COROLLARY THEOREMS: "complexity is only deceiving simplicity."

RED LEAF[About Global Picture]
When things go wrong, three types of causes are to be investigated:
      1. accidents;
      2. malign intention;
      3. sheer stupidity.

Accidents are obvious, and and they are also unavoidable. Particular to them is, they have a limited time-range of effects/consequences (1 to 5 years). Making things bad intentionally, at the planetary level, requires long time-periods for detection (30 to 50 years). In our Amazing Articles we have ventured the idea of "intention" in controlling the development of our Civilization. Intention may be at the root of the evil particularly when things go wrong regardless of what we do, and no matter of the form of Government--say, Communism or Capitalism. Fighting Planet-wide bad intentions is very, very difficult, and it may be done only with intelligence. Unfortunately, intelligence is a "rara avis" ["difficult to find bird"] these days.

Stupidity, or imposture, is marked by, regardless of what we do we experience crisis after crisis, and a permanent, slow degradation, combined with corruption and abuses at very high executive levels. In our Civilization, stupidity is the true, real danger, since it was permanently present throughout our History. If you want to understand the fundamental characteristics behind stupidity, we suggest our Articles (A37, A38, A39) and, of course, our SF books.

In any society, anywhere in the Universe, there are only two directions of social evolution:
      1. development
      2. degradation

Many people today, in N. America, venture the idea of "sustainability" as being a perfect balance between development and degradation: there is no such thing, dear USA brothers and sisters. Trying to sustain a society right on the middle between development and degradation is utterly impossible: at any time that society may fall into one or the other direction. Most of the times, however, the idea/principle of sustainability leads directly to degradation. Things are very simple: we have either development, or degradation; there is no gray area. Further, the idiotic concept of "sustainability" is already a strong degradation social component, therefore . . . Yes!

[Fragment from "Global Picture in News" January 8, 2007. © Corollary Theorems Ltd.]


Today, we do have the means to start putting together the most important book ever: The History of our Civilization. Some companies/organizations should start this great work--Wikipedia is a very good start, except it lacks the essence (the proper intellectual format). That book should record all historical events ordered sequentially in time, and it should contain everything we know about our past, including those facts that are labeled as "unusual" or "unexplained". No matter what the future of Homo Sapiens or Homo Sapiensicus [this last one means in Latin "the most intelligent human", and it is the human individual of the future: say, 100 000 years from this time] is going to be, and no matter how advanced technologically we will become in the future, the only thing that remains after we all vanish is OUR HISTORY!

The History of our Civilization is the end result of all our efforts. It was, it is, and it will forever be the most important aspect of our Human Species/Civilization. Amazingly, these days history is not that important to most of us, and each state/country would like to rewrite history to praise/idolize their hero-citizens only. The idea they intend to promote is, some of us are better than others.

There is no such thing as "some of us": we all form Terrestrial Civilization on planet Ter-Ra--all of us. The History of our Civilization is needed to educate our children, and the children of the children of . . . our children. Even more, we need to present our History to other intelligent Species, from other Planets, in the future: Human History is our Resume, or our business card if you prefer.

Now, is there anything strange, unusual, or mysterious in this amazing History of our Civilization? Of course there is. Even more, we could find in the History of our forgotten past many answers to some of the most troublesome questions we have today. For example, who are we?

Officially, we have evolved as Homo Sapiens [in Latin this means "the intelligent human"] from apes--well, some sort of special, still unknown/undiscovered, apes. However, the problem is, we miss the anthropological continuity proofs. In addition, the Darwinian concept/theory of "multiple races evolution on a single Planet" is absurd--regardless of any odds, that is not possible. Amazingly, there are at least four distinct human races today on our beautiful Planet--where do they come from?

On the other hand, all the existing legends we have about our origin say that we were brought, or "built" on Ter-Ra by extraterrestrial people. Beginning with the Christian Bible, and ending with Ramayana, or with the Maya legends, they all say the CREATOR has "built" Ter-Ra and the people, and the CREATOR came from OUTSIDE our Planet. The new question is: "How credible are those legends?"

Our honest belief is, each legend reveals some true facts: some reveal more, many reveal less. For example, those legends that were written for a certain purpose, as is the religious one, are the least credible. However, we can still discover true facts in any of them, if we take the scientific side only. Unfortunately, most legends are distorted by the low intellectual level of the initial tellers/writers; therefore, we need to be very circumspect when we study them. Overall, we (at COROLLARY THEOREMS) do not base our historical analysis on legends. However, they do exist, and they do need to be included into the History of our Civilization--at least as just legends.

The problem is, scientifically, we are not certain how intelligence has evolved naturally from animals. Further, even if that were a true fact, it should have been ONLY ONE HUMAN RACE on our Planet, most likely the African one--we will have to come back to this topic later. Now, let's suppose we managed somehow to perform the natural transition from animals to Homo Sapiens. We are certain some readers are wondering, where is the act of CREATION in natural evolution.

GREEN LEAF RWell, natural evolution IS the act of CREATION, and we have advised in a previous article to replace the CREATOR name with MOTHER NATURE. The nature of our CREATOR is way beyond our power of understanding. People think of the GREAT CREATOR as being someone, or something working only for us to exist, and we have to pray five times per day in order to please HIM properly. There is no such thing, dear brothers and sisters. The GREAT CREATOR is way, way GREATER, and far more INTELLIGENT than just someone, or something, working for us, or supervising our behavior. We can only hope that in ten or fifteen years of Amazing Articles and SF books we will be able to explain a little something about the true nature of the GREAT CREATOR.

Anyway, the evolution of the Human Species is marked by a few main anthropological periods starting with Homo Erectus (and Homo Habilis) and ending with Homo Sapiensicus. Note that there are many nice, interesting Latin names used to mark/describe particular evolutionary periods/ages, and many more will be added into the future. Historically, however, we use other names for our social evolution; for example, the first period of our Civilization is the Stone Age. The Stone Age is divided in two main periods: Paleolithic (Old Stone a.k.a. Chopped Rock Tools) and Neolithic (New Stone a.k.a. Sanded Rock Tools). Paleolithic is supposed to have started some 20, 10, or 2 million years ago, and it has lasted up to roughly 20 thousand years ago. Specific to Paleolithic was, people used crudely chopped rocks as tools and weapons, and they were nomad hunters living in tribes.

There are many disturbing discoveries of the "unexplained" type in that Paleolithic period, and even way earlier, although our official History fails (catastrophically) to mention them. That is very bad, since it is equivalent to lying, or maybe even worse: propaganda! Fact is, there have been discovered metallic objects/artifacts way earlier than 20 million years ago. We cannot, and we do not want to transform these articles into the "unexplained" kind, because we want to preserve the scientific aspect--this is the reason we will not detail those unexplained discoveries. Please use the Internet to learn about everything we mention in these articles related to particular unexplained discoveries and, of course, about thousands other mysteries. Our intention is to analyze those unexplained facts from a Global Picture perspective, because the point to note is: THEY DO EXIST! All those unexplained facts and things must be thoroughly described in the true History of our Civilization.

As mentioned, there have been discovered very many metallic objects way earlier than 20 million years ago--the semi-official date when Homo Sapiens first appeared. Of course, there was no way those primitive (humanoid) apes could have built any metallic objects, therefore it must have been someone else. Yeah, but . . . who?

Let's take a closer look at a few of those objects, or facts. Note that we use the word "a few", but you should be aware the number of those discoveries is in the range of THOUSANDS! Now, a particular aluminum object resembling the landing pod of a flying craft was discovered in layers of rock dated 150 million years ago, near a dinosaur skeleton. Aluminum is a particularly difficult to manufacture metal, since our modern Civilization was able to produce it very late, in the 20th century.

We have added this paragraph later, because we got an input from one reader. He was challenging us to present the exact details about that aluminum artifact--here they are. We were referring to an aluminum object discovered in Romania, near the city of Cluj. We have seen the picture of that object in a Romanian book about 30 years ago. That particular object has disappeared--same as most "strange" and "unexplained" objects--because "somebody" probably stole that object intentionally.

RED LEAF LThe second aspect that has been criticized was the fact that we said the aluminum was produced in the 20th century. True; aluminum was produced in laboratory in 1825, and an industrial method was perfected in 1866. However, aluminum started being "mass produced" in the 20th century, because it requires huge amounts of electricity/power; in the 19th century people didn't have much electrical power to waste.

Now, the EXACT dates are NOT IMPORTANT when we relate to 150 million years ago. We want to present the GLOBAL PICTURE in these articles; therefore, the EXACT dates, or facts, are trivial. For example, the aluminum object we mentioned IS NOT THE ONLY ONE. There are THOUSANDS more metallic objects, and you need to look for that data yourself.

All topics dealing with the "unexplained" are intentionally denigrated (throughout the Planet), the proofs are stolen, and the data is distorted, but we do not care about that aspect. To us, it is only the STATE OF THINGS that is truly important: the efforts TO HIDE those facts, not the ACTUAL FACTS themselves.



Recently (in 2010/2012) some USA "researchers" came to the City of Cluj, in Romania, to investigate the object mentioned in this Article. Amazingly, they actually discovered the object we described: it was lost for about 30 years in a local museum storage warehouse.

Further, the object was analyzed in order to determine its age, because it seemed impossible to be that old. The results were inconclusive, when they were related to the 150 million years age. However, it was perfectly clear that the object was very, very old! [In fact, unnaturally old.]

That is one interesting piece of evidence, because it tells us that somebody very intelligent was here on Ter-Ra 150 million years ago. Maybe they were extraterrestrial visitors or, possibly, there was another Civilization, right here, way before our actual one. The time frame, 150 million years ago, makes it possible that another Civilization like ours appeared, evolved, and died/vanished/left a long time ago--our actual Civilization has lasted for only 20 million years in its maximum maximorum extent. 

In fact, given the incredibly old age of our Planet, it is quite possible there have been tens or even hundreds other Civilizations previous to ours. That is a strong possibility, and it also must be included into the History of our Civilization. Other interesting discoveries come to support this theory. Very many metallic artifacts (objects) have been discovered in coal mines, embedded into the coal strata. The geological Carboniferous Period has lasted from 360 to 290 million years ago and, again, that period of time is large enough to accommodate for many Civilization like ours to exist, develop, and vanish.

The last unexplained fact we will mention here is the imprint of human footsteps into a rock dated about 100 million years. [This is somewhere in USA, and details are, again, NOT IMPORTANT!] The human footsteps were in parallel to those of a dinosaur, and the imprint was in mud, at that time; today, that mud is a solid rock. As mentioned, there are thousands other discoveries, and we have studied them for years. We cannot describe them all because we need years of work, and hundreds of web pages for that. Important, however, is only the Global Picture, because we do need to keep an open mind: THEY DO EXIST!

GREEN LEAF RAbove all, the most important aspect of those unexplained discoveries is, they are kept secret, they are denied, laughed at, and they are not considered as facts by our official science. That is done intentionally, or by sheer stupidity: in either case the result is, our science is lying to us by not mentioning every single case in details.

The truth, however, is stronger than falsity/denial, and there are very many nice honest people working for us all, without any official support, and they are reveling those countless, unexplained, troublesome facts/proofs. Of course, there are also very many people, paid by various Governments, working to deny, to come up with "normal" and "scientific" explanations for those unexplained things/facts. That is a particularly interesting aspect: it appears the Government people are scared to death by the fact there could be, say, one billion more Civilizations like ours living right now in the Universe, nearby.

Why, dear people, why are you so scared?
Those intelligent extraterrestrial Civilizations are not going to come here to eat you. When a species develops interstellar travel technology they have more than sufficient "resources" and "lands", and they do not need your little Country/Planet. There is an incredible wealth of minerals and energetic substances right here, in our very Planetary System. Should we have the means to exploit them--this is, the required intelligence--then the precious oil today would be just worthless mud. Of course, there is an even richer "pool" of energies to be discovered, but for that we need truly good, clear, logic brains.

RED LEAFThe GREAT CREATOR didn't die or got tired after creating us. He continued, AND HE STILL CONTINUES TO CREATE billions after billions of intelligent species/beings, just like us. Those extraterrestrial aliens are ALL our dear brothers and sisters, and they are all INTELLIGENT beings, not mindless, bloodthirsty, animal-like creatures as the Government people strive to make us believe they are.

Now, what really scares to death some Government people today is, in fact, exactly INTELLIGENCE. They do not want, and they do not need, intelligent people fussing around which they cannot control and manipulate. That is so sad, because it is all based on idiotic reasoning.

Anyway, the behavior of the official science has a particular social-psychology characteristic, and we will attempt to analyze it in due time. For now, let's say we have covered, somehow, the apparition of Homo Erectus, and even the Stone Age (well, almost) so that we can move forward. In time, we will reach our days, and then we should start analyzing our immediate and the far ahead future. Wow! Isn't that really nice?


First published on June 9, 2005 
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