COROLLARY THEOREMS: "reality is never what it appears to be."


We just watched a new Stargate episode [in 2005], and we were so much . . . let's say, disappointed by their lack of imagination, that we started writing this article. The idea in Stargate was, the Government people try to cover up, to hide any evidences they have about extraterrestrial intelligent Civilizations, in order to protect our decent, day-to-day life. Frankly, there is nothing wrong with that, and we could even agree to "the plan". However, the bad part is its implementation; besides, there is also this Global Picture . . .

Many people are passionate about studying the UFO "things", or phenomena, if you prefer. The idea is so common today that nobody feels much excitement about a new UFO sighting. In fact, deep inside our souls we are all waiting for the news about the first, official, direct contact. We all have a vague feeling that this is going to happen rather sooner than later, despite all desperate efforts our Governments continue to perform.

At Corollary Theorems a direct official alien contact is not that important. Things are this way. There are millions of reports and accounts of UFO sightings and encounters; even if only one in one thousand were a true fact, the evidences are still overwhelming. Amazingly, those UFO sightings and alien contacts are well scattered throughout our History, beginning with the very first days!

We strongly believe that some alien people live right here, right now, right among us. They look exactly like us, they speak our languages, and they . . . well, they ARE just like us. They have lived on Ter-Ra since old times. We started believing that when we heard the first time about the "Voynich Manuscript"--a long time ago. That is another story which we will present it to you one sunny day. Anyway, as always, important is only the Global Picture.

So; why do those aliens refuse to contact us officially? The answer is, we are way too primitive, intellectually and socially. In fact, we have the same level of intelligence we had 2000 years ago, which is almost the same as 4000 years ago, which is, again, almost the same as . . . Sure, we are a bit more advanced technologically, but our mentality is strongly rooted into slavery, violence, greed, and all sorts of miseries. However, we should be "proud" because those aliens persist in studying us for so long. Fact is, we are part of their Universe, but they are not part of our Universe.

RED LEAFTo come back on track, the true crisis we are facing today is a social one; more specific, we are living a social-psychology crisis. This topic is not easy to handle/explain; we need a few Amazing Articles to cover it, somehow. Psychology is very difficult to explain, and to understand; however, social-psychology is even way tougher! The best thing is to use some examples from our day to day life, but the tricky part is, we need to find those examples that are sufficiently interesting, in order to attract your attention, somehow.

George W. BushNow, one of the most important events in our history is the election of the USA President. That moment is very important for the entire Planet, and it is a good social-psychology example because it is particularly covered by the entire media, therefore everybody is well familiar with past developments.

For example, during the last election, we have admired Mr. George W. Bush winning the electoral campaign against Senator John Kerry. Picture this, please: we have the USA citizens as active performers during that event, and we have the rest-of-the-World as spectators. Generally, the rest-of-the-World wished that Senator Kerry would have won that presidential campaign, because they liked his intellectual profile. The majority of the US citizens, however, have elected Mr. Bush, and they were very, very happy and proud with their electoral success.

John KerryNo matter what anybody would say, Senator Kerry had a much better political platform--seen from the intellectual point of view. However, Mr. Bush was able to defeat him, and even very easy!

Things are even more perplexing when we think of Mr. Bush and Mr. Al Gore electoral campaign. Wow! Mr. Al Gore was an intellectual having a towering intellect! Frankly, we believe USA had only a few Presidents that could be somehow compared to Mr. Gore's intellectual profile; possibly Mr. George Washington, Mr. Abraham Lincoln, and Mr. Franklin Delano Roosevelt. To us, at Corollary Theorems, Mr. Gore represents the greatest chance USA ever had . . .

Anyway, Mr. Bush managed to defeat Mr. Gore, and we believe Mr. Bush would have defeated a candidate, say, ten times more intelligent than Mr. Gore, and even ten times more intelligent than Senator Kerry. Of course, the question is, "Why?", and the answer is, "social-psychology".
Al GoreToday, the Democratic Party in USA is desperate, since they need a good candidate for the next presidential election. Unfortunately, they don't understand why Mr. Bush was that successful, as a political candidate, and without that understanding they will never be able to present the right presidential candidate to the USA citizens. Sure, they could be lucky, as it happened with Mr. William Jefferson Clinton--he also had "the right smile"; however, "luck" is not intelligence, not good politics, and certainly not anything.

Amazingly, the US Capital, Washington DC, is so packed with fine Ladies and Gentlemen who appear to be intelligent, well educated, smart and whatever, but the end result is pure chance and total chaos in the USA political life! After one political event happens by itself--well, more or less by itself--then, yes, we hear lots of intelligent "explanations", "reasons", and . . . No, Sir; despite all those great numbers of people having doctoral degrees in Washington DC, there is an acute lack of intelligent political vision there.
GREEN LEAF RSocial-psychology has shown us that the presidential candidate having A BETTER SMILE will always win the USA presidential election, despite any level of intelligence his opponent could have. Mr. Bush has that particular smile, and please understand this: we do not refer to his smile as being nice or pleasing. Mr. Bush has the exact smile needed to win the USA citizens on his side, against any possible arguments, logic or anything. Even more, Mr. Bush is capable of winning the elections as many time as he wants, with that particular smile, and that is no matter of what he actually does or says.

That is a direct effect of the social-psychology state of things existing today in USA but, of course, it is more important to analyze the causes of the existing reality. That particular social-psychology analysis, however, we are going to save it for those fine politician Ladies and Gentlemen in Washington DC, for a while. Do not worry; this topic is extremely important, therefore you will hear more from us.

RED LEAFWe take this opportunity to thank to everybody in Washington DC for taking the time, exactly during the past USA presidential election, to crowd the Corollary Theorems website. In that particular election night you broke all the records of daily visitors at Corollary Theorems we ever had!  [Well, that was, up to 2005.]

We were simply stunned with your persistence . . . What were you looking for, dear Ladies and Gentlemen? Well, it doesn't matter because you are all readers, therefore you will forever be more than welcome at Corollary Theorems.

We thank you all, dear beloved readers!




First published on November 14, 2005
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