COROLLARY THEOREMS: "complexity is only deceiving simplicity."


Latins used to say, "tempus fugit", meaning, "time passes very/too fast". The implicit meaning associated is, "time is the only thing we cannot afford to waste" or "time is the most precious thing in our lives".

There are many proverbs in our Civilization, and most of them are important for their implicit meanings, not for their "word by word" translation. For example, "it is never too late", it does not mean that we have plenty of time for everything; on the contrary, time is the most precious thing in our lives. "It is never too late," refers to, "it is never too late to repair a mistake IF YOU ARE ABLE TO SENSE IT." In most instances however . . .

[Fragment from "Global Picture in News" December 17, 2006. © Corollary Theorems Ltd.]


The city-state Athens has introduced, 2500 years ago, the first political form of Democracy in our Civilization--in fact, they have defined Democracy. What is amazing is, 2500 years later we are not able to think of a better political form of government than that old Athenian Democracy! Well, it may be those Latin philosophers were particularly intelligent--this is, way more intelligent than we are today. Some could say: "They had better school training . . ." Makes sense. Anyway, the question is: "Is it possible to have a better form of government than Democracy?" Of course it is.

The old Hellenic Democracy had a relatively short existence, though it was copied by the Romans during their Republic period. Amazingly, the Romans managed to work with their Democracy for about 400 years, then it went away, and then it was rediscovered during our Modern Era--this is, during the last 250 years. Will Democracy--as it is today, and we name it "modern"--manage to last for more than, say, 300 (additional) years? Frankly, we doubt that very much.

GREEN LEAF RIt was Gaius Julius Caesar who ended Roman Democracy by proclaiming himself a Dictator, but the interesting aspect is, the ordinary Roman citizens were very happy, at that time, to end their democratic period once and forever! Particular to Roman Democracy was, corruption, injustice, and immorality had reached unbelievable levels. Sounds familiar, aye?

We have absolutely nothing against Democracy; in fact, we like it very much. The problem is, we looked carefully at our historical lessons, and we noticed that Democracy cannot live for too long since it ends up in auto-destruction. Today, the most advanced form of political Democracy on our planet is the European Union. We admire its principles, and we can only hope it will prove to be a successful, viable, political structure, although the democratic dangers are still there. Those democratic dangers are:

1. corruption
2. imposture (plus nepotism)
3. the "Democratic Mechanism of Selection" [described in MERCY]
4. political, economical, and juridical immobility
5. immorality

We said we admire Democracy, and that was not just an emphatic literary expression. Fact is, some of the brightest minds of our Civilization have flourished during various democratic periods of government. Therefore, some of the most advanced ideas, theories, and principles have also been defined during democratic regimes. Take the notion of atom invented by the old Greek scientists: 2500 years later we do know a lot more about the atom, but we are not able to think further than the Greek philosophers did--this is, to think of what is beyond the atom, for example.

Consider the Dialectic Method of Logic Investigation (2500 years old): we have no better method today, but what is truly alarming is, most people have absolutely no idea what Dialectics is! In fact, not only that we do not have better philosophical methods of investigation today, but we use philosophy in a degenerate mode.

Philosophy comes form the Latin "Philos" and "Sophia" which mean together exactly "many sciences". Philosophy is truly the science of all sciences, therefore it MUST include the main ones: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, Geology, Astronomy and, of course, History. The way we use it today, Philosophy is just a set of literary and propagandistic slogans--well, more or less. We could present hundreds similar examples of incredibly advanced Hellenic Civilization concepts but . . . who cares? To us, it is perfectly clear those Latin gentlemen, and their schools, were far more advanced, intellectually, than anything we have today.
RED LEAFAnyway, we intend to discuss about mental powers in this article. Now, in addition to having a certain degree of intelligence--of course, some have more, many have less--human beings also have mental powers. That is the way we were created by the GREAT CREATOR, and that is HIS WILL. Again, some people have stronger mental powers, while many have them insignificant, or dormant. However, the interesting point to note is, we all have some mental powers hidden somewhere deep inside us.

Unfortunately, living our social-life is not easy: it is not easy today, it was not easy yesterday, and it is going to be fairly difficult tomorrow, for a while. Now, because we live in such a stressing social environment, we do not have the time needed to investigate our own mental powers: we have to fight for our daily survival. However, a few people among us did manage to "wake up" some of their mental powers, and we do have many proofs of that. Consider for example Mr. Michel de Notredame (Nostradamus). Sure, there were, and they still are, very many other people having mental powers, though they have no idea of what is happening: they think they were "gifted" in a particular way by the GREAT CREATOR.

Many are aware that there are people among us having great mental powers, but only a few know that the truly powerful ones prefer to hide themselves. Their reasons for hiding are multiple and various, and we simply cannot account for all of them. More important to us is the nature of those mental powers, the ways to tame/educate them, and then the methods to amplify/train mental powers.
GREEN LEAF RAgain, let's consider the famous, extraordinary person of Mr. de Notredame. We know he used some sort of a rudimentary apparatus to facilitate his vision sessions, but that explains exactly nothing. What we want to point out is, think that you are Mr. de Notredame, and imagine you can "see" the future as in a nice panoramic movie--of course, with no words, or with words totally unfamiliar to you. Our conclusion is, seeing a picture, or a movie, about the future cannot help anybody understand anything, because no picture or movie can establish a precise moment in time over the centuries, the names of historical people, undiscovered or inexistent geographical/political places/countries, and the true, global, existing future political situation. Mr. de Notredame did a lot more than simply seeing the future; in fact, HE KNEW IT! The new question is, how did he do that?

The secrets of "seeing the future", and of many other types of mental powers, are going to be revealed in our SF book LATHAN-KHON-KOP--not published yet. When we say "revealed" we mean it: this is not a philosophical speculation, or some sort of a literary fantasy thing. We do not like fantasies; we like only science. Now, this mental powers topic is an extraordinary one, and it is also very complex. Mental powers are explained in MERCY (the basics are defined there), and they continue in LATHAN-KHON-KOP--and in other coming books.


Very many people are asking me to rush with publishing Lathan-Khon-Kop for a few good years by now. Truth is, I could have published Lathan-Khon-Kop in 2005; however, I am still not quite certain if Destiny would allow me to do that . . . ever. You see, Lathan-Khon-Kop is going to change the way we perceive our reality in ways . . . you cannot even imagine. [Just trust me with this one; this is not paranoia.]

Consider Mr. de Notredame; he wrote about the future in "quatrains": that is poetry, though poetry presents a "deformed" image of reality--this is a first level of dissimulation/encryption. Next, Mr. de Notredame used a strange mixture of three languages in his poems (French, Latin, and Cabbala) in order to hide things even more. Further, he used anagrams to mask/conceal real names.

Over the centuries, many scientists and researches troubled a lot to prove wrong or chance or unfounded each quatrain-prediction individually, and that is not too difficult given all those levels of encryption implemented by Mr. de Notredame. However, when they are taken together as an assembly, as one global picture, Mr. de Notredame's predictions are precisely sharp, and to the object, for over 500 years!

Note that at some point in his life Mr. de Notredame got a severe warning from  . . . let's say, Destiny. Consequently, he burned most of his books. What was left for us was only those encrypted poems, plus a few more documents that, today, are hidden away from the public eyes--those last documents mentioned are extremely important for us now, and in the near future. Soon after receiving the mentioned warning from Destiny, Mr. de Notredame dies, though he knew perfectly well when it was going to happen.

Again, predicting the future, and explaining advanced mental powers, is not quite allowed. People and Civilizations should best evolve slowly, in a controlled educated manner--that is the proper way to do it.

Scientifically, mental powers could help us investigate the Subatomic and the Certitude Factors. Of course, we do need to design a mathematical model of the Subatomic, and another one for the Certitude Factors, but do not forget that mathematical models are, and they will forever be, just limited and imperfect. Physical and mental experimentations can help us detect and explore the nature of the Subatomic. In fact, today, scientific mental tests are performed intensively, under the strictest secret possible, in very many nations. Nevertheless, the major problem they have is, without knowing what to look for . . .

If you want to read more about mental powers we suggest THREE STORIES FROM HILSA'N TASSA GALAXY and MERCY. Now, it could happen the mental powers topic may seem fantastic or "fiction something" to you. In that instance, think that everything in our life is only science in its most pure format. The Creation of the Real Universe by our CREATOR is science as we cannot even imagine: it is a fantastic Science Fiction-like science.


First published on June 06, 2005 
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