COROLLARY THEOREMS: "there is no better tomorrow if we do not learn today."

The History of our Civilization is the most important book we will ever have. Particularly remarkable is that fact that, in addition to being incredibly . . . well, exciting, History is also a very useful tool. Used intelligently, History could help us discover social-psychology laws and theorems, based on historical trends, and that can further help us in building a better future for us, for our children, an for the children of our children. Some say that History repeats itself--sure, but that is only due to our social mentality: we are not intelligent enough to learn anything from past mistakes.

As you have probably noticed in article A30, there are many true mysteries hidden into our past. We need to learn about them and, hopefully, even to understand them. However, without knowing our History, we have no future also. In order to define ourselves as "anything" we need to know who we are, where we came from, how we reached our actual level of development, and many, many other things. Besides, all those fine Ladies and Gentlemen from the past are our great, great . . . grandmothers and grandfathers: all of them!
Some heroes from our glorious past had an incredible, fantastic life: slaves became emperors [Publius Helvius Pertinax], and great emperors turned into slaves [Bayezit I, "The Thunderbolt"]. This is why we said History is a tool: it allows us to analyze thousands of exceptional lives, and then we could draw a few, general, valid conclusions. Those conclusions could further help us define philosophical concepts and theorems, then we could build the Social-Psychology discipline. Further, Social-Psychology is needed to build a better World tomorrow, for all of us.

Of course, all our efforts could be easily rendered worthless if the Destiny of our Homo Sapiens species leads towards total destruction. That means, before anything, we need to analyze the Destiny of our Civilization. Now, if we look back at the last 2000 years of History, one thing is obvious: there is evolution towards superior levels of development for us. That is good news, and it is also greatly encouraging. The second notable aspect is, our species is way too belligerent. Our History is full of terrible and totally futile fights, human sacrifices, and destructions. What can we do to stop all those horrible, degrading, never ending crimes, and start working together towards a prosperous development of our entire Homo Sapiens species?

It is not easy to answer to the above question. For now, let's analyze this Destiny thing, to understand its nature. We need to make sure it exists, first of all, and then we will see if there are any ways to correct, or to adjust it. The best thing to do is to use History to provide the required evidences we need--that Destiny exists.

GREEN LEAF RFor a few good hundred years, during the Dark Ages, France played the role of the greatest power in the entire World. In 1066 the French people [well, they were mostly Normans living in France] led by William the Conquer, the Duke of Normandy, invaded England, and History was radically changed, forever! That change was very good, because both France and England have evolved to become the most advanced and civilized nations during the following centuries. That unbelievable and perplexing French invasion is a good example of a predestined, radical, and also greatly needed change.

In 1533 Catherine de Medici married Henry II de Valois, the French King, and they had together 10 children. Wow! TEN! The House de Valois appeared to have a bright, secure, and glorious future, because three of the children were boys: each was going to become the King of France. However, the House de Valois had been cursed to disappear. All three de Valois Kings (Francis II, Charles IX, and Henry III) would disappear, and in 1589 the House de Bourbon replaces the de Valois Dynasty forever! That was a terrible radical change, though many people knew it had been predestined to happen. However, with 3 de Valois Kings, it seemed impossible that all of them would die without leaving any male child to take the throne.

RED LEAFMr. Michel de Notredame (Nostradamus) had foreseen that great Dynasty change, and he warned people about it. Further, Mr. de Notredame left us two clear, practical examples of "Destiny implementations". In 1700 his body is exhumed in order to move it into a more respectable place. When people opened the coffin, everybody saw on skeleton's chest an amulet with the date of 1700 inscribed (by hand)--Mr. de Noterdame died in 1566! Next, in 1791, a French Revolution solider breaks Mr. de Notredame's skull with the intention to drink wine from it. Mr. de Notredame had, again, foreseen that the person who tried doing that was going to die. Indeed, that French solider died instantly, shot in the head by a lost bullet--note Destiny's touch!

Those are two clear examples, and also warnings, which Mr. de Notredame has left for us intentionally, with the meaning: "Destiny will fulfill its way, no matter what!" We have described here only a few of the most known and publicized examples in our History, but there are thousands others.

Note that Mr. de Notredame was a particular example of a person capable of seeing the future, and we are very lucky to know about his predictions because he was a scientist. However, there have been, and there are, many other people capable of "seeing" the future, only they do not have the scientific drive to write down about their experiences. Of course, the obvious, natural question is, "How do they actually see the future?" Seeing the future is one topic explained, in details, in LATHAN-KHON-KOP--still waiting to be published since 2005; possibly in 2016.

SMT Coordinates

The idea of a foreseen Destiny for each of us, and for our entire Civilization, is fairly unsettling. The new questions are: "Is Destiny that absolute? Could it be changed?" The answer to each instance is, sequentially, "No, and yes." Destiny can be changed, except that is done only in some unique, particular conditions. To be more specific, some people appear among us from time to time, in critical situations, and those people do have the power to change Destiny: their Destiny, our Destiny, the Destiny of our Civilization, and even the Destiny of many alien Civilizations. You could find details about Destiny in MERCY and in Three Stories from Hilsa'N Tassa Galaxy.

Only a few of the documents written by Mr. de Notredame are publicly available; those that are not are way too disturbing, and many consider that people should not know about them. Besides, they are just "visions" of a gentleman who died in 1566! Well, that fine gentleman proved to be incredibly accurate in his "visions", until this very day.

The time we live now, he said, is a crucial one, because the Destiny of our Civilization will/could be changed forever! There are many avenues possible ahead of us in the future, but only one is the truly good one; unfortunately, it is also one of the most difficult to reach . . .
GREEN LEAF LNow, let's look at the Destiny topic a bit more scientifically. Suppose we analyze the life of a person, and we want to make certain that Destiny exists. We see that, today, our subject is in a crucial hard decisional moment. Things are this way: the subject is in a room having 1000 doors, each leading to a different future. The next action in his life is to open one of those doors, and then to step on the future-path beyond it. The subject decides on one door, and it appears his action is only a matter of a random choice--just chance. Our subject has chosen to open the door 917, for example. No, that was no chance, nor choice.

Now, suppose that our subject is close to the final moments of his life. He has only a few seconds left to live, and he uses them constructively, to analyze his incredible past. He remembers that crucial moment when he had to decide on the next door to open: one in 1000! That moment is past now, therefore his decision to open the door 917 is irreversible. Only the door 917 had to be opened, and that is exactly what our subject did. Nothing and nobody could change that decision when it is seen from the future--this is what Destiny means. If you look back at your life, just before you are close to dying, you can see it is a fixed, red track, impossible to change, and with no choices. Everything you do in present time it only appears to you as being choices and options. In fact, you step only on the red track: Destiny's path. There were no 1000 doors for our subject; they appeared to be 1000, but there was only one: door 917.
GREEN LEAF REach of us opens doors every day. It only appears we have options, but we never do. The eventual door we do open, it has to happen exactly as it does: it is our Destiny. Yes, we said there are people who could change their Destiny, and ours. Sure, but those people are exceptions. They are just a few, and so . . . fantastically strange that we cannot include them into this general, theoretical discussion. Again, please study MERCY to find out details about those incredible exceptions.

Now, Mr. de Notredame tells us that our Civilization has little time left. We need to be able to leave our Planet in about 1000 years from this time because . . . You may think that 1000 years of continuous development are sufficient to reach interstellar travel technology, but we suggest that you study our previous Amazing Articles very, very well. The space between stars is so vast, that it must be obliterated, somehow, if we want to ever reach other Planetary Systems. There is only one slim chance in a million that we will succeed in shifting our Civilization towards the right path . . . Anyway, we shall see.

We are all brothers and sisters belonging to a single species: Homo Sapiens. The fact that we name ourselves French, Italian, Australian, USA citizens or whatever, is just a ridiculous, artificial, social convention. The fact that we hate, we fight, and we kill each other is a terrible identity-mistake! We do not have to do that, dear sisters and brothers. If we like/want it or not, tomorrow it is going to be one single Planet for all of us: Ter-Ra!


First published on November 21, 2005 
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