: "reality is never what it appears to be."


During the morning news I heard the number of UFO sightings is dropping lately. The spice was added by the reporter--a swelling with importance dude--who displayed a faint, ironic smile. "So what?" I thought, "That is not going to shake me to tears."


Mathematical possibility of being alone in the Universe is so absurd that you have to be truly illiterate to consider it possible. In the worst case scenario, think of the Christian Bible: God is presented there as being an extraterrestrial entity. Now, specific to ignorance is, IT LASTS FOREVER: nothing and nobody could change it, not even the GREAT CREATOR!

Some of us know as a true fact that we are observed and supervised by extraterrestrials for quite sometime. The problem is: what should we, the people, do about that?

Nothing. We should mind our day to day life to the best we can. That is the so called "contact with an alien civilization" and it is, indeed, a delicate situation, especially if you do not know how to handle it.

First of all, we need to be aware that an alien observer is an objective one. We need to define this "objective" term, because we are certain that only a few people know its meaning. Life situations may be analyzed in two modes: "subjectively" or "objectively". In the subjective mode, the person who does the analysis has his/her judgment impaired by personal considerations; for example, love, hate, or antipathy. In the objective mode, the person who analyzes the issue is perfectly impartial. Of course, the objective mode of analysis is the right one, only that is not so easy to achieve.

GREEN LEAF LAs mentioned, an alien observer of our Human Civilization is an objective one, which is exactly the way things should be. The idiotic propaganda displayed in movies is, aliens come to our beautiful Planet to take all our "resources", and to kill/eat us all. We are confident the aliens would do just that if they were as plain idiots as we are.

However, a civilization capable of Interstellar Transport Technology is, most likely, about one thousand times more intelligent than we are today. The true problem is this: how can we show/prove to any alien Civilization that we are not primitive, brainless animals?

Regarding those precious "resources" of ours, the only resource a Civilization has is its intelligence (expressed by its global/general culture). That intelligence thing is more precious than mountains of gold, oceans of fossil oil, and truckloads of diamonds. Just try to imagine that all those mountains of gold are already here, someplace on a nearby Planet or Satellite in our very own, close by, Planetary System. We have entire Planets/Satellites covered in solid methane which is sufficient to keep us using our dear "internal combustion engines" working for, say, one more million years. We are absolutely positive that there are tons of diamonds just waiting to be rapaciously picked up on the moons of Saturn, for example. The problem is, in order to get those "dear resources" of ours we need to develop an efficient Interplanetary Transport Technology, and that requires . . . intelligence--very much intelligence!

Others would say the most valuable treasure is our very Planet, with its oxygen, water, plants and animals, just as it is. Fair enough. The bad part is we do not know how to appreciate that true "wealth" of ours. Yes, our dear little Planet with its dirt, misery, and all, is indeed the most important. However, if some alien species would want to take it from us--because we are not able to take care of it responsibly--then there is simply nothing we could do. For us, an alien civilization capable of interstellar travel has the intelligence level of a God.


We should better differentiate here the ideas of God and CREATOR. The GREAT CREATOR is billion times GREATER than any God. Some would object saying that God and the GREAT CREATOR are one and the same thing. No, dear people; you need to understand first the nature of the GREAT CREATOR before relating to HIM; his nature is so great, and so important, that you cannot even imagine . . .

For example, some "teachers" say, "God is everything," thinking they have exemplified HIS greatness. Those words explain exactly nothing, because "everything" is way too general, as a notion. Everything also includes crime, hate, destruction, pornography, lies and thousands other bestial things. Please, do not associate the GREAT CREATOR with those miseries, people; they belong only to us, since we generate them.

GREEN LEAF RNow, a God could be capable of creating a Planet like ours and populating it with people, plants, and animals. Very, very many Gods should be capable of creating the Universe--this is billions and billions of Planets having intelligent species, just like us. Now, think of "something" capable of building billion Universes. Think of something that is the very essence of Life, and the Reason of Time; someone/something above all Gods and above "everything" . . . Sorry; even this is the pale shadow of the image of the GREAT CREATOR.

The CREATOR is, first of all and before anything else, INTELLIGENCE! We were gifted for free with little of his intelligence; now, we need to honor his gift, and the great act of CREATION. As mentioned previously, it is going to take us a few good years of Amazing Articles plus many SF books to present to you "something" about the true nature of the GREAT CREATOR . . .

Anyway, the GREAT CREATOR is the mastermind intelligence in THE REAL UNIVERSE. Gods, are just our imagination about the GREAT CREATOR. However, since most of us have absolutely no idea of what the GREAT CREATOR really is, then our God-imagination is just a fictional character acting in our narrow/limited Atomic Universe. Even worse, for most, their God imagination works only within their countries/nations, and only for their fellow believers--which is, indeed, unbelievably stupid!



Anyway, before thinking of protecting our "resources", we should think about how we could account for the way we take care of our Planet to those aliens, to God(s), and even to the GREAT CREATOR--or to MOTHER NATURE if you prefer; the name used is totally not important. Fact is, regardless of who is out there--this is aliens, Gods, or the GREAT CREATOR himself--we should mind our tasks which are: taking very good care of our Planet, and of our Human Civilization, this time in an intelligent manner.

If we do our duty the proper way, then nobody is going to come here and take anything from us. We would become equal in intelligence, in compassion, and in motivations to any alien Civilization, to any God, and even to the GREAT CREATOR. Wow! That would be really nice!


We have followed for many years the evolution of India, because we consider our actual Civilization has deep roots in that particular piece of land, and in those particular people. We are not Indian citizens, but we feel that India does belong, somehow, to us.

Our World would not be the same without that wonderful little piece of land, and without those Indian people. In the same time, we feel that Africa belongs to us, and USA, and . . . Fact is, we feel the entire Planet belongs to us, and we do not want to see any little piece of it destroyed or neglected.

Sure, local people, the citizens of those particular countries/nations, are the first ones to "own", and to take care of their piece of land. However, the entire Planet belongs to us all, therefore we are all responsible.



We use these words "belonging" and "owning" improperly, because the true meaning is "we owe something to" and "we should care for (our Planet)". That is similar to giving birth and raising children. The parents do "own" their children, but that "owning" means they have the duty/obligation to protect and educate their children, to the best way possible. Now, as part of the Human Civilization on Planet Ter-Ra, we can either do our duty intelligently, or we can do it sloppily.

We need to do our duty of an intelligent species living in harmony on Ter-Ra, and of building together our Human Civilization. The aliens may come and go: they are welcome anyway, but that doesn't matter. Who cares? Not us. We are certain there are billion species out there, but we just don't mind about that--well, not very much. Our first, capital problems are: here, today, tomorrow, and us. In other words, our Planet and our Civilization, because each of these two is in a terrible crisis these days.


First published on July 25, 2005 
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