COROLLARY THEOREMS: "complexity is only deceiving simplicity."

Do you know your body?]
Our science is still learning wonders about our Human Species. By the way; note the following:

1. Anatomy is the science dealing with physical construction of the human body;
2. Physiology is the science dealing with the functionality of the human body (in particular, the functionality of our internal organs);
3. Psychology is the science dealing with the functionality of the human mind/brain.

The above clarifications are needed to understand a few exceptional topics developed in our SF books.

[Fragment from "Global Picture in News" January 25, 2007. © Corollary Theorems Ltd.]


Our Sun has phases of intense activity, followed by the reduced activity ones. For example, during the last years the Sun is increasing its activity constantly, therefore our Planet is getting warmer and warmer. That process is translated into an increased meteorological activity; consequently, we are going to see many more powerful storms, incredible rains, floods, quakes, tsunami waves, and . . . many more.

Why more? Mr. Nostradamus told us that we are going to experience even more dangerous "things"; for example, a terrible meteorite strike, and even a shift in the pole axis!

Oh, well; let's return to our historical topics. The last Glacial Age was ended sometimes around 17000 BC [Before Christ]; thence, people started feeling somewhat better (warmer). They are still in the Neolithic period, and they are far from being a civilized society. Anyway, we suspect in that period they started using the land for agricultural purposes, and that activity is very important: by staying for a longer period in one place, people began developing local cultures--societies!

The oldest Civilization of our ancient history is the one described in the Indian Veda poems. "Veda" means KNOWLEDGE, and that is a perplexing name for those ancient, religious poems. Now, if you manage to strip the biased religious content of those poems, the resulting picture is UN-BE-LIE-VA-BLE! Many historians consider the Veda poems are the oldest documents discovered, since they cover a period of time suspected to be anywhere between 15000 BC and 4000 BC.

GREEN LEAF LOther extremely important poems, Mahabharata and Ramayana, describe the same period of time, and their scientific revelations are beyond belief! No modern Science Fiction writer has ever come close to the technological and scientific wonders described in those old poems, and this is despite their wild, pseudo-scientific imagination. The technological level we have today is just "Paleolithic" compared to that of the "Sons of God" described in Ramayana. Please, make no mistake: we refer here to science only, not to any religious miracles. Fact is, in all our books, and in these articles, we refer strictly to science and technology, and not to miracles, fantastic, illogic, or to fictional absurdities.

Just to present you a glimpse of the scientific level described in the Veda poems, the "Sons of God" were traveling between stars faster than the speed of light using the "currents of space"--this is an incredible concept, isn't it? The Big Bang theory was presented there as being a cyclic evolution of the Universe, only that was, of course, just a theory 10 000 BC years old--or possibly 100 000 years old, and not ours . . . 

Anyway, the mysteries of the Universe will remain mysteries to us even after one million years of continuous, ascending, development. Now, in the beginning of the 20th century, some people have managed, somehow, to "discover" the Big-Bang theory and most scientists today agree with it, although the Big-Bang theory--as we know it--has "no head and no tail". Well! We shall have to return to this foggy Big-Bang/Little Pop theory one shiny day.
We want to point out again that the Veda Poems have been translated into English according to our power of understanding reality--which is mechanical. This is our actual level of scientific development: mechanical. Everything we know has to be explained mechanically, otherwise we cannot understand it--it doesn't make sense!

Anyway, close related to those old, incredibly advanced civilizations described in the Veda poems is the Sumerian Civilization. That was the first, the greatest, and THE most intriguing Civilization of our ancient history. It appeared from nowhere--many consider they came from India--and their level of civilization was unbelievable for those early days. We do have many data about the Sumerian Civilization, because they used to keep records on burned clay tablets. Their writing was unique, and nobody used it before or after they disappeared: it has been named "cuneiform". They were so advanced, 5000 years BC, that they afforded even the luxury of writing literature/poems, although in those early days living was far from being easy. As for their perplexing knowledge in Mathematics, for example, that is ASTOUNDING!

Let's make a detour here. Allow us to mention that, about 8000 years ago, the beautiful Black Sea came to enrich the geography of our planet. Following a catastrophic quake, the Bosporus Strait has cut the majestic Alpine-Carpathian-Himalayan chain of mountains, thus forming the Black Sea in place of another interior sea similar, probably, to the Caspian one.

We are certain you are very happy to know that the Black Sea is the youngest sea connected to the planetary ocean: it is only 8000 year old! Besides, the places surrounding that little geographical jewel are really nice. We are going to hear many interesting things about this Black Sea in the near future, because there are lots of mysteries waiting to be discovered there.


The Sumerians settled their city-state Sumer close to the Baghdad city of our days. There they built their temples named "ziggurats" and, frankly, we find their architecture particularly stylish even for our modern days! At one moment in history, around 3000 BC, the Sumerian Civilization disappears, and many consider they have migrated into Europe. We doubt that very much because, even if they were forced into Europe, they went there not as a Civilization anymore: they never built their ziggurat temples again, and they didn't leave any more written records. If you have the opportunity, study this Sumerian Civilization, and you won't regret it.

The next important historical step/period is the Egyptian Civilization--also one of the most mysterious ones. They came into our history around 3100 BC, and they lasted until 332 BC. The Egyptian Civilization continued centuries later under a Greek origin Dynasty, but that was just agony. Again, the Egyptians had a unique style of writing, this time a pictographic one named "hieroglyphs", and they had advanced knowledge in Mathematics, Astronomy, and Architecture. There are still many things unclear about the old Egyptians, and we are certain that many more will be revealed in the future. Please investigate their use of electricity, and their knowledge about the Sirius binary Star System--this is just a random highlight; there are, again, thousands of intriguing Egyptian mysteries.

Alexandria Pharos
The most important creation of the Egyptian Civilization is the Alexandria Pharos. In fact, it is improper to name it "creation of the Egyptian Civilization" because it was built by the Ptolemy Dynasty in 307 BC, which was of Greek origin. Anyway, Pharos was one of the "Seven Wonders" of the Ancient World, and we consider it to be THE Greatest Wonder ever! We went over the Internet to find some data for our article about this Great Wonder, and we discovered hundreds of articles dealing with the construction of the Pharos, but nothing about the "real substance".

Yes, Pharos was an impressive building, especially for those early times, but its true value was THE LIBRARY. The Alexandria Pharos was the first UNIVERSITY in our History, and it contained hundreds of thousands of very, very old manuscripts--some say there must have been there over one million manuscripts!

All great philosophers and scientists of the ancient world had spent some time at the Alexandria Pharos University to complete their training by studying some of those exceptional manuscripts. The Alexandria Pharos Library was the greatest treasure our Civilization ever had: it contained secrets which we cannot even imagine today. The Alexandria Pharos has been treasured and considered a sanctuary of intelligence for centuries, by everybody, excepting . . .

According to the latest theories, the Alexandria Pharos was burned down by the Christian priests during the crusade wars. However, the priests later blamed the Muslims for that unbelievably criminal act, since they were well aware about the enormous gravity of their crime.

Unfortunately, the Christian Church just developed the taste for destroying the History of our Civilization, as they continued doing that again and again. Anyway, it is possible it wasn't the Christians who burned down the Pharos Library: it could have been just an unfortunate accident. Most likely, we will never discover the truth, therefore we can only speculate.


In China, separated by deserts, mountains and great distances, the Xia Dynasty marks the beginning of the unique and intriguing Chinese culture in 2100 BC. On the American continents, other civilizations were developing cultures similar in mystery to the Egyptian ones: Olmec, Toltec, and later Maya. All three of them are worth a profound study, because they were incredibly advanced [better said, way too advanced] for their time.

In fact, Maya Civilization was so advanced that Diego de Landa, the Christian Bishop of Yucatan, had made it his "sacred duty" to burn down all writings about the Mayan culture, and he worked diligently, for thirty years or something, on his task. Later, history tells us that he regretted his insane behavior; consequently, he wrote three books about the Maya Civilization.

Of course, his books describe ONLY the "normal" aspects of the Maya Civilization, not the facts that were unbelievably extraordinary. That was the second criminal act of an inestimable loss committed by the Christian Church against the History of our Civilization and against Humanity but, unfortunately, again not the last one.


Religious intolerance, regardless of where it comes from, must be condemned and presented as a despicable example, in order to the educate people to never repeat the crimes of the past. The GREAT CREATOR is only ONE; everything in the Universe is HIS CREATION, and ALL INTELLIGENT beings are HIS beloved children. We suggest that you read our SF books in order to understand the psychological drive behind destruction.

Yeah, it may be you are wondering about what are we doing here, in these history articles, because we do not present much historical data. What happens is, we need a time-frame for our future articles; therefore, we will have to come back later to certain moments in time, and to certain Civilizations. Overall, we suggest here interesting topics to study: they are general-culture information, therefore everybody should know these facts.


First published on June 10, 2005 
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