

Note that there is no references to school education in any of the above requirements--on the contrary: that means, ANY intelligent person could become an exceptional psychologist!

Psychology may be understood only by the most intelligent individuals among us. However, if we do not have a mechanism to identify and promote those particular, most intelligent individuals then, when the need comes, we cannot benefit from their advice, and we are going to make mistakes--most likely very bad, embarrassing mistakes.

GREEN LEAF LThe official school system in N. America has collapsed catastrophically after 1974. However, the N. American people do not sense this aspect as it is, in its maximum amplitude, but they do realize the educational system goes from bad to worse. As one, direct result, those who are supposed to be the guardians of the mentally-healthy society in N. America, the psychologists, do not know what they have to do in the first place; as for actually doing anything to improve things . . . Well, they do look at Dalai Lama for the source of his fake happiness--nothing could be more shallow than that.

No, Sir, we cannot rely on psychologists for guidance when dealing with complex social-psychology aspects. Then, what is the solution? Two or three generations ago people were still reading books, and THAT ACTIVITY IS THE ONLY WAY TO IMPROVE OUR INTELLIGENCE. Sorry, not all books are good for that: the vast majority may take you to an even deeper state of confusion, mental-lock, and even mental-depletion; a few books, however, could bring understanding and logic into your brain.

Good books work for your brain similar to the way you train your muscles: both your body and your brain require daily, thorough "exercising" in order to achieve significant, "powerful" results. Amazingly, good books are independent of their "type" (grammar, programming, SF, or even cooking books); only the amount of logic and humanitarian principles they contain is important. You see, dear friends, good books are just "good books"!

So, we have a bunch of people at Guantanamo Bay, and Mr. Bush says the democratic USA society needs tougher methods of torture to "extract the secrets" out of those unfortunate people. The problem is, the prisoners are protected by the Geneva Convention: it says, " . . . the prisoners must be treated humanely . . ." Next, Mr. Bush asks: "What is 'humanely'? This is too vague!"

GREEN LEAF RWhen he said those words, the entire Human Civilization stopped frozen. In 2006, the leader of the most advanced democratic social structure on our Planet does not know what HUMANITY means! Even worse, his army of "advisors" also have no idea of what HUMANITY  is! Those people have pushed our Civilization 10 000 years back into our prehistory!

The antonym of HUMANITY is BESTIALITY--Sir--which means behavior similar to animals. Animals have no shame, no mercy, they do not think, and they do not care for anything except for killing, eating, and fighting. So much for 10 000 years of "social evolution"! HUMANITY is a term so great that IT INCLUDES DEMOCRACY, and thousands other advanced social concepts. EVERYTHING our Human Society does is directed ONLY TOWARDS INCREASING OUR LEVEL OF HUMANITY. HUMANITY is the final purpose of our Civilization, and of all our social efforts: it was yesterday, it is today, and it will be the only purpose we will ever have for as long as our Human Civilization should be allowed to exist!

About one hundred years ago, a few intelligent people have postulated the Geneva Convention, and that is a sacred document of our Civilization: one of the most important we will ever have. The formulation of the principles in The Geneva Convention was INTENTIONALLY VAGUE, in order to allow people/Governments to exercise MORE AND MORE HUMAN BEHAVIOR. Being catastrophically ill advised, Mr. Bush made many political mistakes, but he will be remembered in the History of our Civilization for these terrible words: "What is 'humanely'? This is too vague!" History is merciless, Sir.

Now, it is possible Mr. Bush has no idea that THERE IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN HUMANITY IS, FOR AS LONG AS OUR HUMAN SPECIES SHALL EVER EXIST. In fact, we are certain he has no idea what HUMANITY means, and we do not believe he will ever understand that. However, he has an army of advisors: they are the first ones to bear the blame. The duty each of us has towards protecting HUMANITY is beyond our jobs, beyond our families, beyond USA, and beyond our entire Planet: it is the very essence, the definition of each of us, and of our entire HOMO SAPIENS SPECIES!

GREEN LEAF RInstead of torturing the prisoners at Gantanamo Bay, the USA Administration had the unique opportunity to treat those people HUMANELY, with dignity, to demonstrate the USA Democracy is better than anything else.

Instead of looking for some lousy, long outdated secrets, the USA Administration had the chance to make friends with each prisoner: the results would have been truly beneficial. Instead of a few thousands of tortured souls ready to sacrifice their lives again in the future--as a revenge--USA could have had a few thousands of true, trustful friends.


A few Military Experts in USA have admitted in 2014, that the entire Guantanamo Bay "program", with its human tortures, has never managed to deliver any useful "secrets". The entire legislated "democratic bestiality" was and it still is a horrible failure. However, that misery continues being operational!

After six years of oblivious indolence, while in power, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama has become an accomplice to those shameful useless crimes--and things are continuing in USA. Human abuses and torture are "democratically" legislated in USA these days . . . Well! THAT IS the USA "democracy", dear people! So much for criticizing the German Nazis and the Communist Security Services based on "humanitarian grounds"!

Where are the USA intellectuals? How can you sleep at night, dear brothers and sisters?

Anyway, we do not intend to let ourselves distracted by such insignificant details, because we could lose the focus on Global Picture. Therefore, particular names and situations we have used, as are "Mr. Bush", "Mr. Obama", the "White House Administration", or "Guantanamo Bay" are just the average examples needed to highlight the principle: we have to behave HUMANELY, in order to be HUMANS in a civilized HUMAN SOCIETY. Otherwise, History may label us as "democratic beasts" . . . or something.


First published on October 9, 2006 
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