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A group of USA political scientists have reached the common conclusion that Democracy is not good (not working) for poor people. Of course it doesn't, if they consider "Democracy" the existing political form of government in USA: THAT is NOT Democracy, gentlemen! It is just fierce Capitalism, life in a jungle, the most dire form of human exploitation.

In a TRUE Democracy, poor people are THE MOST FAVORED ONES, since they form, in fact, the great majority.

[Fragment from "Global Picture in News" October 19, 2006. © Corollary Theorems Ltd.]


RED LEAFEverybody knows that the level of the available public knowledge/information on our Planet is "structured" on a need-to-know basis. That means, the lowest level of pertinent information is the "general public" one--let's name it "level zero", just to have a reference. That level zero is "fed" with information coming from "official sources", which is, in most instances, not only far from the truth, but even in opposition to the actual facts! That process is named propaganda and it has many reasons/causes behind; the most important one is, the politicians/oligarchs want their people/employees to mind their usual tasks--work--in a relaxed manner, without worries.

GREEN LEAF LAt a first look their reason appears to be innocent, and we cannot blame them too much for that. In a deeper analysis, however, things are a lot "darker", on one hand; on the other, people do have the right to know everything. We believe the public is able to handle ANY type of information without panicking, or even worrying too much. The last terrorist attack on the London Subway is the best example: people know there could be be other bomb attacks, but they still use the Subs, and they say, "If it is going to happen again, then that's it."

This is the new reality for us: we, the victims, are facing this situation with the same attitude as the suicide bombers do--we all have to die sooner or later. Note that the problem is not that we have to die one day. No Sir, what matters most is WHAT WE DO BEFORE WE DIE. We are certain that most people believe each of us has a destiny to accomplish, and we have to fulfill it no matter what. Given that attitude of the general public, hiding or distorting the truth becomes an almost illegal act. We, at least, are not going to commit illegalities.

Plasma Jet EngineIn our last article we said we should start developing the Plasma Jet, Ionic Jet, and the Antigravity engines, but the truth is that the research on each mentioned engine already started in the '60s--maybe even earlier, but that is the timeline we know. At this time, it is possible all three types of engines are already working.

GREEN LEAF LAs a general idea, the chemical reaction engine we use today is powerful enough to propel a rocket up to 40 Km/sec. An Ionic Jet engine could reach 300 up to 400 Km/sec. The Plasma Jet engine should work anywhere in between. Both Plasma and the Ionic Jets can be easily--this is, relatively easy--implemented with the available, existing technologies. Now, because there is no new official data/information about these two engines, it is clear to us they are already working (in secret).

The Antigravity engine is again within our reach, technologically, and we suspect it is also working--at least in a prototype phase. Of course, as mentioned previously, in order to reach the stars we need a lot more advanced engines than the Antigravity engine, or the Ionic Jet one. In addition, we need to make the shift form our actual Quantum Mechanics Theory, to the Subatomic Theory we try to profile in these pages, and in our SF books--that change will come, in due time, regardless.

More important today, however, is the fact that we are facing a terrible energy crisis, and we should take preventive measures right now. There are many practical alternatives to replace fossil oil as our main source of energy. Three of them are worth mentioning; therefore, we will explain them briefly, one at a time.
Ionic Jet EngineThe most important source of energy is hydrogen. First of all, it is the least pollutant one and, secondly, this could encourage the study on the hydrogen atom because it still hides many unknown "powers" to us. In order to produce hydrogen, there are a few practical options, as follows.

We can produce hydrogen using water electrolysis,
and energy from unconventional power sources, such as the solar one, wind power, and the tide energy. With little efforts and investments today, many countries could become tomorrow producers of hydrogen, just like today's oil exporters. Those countries having great exposure to sun, the desert ones--the poorest countries today--have a net advantage. The unconventional electrical power is particularly suited for producing hydrogen, because we do not need a constant DC voltage/current for that.

GREEN LEAF RAnother method of producing hydrogen is by blowing a stream of water vapors over red hot iron or carbon having temperatures around 700 Celsius degrees. Many accidents happened in the metallurgical industry when hot metal was cooled in water. People/experts had no idea why terrible explosions happened, from time to time. This is the explanation: red hot metal or carbon are both capable of extracting the oxygen from water, therefore hydrogen is released. Now, if that process is carefully designed, it could become sufficiently beneficial.

As a note here, using water to put out very strong fires is feeding, in fact, the fire with flammable hydrogen. Chemists know about this chemical reaction for a long time but . . . Well!

We could isolate the oxygen directly from water using chemical reactions, and new, better catalysts--some more research is needed to improve these technologies.

Another good method to produce hydrogen is to use algae or bacteria
, and there are many technologies already developed.

Lastly, we could use osmosis to produce hydrogen. As mentioned, the result could be that many countries in the World would become self sufficient energetically, by producing their own hydrogen. In addition, producing hydrogen during the "low consumption hours" may help flattening the "charge curve" of all power stations, which means maximum efficiency.

The Antigravity EngineThe second source of energy is ethanol produced from corn or vegetable mass. That means increased agricultural activity, which is not that bad.

The truth is, we need to take immediate control of our Planet reforestation, because there are way too many surfaces looking like desert today. Reforestation, and an organized exploitation of the vegetal resources would recuperate much of the unused land surface today, and that should be sufficient to satisfy a good part of our energetic hunger. Besides, reforestation of the Planet could bring us lots of benefits--among which an increased production of oxygen is the most important. We could easily triple the forest areas in 20 years if each country in the World works on this global, capital project, starting now. Our opinion is, we have to start reforestations regardless of the energy crisis we're in.


We made a mistake when we wrote this article, because we failed to consider human stupidity "at work". We said, "The second source of energy is ethanol produced from corn or vegetable mass . . . "

GREEN LEAF RWe couldn't imagine someone would use edible corn, and agricultural surfaces dedicated to human consumption to produce fuels, but that is exactly what happened in Canada, USA, UK, plus in many other countries, in the years following this article. Besides, we have presented here only an EXAMPLE, not the best methods of producing ethanol.

The most efficient way of producing (vegetable) ethanol is using fruits, or plants rich in sugar. However, that does not mean that you have to steal babies' candies to produce those horrible fuels. Also, fruit trees should be planted in addition to the existing farm-land, not on first-hand soils. The priority is people's welfare, not to overfill a few bottomless pockets with money.



The third option of a better energy source is methane using algae and methane producing bacteria
. All these technologies are already available, and they can be easily improved. The only thing missing is little social will.

Unfortunately, there is a bunch of people having great interests in the oil industry--that is, great cash benefits--and they are opposing fiercely to any action intended to curb down fossil oil consumption, and of implementing better, cleaner, cheaper, more available alternatives. That bunch of deep-pockets individuals rule the entire World, and they do whatever they like. That's the way things are, and there is not much we can do about that because their means of control are based on Democracy!

Democracy is very slow to implement changes; besides, in times of crises, Democracy is totally inefficient. Amazingly, with a minimum level of intelligence, and with some power--money--a minority group can easily control any Democratic society. You do not have to take our words for that; in fact, we urge you not to do it. Just look around you very, very careful. 


First published on July 22, 2005 
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