COROLLARY THEOREMS: "complexity is only deceiving simplicity."

Today, in Paris, the scientists try to define climate-warming as being the result of dangerous human activities. [Whom do they try to fool?]

The truth is, global-warming is caused by the increased solar activity. However, human pollution resulted from burning fossil oil derivates is far more dangerous for our health, and for our atmosphere, than climate-warming is. Our Sun has melted all glaciers on our Planet a few times before, and it is more than likely it is going to do that again, many times--there is absolutely nothing we can do to prevent that.

What we can do is, we can protect the quality of our environment, and we could limit industrial pollution to the minimum necessary. Human activities need to integrate flawlessly into the regeneration cycle of the oxygen in nature, not just to burn it.

In addition, since there are environmentally friendly alternatives to the dirty fossil oil based industry, we need to act right now to change that extremely dangerous polluting factor. Our dear internal combustion engines release ONLY POISON [each day, each minute, and each second] by the millions of tons into the atmosphere we breathe. THAT is our real, terrible, immediate danger!

Now, not only that they poison us continuously, but they also make us pay dearly for that misery! [Mind this, please: we are sufficiently stupid to do just that.]

[Fragment from "Global Picture in News" February 01, 2007. © Corollary Theorems Ltd.]


People are fascinated by details. Sure, details are spicy, only it is far more important to see the Global Picture. Let's take these words: "You cannot see the forest because of the trees." They are world-famous, and they always generate hilarious good disposition. We are certain the people who use these words, trying to suggest that something is obvious, have an under-average level of intelligence. Fact is, these words create a 3D picture: first, there is a curtain of trees; secondly, there is a large empty space, a field for example; thirdly, we have the wonderful Fontainebleau forest to which the words refer to. There is nothing to laugh at, and if people cannot see that 3D picture, then their level of imagination is really low. Each time we hear people using these words we feel terribly disappointed.

GREEN LEAF RSome may object saying: "Wait a minute, you don't get it. The trees ARE the forest!" No, dear friends, a bunch of trees is only a minuscule, irrelevant part of the forest. Think that a reasonable forest may cover many hills, on an immense area, and it could have lakes, rivers, and many others. Let's put it this way: if you know a few philosophical notions--trees, or details--it doesn't mean that you are a philosopher--the forest or the Global Picture. In order to be a philosopher you need to be a physicist, and a mathematician, and a chemist, and a biologist, and a geologist, and a psychologist, and a social-psychologist, and a historian AS A MINIMUM!

These words "You cannot see the forest because of the trees" represent an exceptional, sad, philosophical truth, meaning: "We cannot see Global Picture because of the details."

Well, let's analyze a practical example. Since the animated cartoons were invented, one of the most used scenarios was a rabbit competing against a turtle in a race--it comes out the turtle wins the race. That is, in fact, an ancient story, presented the first time during the Hellenic Civilization (2500 years ago). During those glorious days the competitors were Achilles and a turtle (or something else). People were way more intelligent in ancient times, therefore the comic story was presented to the Lyceum students. However, the comic description was accompanied by a few incredibly interesting explanations. The philosophical concept behind the funny race was the question: "Is time continuous or discrete in nature?"
Wow! Those Latin scientists/philosophers considered that TIME COULD BE DISCRETE IN NATURE! Is that possible? Our modern science is built on the assumption that all natural phenomena are analog in nature, therefore time is continuous. Nobody bothers to even consider that time could be discrete, because all mathematical models we use today work in the continuous time-domain only. Now, is it possible that time could be discrete? Of course it is.

While developing applications with microcontrollers, we noticed that the smaller is the base unit of the digitized time coordinate, the most accurate is the analog to digital signal conversion. Using very, very small digitized time units, a digital signal may become practically identical to the analog one, and we have no means to differentiate them. Now, that is only a practical implementation, but the continuous nature of time is still there, since we express it "mathematically". However, mathematical modeling is, and it will forever be, just an imperfect approximation of reality.

The idea that time could have a discrete nature is greatly unsettling. Why would we need a discrete-time mathematical model to explain reality? A discrete-time mathematical model is needed when dealing with phenomena that are beyond the atomic model of our Atomic Universe. It is needed to explain Primary Energies, the Certitude Factors, and the Universal Imbalance Principle.

We are not ready to present these concepts now--in fact we do not want to do it, because it is our intention to present them in our SF books.


Let's take a detour here, because we would like to explain a collateral aspect. In "A9: Who are we?" article, we suggest an innocent test, in order to help you discover your intellectual nature--it works perfectly well. We suspect that a certain number of people would pass the test, and they should be very happy to find out they represent the first level of intellectuals.

A certain number of people from that first level of intellectuals is going to discover a fundamental mistake in our test: they represent the second level of intellectuals--a superior one! Again, a certain number of intellectuals from the second level may discover that we had to do that mistake, because there is no way to avoid it today, or during the next, say, 5000 years. The last group of intellectuals belongs to the third level of intellectuals which is fairly close to the MAXIMUM possible (today).

RED LEAFYou probably ask, to what are all these good for. Well, stepping beyond the atom, and understanding the Subatomic, the Certitude Factors, and the Universal Imbalance Principle is not quite . . . for everybody. Please excuse us: we have no intention to segregate the readers, or to be rude with anybody.

Let's explain our words. The theories behind the Subatomic, the Certitude Factors, and the Universal Imbalance Principle are not very complex topics/principles; therefore, many people having a certain level of training in physics and mathematics could understand them. However, the great danger is in USING THE KNOWLEDGE.

Fact is, we believe that not just anybody should become able of using powers beyond imagination. Those who should understand the mentioned theories/principles MUST BE, first of all, very, very good, compassionate human beings, otherwise everything could go horribly wrong.

That is not only for us, but also for the entire Atomic Universe, and for billion other intelligent species. This is no joke, dear people, and this particular aspect also explains why the aliens (extraterrestrial people) are particularly interested into the evolution of our still primitive Civilization.

All right! You could consider the above words just an extension of our SF books, if you want to. Let's return to our topics. In a previous article we said that the most important "things" we have from Hellenic Civilization--which defines us all--are a few extremely advanced concepts. For example, one particularly important philosophical Hellenistic principle is: "It is not possible to divide matter to infinity." Of course, the topic is a bit more complex than our short sentence, therefore we do encourage the readers to study it thoroughly (Latin philosophers have analyzed it for centuries).


In fact, this concept, that we cannot divide matter to infinity, leads us to one of the most intriguing problems. We mentioned in a previous article that beyond the atom there are Primary Energies, and we said they are "potential of energies" belonging more to the ideological domain than to the material one.

Things are even more confusing when we consider the nature of the Certitude Factors. The truth is, we named them "Factors" to clearly define their nature as belonging to the immaterial. As for the Fundamental Reasons . . . Well, "time" is one of those Reasons. Now the question is: "What is the nature of time?" Although we are able to measure it, we cannot say that time is "material". We have no intention of confusing anybody, but time in the Atomic Universe is not quite the same thing as the time in the Subatomic Universe; further, the time in the Subatomic Universe is very much different from time as the First Reason of the Certitude Factors.

Ancient philosophers knew that there is a certain limit beyond which the matter has to become immaterial--this is an excellent example of an incredibly advanced logic even for our "modern" days. The troublesome aspect is this: "things" that are more like "ideas" in nature could be easily controlled by . . .

We fill our existence each day with many captivating "details"--trees--and that prevents us from seeing the Global Picture--the forest--although, we are part of that Global Picture. More or less, we know (or we think we know) who, what, and why we are what we are, as individuals; however, as a Species, we have absolutely no idea of what is happening with us, and around us.


First published on June 12, 2005 
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