COROLLARY THEOREMS: "reality is never what it appears to be."

People are very good at pointing fingers, and most of them are capable of doing only that. Anybody can say, "It doesn't work," which helps exactly nobody and nothing; only a few are able to say, "Wait a minute; I think I know how we could make this thing work."

Now, we sell Science Fiction books, therefore we are certain that many smile sarcastically right now meaning: "Sure, fiction!"--in other words, "It doesn't work." It is very difficult, almost impossible, to demonstrate/prove that our Science Fiction books could be true/real stories, though we will try doing just that right in this article--to prove to ourselves, at least, that we are capable of more than just pointing fingers. 

GREEN LEAF LFirst, a few words about Science Fiction: everything we know is fiction! Take a history book; although the author tries to present only historical facts, it is impossible to know, or to reveal the absolute truth. Think of the missile attack ordered by Mr. William Jefferson Clinton a few years ago: that attack was preemptive, unjustified, inadmissible, and contrary to all democratic principles on which USA was built as a great democratic nation. The direct result of that attack were the 9/11 events motivated by the Al-Qaeda organization as being "revenge". Further, the Iraq Invasion followed, and then everything became thousand times more complex.

Now, the initial missile attack was officially motivated by Mr. Clinton as being " . . . a necessary measure to destroy the terrorist training camps, and the bomb building factories . . . " but everybody knows very well that attack was ordered during his juridical hearings connected to the "Miss Monica Lewinsky affair". The question is: "Is Miss Lewinsky the TRUE cause of this War on Terror we live today?" [Please note the way Destiny/History uses ordinary people to write itself!] Of course, we will never know the truth, and that makes all historical books on this particular subject just pure, juicy, fantasist fiction!

RED LEAF RLet's take now a scientific book. Most scientists know very well that any theory is fiction until proven valid. Some of them know even a little more; for example, they know that the vast majority of the Physics Laws on which our science is built do not quite work in a deeper analysis. The result is, even the scientific books written today are very rich in Science Fiction content. Even more, rest assured that the future is going to invalidate many scientific Laws and theorems we know and treasure today--if not all of them. As for the so called romance, police, and even documentary books, all of them are more or less fiction, even if some are based on "true facts".

The idea we try to promote here is, our SF Books contain exactly as much fiction as any other book, fiction or nonfiction.

Now, one of the most important topics in our SF books is interstellar travel technologies--we describe the engines used for interstellar travel in our books. Note, however, that according to our actual science, interstellar travel is practically impossible to us--still, we intend to prove in this article that interstellar travel is possible.


Our Atomic Universe is characterized by three major coordinates [each working in a continuous domain]: space, matter, and time. Sure, there may be many other "dimensions" but we do not care about them, because our focus is to keep things as simple as possible. However, please note this: the space-matter-time coordinates are specific to the Atomic Universe, only.

Now, we have noticed that the amount of matter in the observable Universe is a lot less then what it should be, in order to keep the Galaxies together, and the scientists have named the missing mass: Dark Matter. Astronomers are looking feverishly for this elusive Dark Matter because it is needed a lot to justify the handful of Physics Laws we know but . . . there is none there.

Let's take them one at a time. Space: this is the great problem because space is just too vast for us. Even worse, we have noticed that the peripheral Galaxies are still departing with an accelerated motion which cannot be, again, explained. The force and, implicitly, the energy required to keep the observable Universe in motion has been named (poetically) Dark Energy. Now, a practical interstellar travel technology requires ships capable of reaching the Alpha Centaury star in a matter of days, or months--let's say, in maximum one Ter-Ra year. Everything past that time limit looks to us more like experimental agony. The distance to Alpha Centaury is roughly 4.3 light years, and that means we need ships capable of speeds at least 4.3 times greater than the speed of light. "That is not possible!" the pointing-fingers would cry.

RED LEAFNow, Alpha Centaury is the closest star to us, but a decent interstellar travel technology means the possibility of reaching stars on up to a 100 light-years radius, and that should be, again, within the one Ter-Ra year maximum limit. That implies we should build ships capable of reaching 100 times the speed of light, or even more. Based on our actual scientific knowledge, that speed is indeed impossible (even out of discussion).

However, Ter-Ra has been visited before by extraterrestrial UFOs, and it is still visited today. So, let's try to benefit from this UFO experience, somehow. What we are going to do is, we will only consider (assume) that interstellar travel is possible at speeds of 100 times the speed of light--this is a sort of a reverse engineering process.

If that assumption were true, then it clearly means that all Physics Laws and scientific theorems we know today are not good. Fine, this is just a finger-pointing affirmation, this time coming from us, therefore we need to explain things further. If our Physics and Mathematics models are not good, than we need to look for other models of our reality, which would allow interstellar travel to happen. There were UFO encounters since the old times, throughout our History, and they are still here today. To us, it means the initial assumption is in fact quite true: our Physics-Mathematics models of reality are not good. By denying all Physics Laws and theorems we know today, we are able to move our science forward. In contrast, if we stick to what we know, we will never reach the stars.
Now, to come back to the main topic, the first Physics notion of interest to us is space. First of all, we cannot consider space as being a dimension or a coordinate in itself, because space-matter-time work all together to define our Atomic Universe, and we have many proofs for that. We can actually see the pointing-fingers jumping at our last affirmation, therefore we will have to explain it, although this is a minor issue.

Space exists only in the Atomic Universe, since it is related to matter distribution
. We would like you to consider that space is just a frame, a support for matter to exist. As mentioned in previous articles, in order to exist the atom requires a certain amount of inside-atom space; further, as an extended corollary, matter needs space in order to exist.

Now, we have cornered the space as being interdependent on matter. In the same time, time in the Atomic Universe needs to have a certain format in order to accommodate for the existence of matter. Practically, without time, matter and space cannot exist, and consider only the quantum nature--this is the vibratory characteristic--of the atomic components. Well, we could discuss a lot about the space-matter-time interdependent unity of the Atomic Universe, but we do have to move past these things now.


Note that The Atomic Universe is not the Real Universe. Even more, should you read all our Amazing Articles, plus our all our SF, you may develop the sense/idea that our Atomic Universe is the manifestation of another Universe which we named "the Subatomic". Even the birth of the Atomic Universe following the Big Bang proves that our Atomic Universe has appeared from "somewhere". The so called Dark Energy and Dark Matter also point towards the existence of the Subatomic Universe. In addition, our assumption that interstellar travel is possible requires a Subatomic Universe--which is built differently than our Atomic Universe is.

Fact is, working only with the Atomic Universe we will never achieve interstellar travel, and this is regardless of what we do to improve things. Now, the existence of the Subatomic Universe is in agreement with the initial assumption, that our actual Physics and Mathematics models of reality are not good. Note that, up to now, there is nothing mentioning the Subatomic Universe in our actual, official science. Fine! Let's move on, and let's take a closer look at the nature of the Subatomic Universe.


At Time Zero, the Big-Bang moment, the Subatomic became imbalanced, and that has triggered the apparition of the Atomic Universe. That imbalance has resulted in a terrible amount of energy flowing from Subatomic into Atomic, therefore building the Atomic Universe. That process is not ended, and the energy flow is still here [Dark Matter, Dark Energy]. However, that flow is "energy" to us, because we have a particular position in this two-tier process: we are in the Atomic side where we see only energy. In the Subatomic side, the "energy" is not yet energy; it is a Primordial form of Energy. "What is THAT?" would cry the pointing-fingers.

For now, please consider those Primordial Energies just a tag used to name "something" capable of generating many forms of energies in our Atomic Universe, including space, matter, and a specific form of time. Now, because space-matter-time do not exist in the Subatomic Universe, we could use this aspect for our specific needs: interstellar travel technologies! We hope it is clear that, once we get rid of the embarrassing space-matter-time coordinates, interstellar travel becomes a strong possibility.

Yeah, the pointing-fingers guys are not going to let us live in a relaxed, creative environment; they are going to cry out loud: "How do you annihilate space-matter-time using the Subatomic?"

There are at least 6 (six) engines described in MERCY (+The hall of the Fountais, Peasant Ambassador, and Hurran Invasion) which use the Subatomic for 3 (three) different types of Interstellar Travel Technologies. Naturally, they are just Science Fiction stories only
. . .


First published on July 29, 2005 
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