COROLLARY THEOREMS: "complexity is only deceiving simplicity."

GREN LEAVES LTo the average people--the overwhelming majority--"things" are very simple: they just are. To the above average people, our lack of knowledge about Life and Universe is stunning. For example, we have no idea of:

1. how was the Universe created;
2. how were the Galaxies created, and how do they manage to exist the way they do right now;
3. how was our Planetary System created, including our Planet;
4. how did it happened that our actual Civilization managed to pop-up into existence from "somewhere in Pakistan";
5. who are we;
6. who is controlling our existence today.

All topics above are way too vast and too complex to analyze; some of them are presented in our Amazing Articles, though others remain to be analyzed sometimes, in the future. Anyway, since there are no interesting news highlights for today, we would like to present you a nice, old, real story . . .

Please do not forget that, due to obscure, subjective reasons, most Governments on our Planet perform incredible efforts to hide reality from the public eyes. Those mentioned efforts are actively supported by reputable personalities, by paid TV propaganda, and by everything else needed: their intention is to create doubt. When doubt exists, even in a very small fraction, then it is certain the truth ceases to be the truth: it becomes "a possibility". Using "doubt" is one of the most efficient methods of mass propaganda and social control.

Right. The story we refer to comes in two versions: version "Spain, 1887", and version "England, 1154". When we discovered it the first time, about 30 years ago, it was only the "Spain" version, therefore we take it as the true one. The English people are well known as being inclined to all sorts of pranks; besides, at the time of the English story, the English villagers were way too rude and uncivilized--sorry for this folks.

Note, however, that the "English version" is a lot more documented on the Internet, and even Wikipedia has a page dedicated to presenting it. Again, we are 100% certain the English version is only a hoax based on the original Spanish story. If you read it carefully, you may notice the English version lacks important details, and it has a lot more "natural" tone, although that doesn't make any/much sense.

RED LEAFNow, this story is incredible, and this aspect explains why somebody tried so hard to spoil it with the seed of doubt, by adding the English version. The best way to present the facts is, navigate to both versions and read them carefully, then return to this page and read our following comments:
   1. View version "Spain" 1887;
    2. View version "England", around 1154.

[Sorry, both links above became obsolete/deleted in 2011. Just try to discover them by yourself; search for "the green alien children", and remember there is a Spanish version, and an English one. The above dates should help/facilitate your search.]

The first argument that this (Spanish) story is a true one is based on the fact the boy got sick and died first, though not the girl; she managed to live for five more years. In general, girls are, biologically, stronger to adverse conditions. However, on our Planet, both children lacked particular organic substances, and also inorganic isotopes specific to their home-Planet; therefore, it is quite likely the girl managed to live for a few more years only.

The second argument in favor of the (Spanish) story is the place--the Planet--where the children came from. From girl's description, she lived on a Planet that had no seasons, and it was very hot; consequently, people managed to live at the poles, where there was permanent twilight (or dark) and it was a bit cooler. That particular astronomical feature is what "brands" the entire story as being true, because nobody was able to imagine such a Planet on Ter-Ra, at the time of the story--or even today, say, in the country side.

RED LEAF LLastly, there is the problem of how did it happen that the boy and the girl came on our Planet. That is an extraordinary natural phenomenon explained in the first story, The Hall of the Fountains, of Three Stories from Hilsa'N Tassa Galaxy. The Hall of the Fountains is the only SF story having one minor link to Earth; all other SF stories/books we have published have absolutely no links to Earth. However, if you read them carefully, you are going to discover that life is not that different, psychologically, in other parts of the Universe--and this is a very, very important aspect!

[Fragment from "Global Picture in News" December 28, 2006. © Corollary Theorems Ltd.]


If you want to read some really tough Science Fiction stuff, we suggest the History of our Civilization. There are sufficient "true mysteries" in there (mysteries that did happen for real) to satisfy even the most skeptic scientist. Now, the true beauty is, that is our very History: it belongs to us all, it happened, and we should know it exactly as it happened.

Some time ago we were talking to a gentleman who happened to have a nice position as a Manager--he was not our Manager. Somehow, our discussion shifted towards the age of our Planet. Brother, we were stunned to discover that our friend believed the Earth was about 2000 years old, it was "built" by the CREATOR, and there are no stars, no Galaxies, and nothing else but a "sky". That gentleman had in fact the intelligence level of a five years old--well, he was A MANAGER!

Some would say the above words describe an isolated incident, but it is not so. In fact, we bet that over 80% of our brothers and sister living right now on our Planet, Ter-Ra, share the same "knowledge" with our friend. Some of them are even very well positioned in great chairs of power . . . This hurts us a lot: the CREATOR worked so hard to create the Universe, and HE DID so many true wonders, including us, yet we do not even bother to study them. Shame on us!

GREEN LEAF RNow, THE ACT OF CREATION is incredibly great, much greater than anything we can imagine, and it is our duty to study it in order to understand Life, the Universe, our nature, and the the nature of our CREATOR. Even more, the CREATION continues today with terrific efforts: if the GREAT CREATOR would cease HIS work now, the entire Universe would also cease to exist instantly--this is not a religious belief.

Now, the only way to discover and understand the GREAT CREATOR is to analyze HIS WONDERFUL CREATION--for this, best thing is to read our SF books. Note that our SF books have a "SF frame/format" simply because we couldn't make them purely historical, scientific, philosophical, or whatever--since reality itself is way more extraordinary, even incredible, than any SF story.

In this article we shall start looking at our Planet, Ter-Ra. We use this name "Ter-Ra" (it means "Earth" in Latin) but we would like to point out that we do not have an official name for out beautiful Planet. [The name Ter-Ra was first used during the Hellenic Civilization. Note that "Ter" means "three" and "Ra" is the name the Egyptians used to name the Sun. "Ter-Ra" means "the third planet from the star Ra".]  Now, the truly interesting thing is, the way our Planet was initially formed, about 4.5 billion years ago, is not quite clear to our science, and that is very good news, because it means there are many exciting discoveries waiting to be unveiled!
Most people have no idea how those fantastic ages of billion years are determined. When we deal with the past, we study rocks; very old rocks. The oldest rocks we have found on Ter-Ra are about 3.7 billion years old, and we have also discovered inside them fossils of primordial animals and plants. Things are this way: if you take a handful of mud today, in one billion years it is going to be a rock. Three billion years from now, that handful of mud is going to be a lot harder rock. We can measure rock's degree of hardness, therefore we can determine the age of the initial mud-rock.

Transparent samples of rocks (if they are crystals) allow us to measure the "shift of the polarized light angle": the greater is the shift of the polarized angle, the older is the crystal-rock. For shorter periods of time, of hundreds or tens of million years things are easier because we can measure the radioactive decay of various isotopes. For even shorter periods of time, thousands of years--and for organic materials only--the C14 radioactive decay method gives us excellent results. Of course, there are other methods of detecting the age of the rocks, because our Sun sends continuously a shower of particles which deposit on, or they simply penetrate all rocks/Planets in our Planetary System. 
4 500 000 000 PRECAMBRIAN
3 800 000 000 PRECAMBRIAN
2 500 000 000 PRECAMBRIAN
   500 000 000     ORDOVICIAN   FISH, CHORDATES
   435 000 000     SILURIAN   COMPLEX PLANTS
   360 000 000     CARBONIFEROUS   REPTILES
   290 000 000     PERMIAN   DINOSAURS
   205 000 000     JURASSIC   BIRDS
   138 000 000     CRETACEOUS   APES, FLOWERS
     55 000 000       EOCENE  
     38 000 000       OLIGOCENE  
     24 000 000       MIOCENE  
       5 000 000       PLIOCENE  
            10 000       HOLOCENE OUR CIVILIZATION



The C14 radioactive decay method works this way. Due to Sun's cosmic radiation, all carbon atoms (C) from carbon dioxide (CO2) existing in the air are transformed from C12 into C14 radioactive isotopes. The air we breathe is a mixture of:

1. 78.1% Nitrogen (N2)
2. 20.9% Oxygen (O2)
3. Other gases: about 1% Argon (Ar2), some Helium (He2), a bit of Hydrogen (H2), plus 0.035 % carbon dioxide (CO2)

GREEN LEAF RWhile living, all humans, animals, and plants have only C14 radioactive isotopes embedded into their tissues. However, in the moment they die (humans, animals, or plants) they cease adding new C14, therefore the already existing C14 isotopes in their tissues start decaying towards the C12 isotope.

When researchers discover an old tomb, they look for fragments of animal or vegetal (organic) remains. Next, they use those organic samples to count the proportion of C14/C12 isotopes using complex laboratory methods.

Knowing that C14 has a half-life of 5568 years, researchers can calculate the time when the organic material (human, animal, plant) died. Due to technological improvements, the C14 radioactive decay method is very accurate today.



A recent change in the attitude of the scientific world is worth mentioning: it was stated officially that Mars had liquid water on its surface, according to the latest explorations. That means, million years ago our Sun was a lot hotter than it is now, in order to have water on Mars, because today it is very, very cold out there. What happened to that water and to the atmosphere on Mars is a great mystery. In fact, although Mars has been explored and photographed for years, that data is kept in the strictest secret--which is again very good news: it means THERE ARE lots of mysteries on that Planet, and will are going to find out about them, sooner or later.

Closer to us is the Moon, and Nostradamus has referred to it as "the alien land". There is way too much to discuss about the mysteries of our Moon, therefore we will do it--possibly--in a separate article. Now, a recent official statement says the oldest common multi-cellular organism of all existing animal life on Ter-Ra is the marine sponge. It appears its DNA sequence is common to all known organisms on our Planet--well, more or less.

RED LEAF LIt is interesting that everybody talks about this fantastic natural code, DNA (Deoxy-Ribonucleic Acid), but very few know what RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) is. The future, however, is going to reveal a lot about the capital importance of RNA.


What the scientists do not tell us about our great, great . . . great grandfather the sponge is, 3.7 billion years are not sufficient to account for the existing diversity of all insects, fish, reptiles, birds, and animals. There are so many and so diverse species on our Planet that it must have taken a lot more that 3.7 billion years to the sponge, to generate them all. More like 12 billions, or something, PLUS some strong mutagen factors, though extraordinarily selective--unfortunately, we cannot discuss about this now.

GREEN LEAF RPhilosophically, it is interesting to note the sponge still exists today, exactly as it was 3.7 billion years ago. That shows beyond doubt that the evolution is generated by atypical representatives only, not by the "normal" ones.

In other words, only the outstanding individuals, those who are different from the average, are capable to generate evolution to superior levels of development.



A startling discovery, about 20 years old, is sulfur-based organic life right here on Ter-Ra! Note that all animals and plants on our Planet are carbon based organic Life; sulfur-based organic life is an incredible unexplained exception--though there has been discovered on our Planet phosphorous-based organic Life too! Please search the Internet for "black smokers" for details. Our science is again very much silent about that incredible, exceptional, and unexplained discovery since it increases the existing chances of Life in the Universe by a factor of 1000 or more!

All right, let's jump a few billion years to 300 million years ago: the dinosaurs' age! Those dinosaurs have disappeared overnight, and many consider that disappearance a great mystery. Let's consider the facts, only. In order to exist, those enormous organic bodies needed way more oxygen in the air than what we have today, and also more heat. A thicker atmosphere means more heat; more heat means more, bigger plants which will generate more oxygen--it is a closed loop.

Imagine that a huge asteroid had collided with our Planet. It is possible it also burned a lot of oxygen, therefore it created a huge cloud of dust/ash. That cloud could have lowered the temperature drastically, so much that the dinosaurs started to die. The secondary aspect is, plants also died, therefore less oxygen was further produced. If that cloud hovered around for a few good years, than our dinosaurs, and the rich oxygen atmosphere, were both gone forever . . .


The scenario presented above has become common knowledge these days, thanks to many National Geographic and Discovery documentaries. Everybody agrees now that the dinosaurs have disappeared following a huge meteorite strike.

However, at the time of this article, in June 2005, only a few scientists dared to speculate on this idea. Still, nobody ever bothered to highlight/stress that the dinosaurs required a higher percentage of oxygen in the the air, in order to exist.

The good news is, we are closer to our timeline: the apparition of the mammal animals. Amazingly, this word MAMMA it is the most common to all languages known! Of course, it has many variations, but the basic sounds are still there, in all of them. The question is, why, and the answer is really troublesome. Now, we do have the mammal animals, therefore we need to create the intelligent species Homo Sapiens. The problem is this: what is needed to change an animal into an intelligent creature?

The Materialist-Dialectic philosophy says, animals became intelligent people when they started using tools. We do not believe that to be true, because many animals use some sort of tools today and they are still animals; for example, the sea otter, or some apes. Others say, it was the use of fire that made people intelligent. We doubt that one either, simply because people were too intelligent when they started using the fire; in other words they were intelligent people already.

RED LEAF LThe truth is, we weren't very clear. The question is, "What basic psychical feelings/emotions/instincts could have changed an animal into an intelligent being?" Well, like it or not, the answer is, SHAME! "Shame" is the most important human feeling, and it is the only one that could have determined an animal to cover its body, and to become HOMO SAPIENS. To us, it is totally perplexing that even the Christian Bible says, " . . . after they ate the forbidden apple--the fruit of knowledge--people have developed SHAME, and they began covering their bodies . . . "

SHAME is the first and the the most important psychological characteristic that differentiates animals from intelligent beings. It was very much needed million years ago to change animals into people, and it is very much needed today, to keep us being good, intelligent people--not animals.

Shame is also an excellent psychological instrument we could use: shameless people are more or less animals, while the timid ones are, or they will be, very intelligent one day . . . Unfortunately, we hear a lot about "pride" these days, but nothing about "shame". Now, isn't THAT a shame?


First published on June 08, 2005 
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