COROLLARY THEOREMS: "reality is never what it appears to be."

Well, like it or not, Politics is a science; possibly, THE most important one because it means "our life". Any decent person hates Politics--a dirty game since old times. On the other hand, our life, and our very existence, are ruled and tailored according to the existing, local, political system of Government. No matter how we take it, Politics is very important. However, we are not interested in building any political career at Corollary Theorems; we are interested only in social developments various forms of Politics bring to our Civilization.

The question is: "Is there more than everybody can see in political games of our days?" The answer is, "Sure, there is a lot more!" Again, try building the Global Picture, and do not let yourself distracted by details. Things happened this way: in 1989 the Communist structure has collapsed, therefore half of the World turned towards the "Democratic" political system of Government--we used quotes on purpose. That was a very good change, at that time, because it has ended the dangerous Cold War. Note that, after that critical event, some USA politicians claimed victory crying: "We won! We won!"

Mikhail Sergeyevich GorbachevVanity. That incredible 1989 political change--we should better name that change, unreal and artificial--has been performed by one single person: Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev. Now, Mr. Gorbachev is an intellectual, and a very wise man: he didn't agree, theoretically, with that incredible political change before 1989; he didn't agree with it afterwards; and he doesn't agree with it today. It appears that Mr. Gorbachev has been coerced into performing the destruction of the Communist Empire. Therefore, the new question is: "Which political power managed to 'force' an intellectual to do what he didn't want to do?"

Today (in 2005), 16 years after that great historical change, we can look back and analyze the "achievements"--if there are any. Let's start with the Democratic side, the Occident. Well, the harsh reality is, the life of the people living in the Occident side today is a lot worse than it was before 1989. In addition, the development trend, there, goes clearly from bad to worse. People have no purposes, no future, and no hopes for a better life tomorrow. They simply work and pay, as long as they are able to work; once they will stop working, then they will start a short, though terrible, agony towards . . . death.

In the other side, in the former Communist Block, things are even worse: people are already agonizing. Sure, all these terrible social aspects could have been seen and anticipated before 1989 by people having high intellectual profiles--we suspect that Mr. Gorbachev has seen some of the consequences. Even worse, the anarchist situation which we name "The War on Terror" is a direct result of the collapsed Communism--though, not only.

Again, what could force an intellectual, as Mr. Gorbachev is, to decide on ending the reign of Communist Law and Order for (more than) half of the Planet. The quick answer is: "A power (much) superior to the Communist one." Now, where is that power? No, please do not rush and say that power was USA, because it wasn't. Both Russia and USA were pretty balanced in terms of military powers before 1989, and they still are. Some of you may say that it was the Democratic Principles that forced the Communism to (almost) exit the political stage of our Planet--again, the answer is no.
RED LEAFWhat we name "Democracy" today it is not Democracy. You need to study very well the concept of Democracy, and its historical evolution in our Civilization, in order to understand what Democracy really means. Anyway, some may say that it was God the one to bring those extraordinary changes . . . No, dear brothers and sisters. The CREATOR is way, way greater than being just our supervisor. What we do to ourselves is not important; the only thing that might interest HIM is what we manage to achieve in terms of superior, intelligent behavior--just as HE wanted us to behave. However, we have a long and difficult way ahead of us before proving anything good to our CREATOR.

Let's take a look at the first, and the most powerful democratic nation in the World: USA--particularly, at the election-time of the USA President. That election moment is when all US citizens feel they live in a true Democracy, and they can exercise their democratic rights by electing the future head of the Union. The entire World watches carefully that electoral campaign because the consequences are fairly important, for everybody. Now, what we see--as objective, outside observers--is, political fight in USA is won, always, by the candidate having more electoral campaign funds (money). That is incredible: the supreme power in the democratic USA society is obtained with (very much) money! [So much for "people's Democracy"; that is only money's Democracy.]
When we will see Mr. Jimmy Somebody from Grand Rapids-Illinois, having 50 USD in his bank account winning the Presidential race against opponents having 2 billion USD electoral campaign funds, THEN it is going to be Democracy in USA. Until then, the big, fat bags of money will continue ruling and governing The United States of America "democratically"--very well, thank you. Another shocking aspect to us is, US has particular "democratic" laws for inside USA, and very much different "democratic" laws--or attitude--for "the rest of the World". That behavior is understandable but, please, do not name it "Democracy"--that is way too pretentious.

Anyway, that's the way things are, and we have to live with it. Let's return to the troublesome question: "Which power forced the intellectual, Mr. Gorbachev, into destroying the Communist Empire?" Amazingly, Mr. Gorbachev is very much silent about his "reasons" and, as mentioned, he regrets his deeds quite a lot--this is, he regrets them logically, as intellectuals do. Should we tell you now what really happened in 1989, you might say we describe one of our SF books. Let's take a closer look at what happened before 1989.
GREEN LEAF LFact is, the Communist Empire was very strong before 1989: they had powerful weapons, a united political block covering more than half of the Planet, and they had a reasonable ideology. In the same time, the Occident also had powerful weapons, and a rudiment of ideology which said only: "democratic freedom". That "democratic freedom" slogan made some sense when the Iron Curtain was in place; today however, the Iron Curtain doesn't exist anymore, and the words "democratic freedom" have lost their shine--well, most of it. There is no freedom today anywhere in the World if you do not have a big bag of money. Even worse: even with a big bag of money our life still has no glamour, no true reasons, no sense . . .

All right. Before 1989 Russia continued installing their famous SS-20 missiles in the Baltic countries targeting USA. There were lots of meetings between Russia and NATO trying to negotiate that military maneuver, but the Russians were very tough. Two meetings are of a capital importance, because both have been extremely secret. In October 1986 a direct, high level meeting takes place between Mr. Gorbachev and Mr. Regan--the USA President at that time--in Reykjavik, Iceland. Particular to that meeting is, it was the most secret meeting ever--up to that time--and the (true) details of the discussions are not known. Fact is, we do not need to know those details, because it is the development of the World-events that tells us everything we need to know.
Following that meeting, "things" continued as usual, except for the sudden apparition of the unreal and absurd communist movements named, "Glasnost" and "Perestroika". Why unreal and absurd? Well, if you look at the History of our Civilization you should notice that great political changes need about fifty years or more of revolutions and social rebellions before they are implemented. In addition, each great political change builds, first of all, a strong ideology, long before any political movement begins.

The next obscure and, possibly, the most mysterious political meeting ever was the one in the Mediterranean Sea in the summer of 1989, onboard a US warship, between Mr. Gorbachev and Mr. Regan. We couldn't find ANY information on the Internet about that meeting (it is not mentioned anywhere on the Internet), but we remember it perfectly clear because it has shocked us (as material witness) a lot at that time.

What was particularly strange was the place of the meeting: it couldn't be more restrictive! Again, no details of those discussions have ever been made public, but the consequence was, a few months later the fall of Communism was our reality! Again, it appears that USA has coerced Mr. Gorbachev to do what they wanted, only there is something unnaturally dubious in all those events: the great secrecy!

GREEN LEAF RWhy so much secrecy? If the "democratic freedom" ideology has determined Mr. Gorbachev to end the Marxist-Leninist Era, why it had to be done in that much secrecy? Democracy means, above all and before anything, total transparency for everybody. Amazingly, those secrets are still secrets today, although we all live now in "democratic" and "transparent" political systems! 

Sixteen years after the fall of Communism things are far worse for both parties involved, and the future is even darker. It is clear now that there has been no plan for the fall of Communism, and also none for the greatly needed reconstruction. It all happened as if some "power" simply told Mr. Gorbachev that he has to do what he did, otherwise . . .

Fact is, that terrible political event had to happen in 1989--it was Destiny's way; after that, "God bless our American brothers and sisters, and God bless us all!" Well, it appears that God is not much pleased, lately, since HE blesses us with all sort of terrible events . . . and, unfortunately, more are to come . . .

Anyway, the question is still there: "What forced Mr. Gorbachev to end the Communist Era?" The answer is, "a power", except that power was not USA (nor the GREAT CREATOR). In fact, during that process USA was only the intermediary: the moderator. That "power" is still here, among us and supervising us.

In 1989 the order has been: END THE COMMUNISM! That order came without much explanations, and without any assurance of a better future. In fact, things turned very bad, later, for everybody, and nobody bothered/dared building any plan of some sort to organize things, and to improve the cooperation of all countries in the World. On the contrary, after 1990 the international cooperation started being totally inefficient. It looks more like each country has to manage "things" only for and by themselves.

To us, the funny thing is, the fall of Communism in 1989 "fits" properly into only one domain: Science Fiction! [Except this is our very past REALITY!] Anyway, this kind of SF-REALITY, on multiple plans/domains, is what we describe in our SF books. The only difference is, in our books, TRUE REALITY (this is, our reality) is thousand times more real, more extraordinary, more powerful, more shocking, more . . .


First published on August 21, 2005 
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