COROLLARY THEOREMS: "there is no better tomorrow if we do not learn today."


People are not happy today, and this is throughout the World. Sure, not all people are unhappy; some of them simply do not care about being happy or not; all they want is to be better-off than a few of the people they know. Those are people with little power of understanding, and they do not waste it on such abstract and irrelevant things as is this "happiness".

RED LEAFA very interesting study was, and it still is, conducted in USA. Researchers have analyzed the life of the Grand Prize lottery winners during the past 20 years (in USA). Almost all winners had a nightmarish life after their spectacular achievement: broken marriages, alcohol and drugs dependency, accidents, crimes . . .

Other studies have analyzed the life of the ordinary USA citizens during the 1974 to date (in 2005): although the buying power is double today, the degree of happiness of the average USA citizen it is a lot lower. People have better cars, wonderful color TVs, way more entertainment, but their levels of happiness continue dropping alarmingly. The US rate of divorces has doubled; teen-suicidal rate has tripled; juvenile violence has increased six times; depression it is also increasing . . .

The unhappiness problem is so acute and such a frightening perspective, that the US Government has increased the funding for the utopian "happiness research". If things continue the way they are today . . . Well! USA is held, intentionally, isolated as a small contained World within itself, but the same thing happens throughout the Planet--possibly, even worse than in USA. Therefore the question is: "Is there any hope for a better life in the future for us?"


GREEN LEAF LAll people are the children of the GREAT CREATOR, and none is better than any other. In our limited and irrational way of understanding Life, we consider that some of us are "better", "more pure", "the chosen ones", "more faithful" or faithful to the "true religion", and so on.



Anyway, a tougher, more restrictive social environment is one ingredient needed to bring happiness into social-individuals' lives. Unfortunately, a restrictive society is in contradiction to the "democratic freedom" concept, which means democratic societies are condemned to unhappiness. There is, however, another factor which could bring happiness to individuals--this time seen only as individuals, not as social-individuals.

So, what is that "thing" that people want, or need, say, more than money, love, drugs, power, or even religion? Better said, what could be more valuable then anything else during our short existence on this Planet?

Only a few could answer that question, though not many are able to understand the answer. The most important thing for us, the Grail of Grails is . . . KNOWLEDGE!

GREEN LEAF RWe know so little about Life, Universe, about THE GREAT CREATOR, and about us . . . Try to calculate how much it would cost to buy New York City. It may be there are not enough cash money in the entire World to buy the entire New York. Next, try to figure out the dollar-value of the whole USA--the figure should be astronomical. Expand your endeavors and try to estimate the dollar-value of our Planet. Many are going to say it is priceless; however, KNOWLEDGE is more valuable than our entire Planet!
With the adequate KNOWLEDGE, we could easily discover and populate other Planets, in other Planetary Systems. The mineral riches valued today by our Civilization could increase quantitatively to "enough for one million years" if we become able to exploit all resources of our Planetary System only. All those things, plus more and more others, are possible ONLY with knowledge. True, deep knowledge is more valuable than anything you can imagine. Practically, the value of knowledge is LIMITLESS!

Regardless of how much money, drugs, power or whatever, people are going to have, knowledge will always be far more valuable. Now, in order to help you expand the horizon of your knowledge way beyond anything you have ever heard or read about, we suggest MERCY, and Three Stories from Hilsa'N Tassa Galaxy.


First published on March 07, 2006 
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