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Latin, a language dead for about 2000 years, is the language of science and wisdom today—though, not for everybody. In past News highlights we have presented a few Latin proverbs, wise words, and even poems; following are two more.

"Ars gratia artis" - this translates to, "Art for the sake of art", and the meaning is, art for the sake of art is totally meaningless and futile. In other words, art needs to transmit a message, or an intelligent idea; otherwise, art becomes just some "beautiful nothing".

"Ars sine scienta nihil est" - this translates to, "Art without science is nothing." Wow! 2500 years ago, Latins enjoyed scientific fiction (or Science Fiction)!

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Alexandria Pharos
The most important Civilization of our History is the Greek one—this is today, and forever! Amazingly and unexplainably, many English people do not savor much their Latin origin. Why they feel that way is a psychological mystery, because we couldn't discover any logic behind the facts. However, if we take it illogically, then . . . yes, things start making some sense!

Of course, we are referring here to the old Greek Civilization—also named the Hellenic one—because the Hellenic Republic today appears to be just another civilized country, same as many others. We have no intention to be rude towards the Greek people; it just looks to us that the old Hellenic Civilization was totally different. The Latin culture had such an ample influence in our entire Civilization, that we can safely state that all European cultures today are, more or less, a direct continuation.

Roughly between 1100 BC and 300 AD, Hellenic Civilization was the promoter of culture on our Planet—well, on a good part of it. After 300 BC, the Romans took over, but we would like to point out the Romans were in fact continuing the Hellenic Civilization directly. Italian appears to be the closest language to Latin today.

For us, History means events in time: this is, mostly wars, rulers ascending or descending, and so on. However, there is this Global Picture which makes all those wars and changes of rulers totally insignificant: they simply do not matter. Now, the problem is, Global Picture is not easy to see, though we should make the effort. What truly matters today, for us, are some very advanced Latin ideas. Let's take this Democracy concept. As it was mentioned previously, we cannot imagine today a better form of Government than this 2500 years old principle. This is so amazing: it means, those old Greek people were a lot more intelligent than we are today! Even more, the Democratic concept appeared in a period of chain-slavery [this chain-slavery is the first, and the most brutal form of slavery in which people were considered plain merchandise].
Thales of Miletus
Another important philosophical Hellenistic concept is the classification of people into "classes". That idea was, and it still is, the main instrument used by the communist regimes to define the entire philosophy based on "conflicts between social classes". Now, the idea of social classes is important for its historical role, only it was improperly implemented in each instance, historically.

Hellenic Civilization used wealth to differentiate people, and the communists use(d) people's origin. Both are artificial and irrelevant, because the only thing that may differentiate people is their intelligence: some have more, others have less, though we all have the chance to work very hard to improve it. In the end, what matters most are true, good, psychological human qualities, such as empathy and altruism.

The general concept of "classic" was also defined during Hellenic Civilization, and it continues to be greatly valued today. We want to mention here just a few great names: Thales of Miletus, Euclid, Archimedes, Pythagoras, Aristotle, Democritius, Socrates, Plato, Anaxagoras. Fact is, there are hundreds of great Hellenic names of scientists, philosophers and artists which have revolutionized the History of our Civilization FOREVER!

EuclidMany of those great people have studied at the famous Alexandria Pharos University, and it is possible some of their theorems, concepts, and principles were already defined into very, very old manuscripts there. For example, take the Greek Fire invention: it is still a mystery today, because that knowledge has disappeared when the Byzantine Empire [this is the East Roman Empire] was conquered by the Sultan Mehmed II "the Conqueror" in 1453. The great mystery was: how did they manufacture that inflammable (unknown) mixture, because the Greek Fire ignited by itself violently in contact with the atmospheric oxygen? Those ancient people had no means of working in a vacuum, or in a controlled inert-gas environment.

ArchimedesWell! Around 570 BC, the city-state Athens started being ruled according to the democratic principles, but things didn't work very well. Democracy proved to be too slow and too weak to implement tough measures in time of crises. The king Phillip II of Macedon defeated the Athenian democracy, and then the League of Corinth was formed in 337 BC, therefore ending the first democratic Government of our History.

Hellenic Civilization reaches its peak of power during the meteoric life of king Alexander the Great (356 BC to 323 BC). During his ten years of campaigns in Asia, Alexander the Great was accompanied by Greek scientists, and they have described fairly well the existing people in Asia, and their cultures. We shall use that knowledge to build the Global Picture we need, a little bit later.

PythagorasHellenic Civilization continues up to 700 AD; however after 300 BC a new power started rising on the World stage: Roman Civilization. To us, the most important thing about the Romans is, they formed a democratic Republic in 501 BC, but that form of government couldn't last for too long. In 49 BC, Gaius Julius Caesar proclaimed himself a Dictator, and the roman citizens supported him: they were simply fed up with Democracy!

Amazingly, despite the fact that Democracy proved to be the most fertile ground for intellectuals, history shows us that it cannot last for too long since it is destroyed by corruption, injustice, imposture, and political immobility. In other words Democracy ends up by destroying itself! [Sounds familiar?]

RED LEAFWe shall come back to that important Roman Empire, because they were excellent engineers, first of all—remember their famous, secret, roman cement formula. However, time has come to study the most perplexing historical phenomenon of all times: HUMAN MIGRATIONS!

We went over the Internet for about three hours trying to find a nice timeline for the waves of migratory people, but we couldn't discover any. The information on this topic is scarce, incomplete, and divided into very many individual subjects. However, our interest is the Global Picture of those migrations, because if we take things individually we cannot see/understand anything.

The problem is this: beginning in 300 BC up to 600 AD, tens of migratory people waves came into Europe and N. Africa from Asia. They came by the hundreds of thousands, and by the millions, each having a specific language, a characteristic culture, and even unique genes (genetic characteristics): the mystery of mysteries is the fact that they came from . . . NOWHERE!

Yes, History tells us they came from Asia, but there is no place in Asia where they actually started each particular culture—and mind this please: each of those cultures was very rich in folklore, scientific knowledge, and even in particular divine beliefs. Further, note that all those migratory people are exactly YOU, and WE!

AristotleAdolf Hitler was very much interested to "prove" the supremacy and the unique characteristics of the German Arian race, therefore he sent many teams of historians and archeologists to discover the very roots of the German people. Their conclusion was, the Germans have started their migration from "SOMEWHERE IN PAKISTAN"—nobody knows where from exactly.

So, the Germans have started their migration, millions of them and in a few major waves (Cimbris, Gots, Visigots, Ostrogots, Angles, Saxons, Jutes), having a particular German language, unique legends, unique customs and everything a culture needed, from SOMEWHERE IN PAKISTAN!

Exactly the same thing happened with the Scandinavian people—the Normans. They came with their blue eyes and golden hair, with particular genes, with their belief in Odin and many other strange Gods, and with exceptional knowledge in building and sailing wooden boats (as never before in our History) from ... SOMEWHERE IN PAKISTAN!

To end this, let's list a few more names of migratory people: Celts, Huns, Vandals—all Latin roots languages use this word today—Avars, French, Helvets, Belgs, Sarmatians, Lombards, Bulgars, Slavic, Gepiz, Cumans, and then Puns, Berber, Arabs, Turks, Tatars, Mongols . . . Of course, they are many more, tens of them, but important is the idea. Amazingly, most of the above migratory people came by the millions, also from SOMEWHERE IN PAKISTAN! Ha, ha! That is simply hilarious!

DemocritusDue to this incredibly embarrassing "SOMEWHERE IN PAKISTAN" problem, most of our historian researchers prefer wisely to avoid the subject. However, this topic is of capital importance to each of us.

It happened that some of those migratory people have formed the European cultures we have today and, only one thousand years later, the History of our Civilization has evolved form chain-slavery to the modern World of today. That "quick" evolution is a little bit too quick, if we look carefully at our ancient history timeline.

The mystery of all mysteries is, where did those migratory people came from? We couldn't find any place in Asia for them. However, even if there were a few birth-places, those people should have been related, somehow, in language and in customs with the existing Asian cultures, but that is not the case.

Note that, during his ten years of campaigns in Asia (during 333 to 323 BC), Alexander the Great met no Germans, no Helvets, no French, and no Normans, yet some time later they came by the millions into Europe! Each of the migratory people had a perfectly well defined particular culture. Of course, there are some exceptions; for example, the Arabs and Puns: they are related to the old Persians. Regardless, there is still the problem of where did they came from, because they were just too many, and they did have some important particularities of their own.

GREEN LEAF LNow, we have no proofs and, unfortunately, history researchers refuse to cooperate with us motivating that they study more important topics—some insignificant and improbable plots during the Second World War, we were told. What we can do to explain those floods of people and their cultures is to use our logic.

For example, there is a particular group of people living in extreme conditions: the Inuit people. Their legends say, the first Intuits have been brought into the Canadian Northern Arctic in big birds made of copper, and they were taught how to live/survive in that harsh environment by the Gods. Even the Scandinavian people have their own legends saying something similar. For example, while marching west (from "Pakistan" to the Scandinavian peninsula), the Vikings/Normans met with Odin [a God], and he taught them how to build wooden boats, and how to navigate them using the magnetic compass. [Note that the Vikings/Normans were still in continental Asia marching west!]

Soo, Gods have something to do with those incredible apparitions of new people, new races, and of new cultures on our Planet from NOWHERE, and that is relatively very close to our days. Of course, we do believe in THE GREAT CREATOR, but we do not believe in Gods, and that means those Gods must have been very much like us, only a little bit more advanced . . . technologically. This sure sounds like pure Science Fiction, except it is, in fact, OUR VERY HISTORY! WE are the living proofs of the most incredible SF story of our Civilization!

As a note, following some recent DNA tests, is has been proven that modern European people have nothing in common with the Neolithic hunter tribes that populated Europe 17000 years ago!



Again, we have no intention to write articles of the "unexplained" kind. However, our own History tells us that WE, THE PEOPLE, are very proofs of the "unexplained" phenomena! For the time being we intend to remain suspicious, only, as we get closer to our days. Is it possible we can discover even more facts . . . ?


First published on June 11, 2005 
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