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In our series of Amazing Articles dedicated to "Intelligence" (A37, A38, A39) it is suggested that our society is controlled (and managed) by people having under-average levels of intelligence. Of course, many doubt our words. Things are this way.

Very low intelligence individuals--the inhuman ones--consider the rest of the people stupid. The average intelligence individuals consider that all people are equally intelligent, therefore people's opinions are equally important. People having the highest levels of intelligence, the intellectuals, do agree with our Amazing Articles, and they know that people are not, and they cannot be, equally intelligent.

Now, pointing fingers is not sufficient; therefore, we need evidences. It happened that we did find them right this week!

[Fragment from "Global Picture in News" February 9, 2007. © Corollary Theorems Ltd.]


Somehow, the incredibly ascending development trend of the 20th century, for our entire Civilization/World, was halted around 1974. The process was, and it still is, so acute and so persistent that, instead of having today generations of young students ten times more advanced, in knowledge, than we are, they actually finish high-school almost illiterate, in a semi-primitive state of mental development. NORMALLY, things shouldn't be that way.

We suspect somebody does that intentionally, but that "somebody" is so elusive to pinpoint that we have to continue with many Amazing Articles, and even books, before doing it. The idea is, after 1974 something or somebody has taken control over the evolution of our Civilization, and the intention was to stop its normal, ascending, development trend [more likely, because it was way too fast]. That is not good, and the effects are present everywhere today.

Let's put it this way. All countries on our Planet have great economic problems today, which go in a single direction: from bad to worse. All countries on our Planet have political problems caused by corruption, imposture, and sheer imbecility. All countries on our Planet are in an acute educational crisis. To end this, on the entire Planet people ceased reasoning logically--this last one is a bit difficult to explain. Yes, people are still thinking, only they think of their jobs, of food, of entertainment, and they miss the fact that our very existence degenerates with each passing day. That is the most important aspect!

The result is, our life is Hell today, and it is going to be worse tomorrow. Let's take an example: the War on Terror. This thing is poisoning our lives, and it will continue to do so without any chance of ending any time soon. Even worse, the War on Terror is likely to amplify by itself, somehow, and then it will extend way beyond the Muslim fundamentalists fanatics. We are certain that many people are asking: "Why?"
We need to see the Global Picture in order to understand what is wrong today, and please be aware that the roots of the evil are everywhere, not only in the Arab/Muslim countries. Things started going worse beginning with 1974, therefore we should ask ourselves: what happened before 1974?

Well, the most important event in 1974 was the first fossil oil crisis. Now, the actual fossil oil crisis contributes to the general degradation today, but it is not the cause, the very roots of the evil. Those roots are anchored deeper into our past.

Let's try to understand this War on Terror. So, we have the Muslim religious fundamentalists and they want to kill whoever is not a "believer". They actually do kill and destroy a lot, although their actions are insane, of common criminals, and hopeless, without any chance of accomplishing anything. The mindless "heroes" who are taught to press the button that would blow themselves up are in fact "trained" by Muslim priest and other religious--well, more or less religious--people. However, behind the curtain of acute, day-to-day, sharp details, there are a few hidden, specific interests that need to be "achieved"!
The actual War on Terror has a lot deeper roots than the Muslim religious fundamentalists problem, or even the actual or past fossil oil crises. It looks as if somebody wants intentionally to distract our attention from other "things", a lot more important. As a general rule, History generates a war of some sort when it needs to implement corrections. Therefore, our actual War on Terror is not an isolated case; we do have many exceptional examples in History. One is Alexander the Great. That man simply popped-up into our History, and he conquered everything there was to conquer in his 12 years life as a Macedonian--Greek--King, although that shouldn't have happened. However, it did happen because History needed him.

Take his battle with the Persian King Darius III: roughly, Darius had about 600 000 people and Alexander had maximum 40 000. We know that Alexander managed to defeat Darius, and then the entire Persian Empire, but the question is: did it had to happen that way?

One battle is not sufficient to draw any valid conclusions; therefore, we need to study Alexander's life globally. It happened that during his ten years of campaigns in Asia, Alexander the Great took VERY MANY CHANCES, and he always won! In fact, Global Picture shows us that Alexander has been an undefeated warrior until History--or Destiny--decided he has fulfilled his role. The end of Alexander the Great is characterized by military mistakes, illogic/insane behavior, and by sheer misfortune. The end of the great warrior came fast and merciless--somehow, a bit too fast for a perfectly natural event.

RED LEAFAnother similar historic example is Napoleon Bonaparte [his name was, in fact, Buonaparte]. During his period of glory, fortune, and luck, Destiny was always near him, although Napoleon also took VERY MANY CHANCES. However, when the end came, he proved to be both military incapable, and pitiful as a man. The overall picture is, History needed "someone" for a short while, then it discarded the human instrument rapidly, and mercilessly.

In the first case, Alexander the Great, the threat was the Persians who were strong enough to conquer all Greek States, and then the entire Europe. In the second case, the threat was the Common of Paris, the first communist state in our History--that communist state appeared just a bit too soon. Other great Wars popped up in our History, and they later "helped" to the formation of Communism.

Today, many think that Communism is finished as a political form of Government; in reality, Communism is stronger than ever. The idea may seem absurd, because there are only a few communist nations left, and they are (almost) all agonizing, but do not forget that Communism is an IDEOLOGY. It resides in people's minds, and there is where Communism still exists, very strong. The arbiter to decide if Communism is finished or not is only our History--and our Destiny.

No, we do not try to suggest here that the roots of the evil today are in the missing Communism; this topic came up just naturally, while discussing about History. The cause of the evil today, in the entire World, is much more specific, unnatural, and it may be discovered by answering this question: "Who is in control?"

Honestly, it is not easy to answer the above question. Those who are "truly" in control do not have a "face", a "name", and they are in fact unknown to almost everybody. The fact that SOMEBODY IS IN CONTROL today is obvious, because all our efforts end up into a worse state of things. It is this continuous, downward direction of evolution that indicates that something is not right; normally, the trend should go up and down, in a natural way, but that is not our case.

Yeah, we know we need to write a few more articles to argument our affirmations, but do not worry: we will.


First published on June 13, 2005 
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