COROLLARY THEOREMS: "reality is never what it appears to be."

The hurricanes Katrina and Rita have caused terrible damages. Many name them "natural disasters"; a few say they are "signs"! Lots of talks did (and they may still) follow, in order to analyze and to improve the "evacuation procedures", and the "disaster assistance". Fact is, all those efforts are impressive, both in terms of human energies and financially. However, good impression stops short right there, because from the intellectual point of view those 2 events reveal a disastrous state of things.

Storms like Katrina and Rita will come again, most likely even stronger. Other natural disasters, say, quakes, pandemic epidemics, a huge meteorite strike, or even a shift in the pole's axis may also come. What are we going to do? Should we prepare for living on the roads, in the woods, under the open sky?

Suppose New Orleans was a city built as it should have been. Katrina came and went away, and people stayed in their houses and nothing bad happened. Could it be that way, say, during the next hurricanes? Of course it can. In fact, that is the intelligent way of handling disasters. Instead of displacing millions of people whenever a tiny storm comes, it is way more intelligent to build those cities strong enough to face anything. The problem is, that takes intelligence, and please note this: intelligence doesn't mean much money; on the contrary, only imbecility asks for more and more money--since imbecility is strongly associated with greed.

We mentioned someplace in these articles the CREATOR IS INTELLIGENCE, and we want to emphasize that again: THE GREAT CREATOR IS ONLY INTELLIGENCE. Whatever the GREAT CREATOR is, besides intelligence, that is not important. Now, we have been blessed with little of CREATOR'S intelligence. The bad Juju for us is, a few have sufficient amounts of intelligence, and many have very, very little.

We have been watching the oil price fluctuations during the last years, and things look this way: since it was deregulated by G. W. Bush in 2001, oil-price grows permanently, based on many absurd--even hilarious sometimes--pretexts. Say, if a job-action takes place on an oil platform in Nigeria, or in Norway, the prices go up, although that doesn't mean the oil is wasted. The oil is still there, and we are going to take it out sooner or later. The money-handlers motivate, ". . . the demand for oil is increasing . . ."

GREEN LEAF LOf course, the demand is increasing by 0.1% at the entire Planet level, though the prices increase by 10%, and they remain high even after the "story" is over! The hurricane Rita is still in development at the time we write this article. When it will pass, people are going to notice that no great damages were done to the South Texas oil processing refineries--as they have been wrongly anticipated. However, oil prices went up to over 200% at the gas pumps in N America even before Rita came! That is, before any damages! Is is clear the oil market is driven by either very rapacious companies/individuals, or by paranoiac CEOs. However, we cannot let things continue that way.

If some official organization would bother to analyze seriously the oil-price evolution during the past 10 years, we should discover that we were, and we are, dearly ripped-off. We paid for that miserable thing 10 to 100 times more than what it was worth all the time. Well, nobody is going to investigate those issues, because the mountains of "free cash" stuff exactly the pockets of those in power. Besides, the major profiteers are our very Governments so . . .

This oil-thing is in fact a severe crisis for our entire Civilization. Extreme measures, such as regulating the price of oil and energy, need to be implemented right now, in order to prevent the looming global economy recession. In addition, we need to start converting our hydrocarbons based economy towards using hydrogen and other unconventional technologies. Technologically, we have everything we need; socially, however, we are as paralyzed due to the existing "democratic" governmental structures allover the Planet.

The coming economy crisis will destroy most of the existing businesses today, but it will allow a few of them--including a few Governments--to prosper. That is in fact the plan and the intention: a global economy recession allows for the redistribution of capitals, of markets, and of power. Of course, only the wealthiest businesses are going to survive, and they will be the ones to become even more powerful--just as planned! The fact that people are going to suffer, and possibly half of Planet's population is going to vanish is totally not important, compared to the profits!


The economic crisis mentioned in this article, in 2005, became a reality in the summer of 2008. Note however that, in the spring of 2008, G. W. Bush started his State of the Nation speech, perfectly oblivious, with the famous words, "Our economy is strong--enthusiastic ovations . . ." A couple months later USA economy was paralyzed in a full Economy Crisis.

In 2015, USA is still struggling to recover, though it is clear that the people in power (including their impressive armies of highly trained expert advisers) have absolutely no idea of what they need to do. Unfortunately, there is very little time left in which USA may straighten things up, so . . .

Let's take the US citizens. They believe they live in a democratic society having about 350 000 000 (three hundred fifty million) hard working citizens. They also believe they have a great advantage over everybody else due to their advanced level of technology, due to their great military power, and due to their past, historical determination. However, the reality is that there are about 10 000 000 more individuals living in US, and the entire US democratic mechanism works only for them. Who are those individuals? Well, their juridical name is legal entities, and they are better known as companies.

Any new social philosophical concept must take into the account the existence and the needs of these new "legal entities" in our Civilization. They have no face and no body, but they are recognized as "individuals" having many social rights--way more than any human individual. Now, we have no intention to criticize the system, because we also try to use it as much as possible--see Corollary Theorems Ltd., and also SC Complement Control SRL. The point to note, however, is that those juridical entities do exist: they have many rights, they are powerful, and they take precedence to ordinary people, in any society.

The main consequences are: a continuous process of increasing the value of the companies-entities, while steadily decreasing the value and the importance of the people. Instead of being people, citizens, we slowly become a number of jobs in one company or another. Today, one person, or even a group of people, means nothing compared to a company hiring, say, 200 000 employees.

Please do not misunderstand this: we have nothing in particular against the social organisms named "companies", and it is not our intention to criticize them. What we try to do here is to point out to our very reality. On the other hand, there is the GREAT CREATOR . . .

You see, dear people, the GREAT CREATOR has created us, as intelligent beings, and we are alike our CREATOR since we do have little intelligence. We all are his children, and we are perfectly confident that he loves us all the same. We are all brothers and sisters of a single parent; however, those of us who were gifted with a bit more intelligence have the duty to take care of their less intelligent brothers and sisters.

We have to take care, first of all and before anything, of CREATOR'S CHILDREN
--which are we; otherwise, it is going to be very, very bad for all of us.


First published on September 24, 2005 
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