COROLLARY THEOREMS: "sooner or later, any valid theorem is going to be invalidated."

GREN LEAVES L    "Argumentum ad ignorantiam" means in Latin, "arguing based on ignorance".

For a few good millennia, Latin was considered the language of science; therefore, the question is: "Why is Latin, a language dead for about 2000 years, that important?"

Any researcher who has studied Latin has learned the "classic method of investigation"--which is, "ad fontes" [meaning "historically, from the very roots"]. That is a most thorough type of analysis, because it may identify many roots/causes hidden into our forgotten past.

Take Latin, for example. We consider it the "reference Culture" of our Human Civilization--the most advanced that ever existed--yet the Latin philosophers themselves were researching their past intensively, and they did discover there incredible . . . past "things" and forgotten concepts. True, they had the great Alexandria Pharos Library as a major source of information, which is gone today, unfortunately, and that is only our fault . . .

[Fragment from "Global Picture in News" December 6, 2006. © Corollary Theorems Ltd.]


Amazingly, this is article A9 and we are still working on the introductory part of these Articles. In fact, we suspect we need a few more Amazing Articles before diving into "the essence of things". It is possible some readers would feel rather annoyed with the fact that we interrupt now the chain of pure, scientific articles to present some philosophical topics. The answer to them is, we had to do it because:

1. we intend to present a clear, Global Picture of our Civilization;
2. if any reader does not agree with, say, 50 percent of the ideas presented in this article, then there is no need to further bother with the Atomic Universe, the Subatomic, or with the Certitude Factors.

Now, who are we? We are a group of intelligent beings living on a Planet without an official name, in a Planetary System also without any official name. The source of life for us is our Sun: a medium-size star which, again, has no official name. Our Planet travels around the Sun at a great speed, and our Sun circles the core of the Milky-Way Galaxy at even greater speeds. The Milky-Way Galaxy itself is drifting into space, again, at another great speed. To an outside observer, our tiny Planet appears to be just a wonderful spaceship traveling through space!

We, the intelligent beings, have to be aware that the cosmic space is not an empty and serene place. At any moment our existence on this Planet could end instantly, and there are very, very many possible causes for that. On the other hand, we could be lucky, and there may be a few more million years of peaceful development ahead for us.

Now, our society, our Civilization, is not a homogenous one; there are two main categories of people on our planet:

1. good people
2. bad people

The color, the shape, the place of birth on our Planet, the number of years spent in official schools and everything else are totally not important. Good/bad people is the first and the most important natural division of intelligent beings, and please be aware that things are exactly the same throughout the Universe, on billion other Planets, in countless other Civilizations.

Some of us are still wondering: "Are we alone in the Universe?" The answer to that question came by itself when we discovered that our Sun is just another ordinary star, same as billion and billion others--we are officially aware of this astronomical observation for about 500 years. However, despite the overwhelming reality, many people today still believe we are alone in the Universe: that is due, mostly, to their religious education.

Religion has played an important role during the development of our Civilization, and it will continue to do so for many more (thousand) years to come. It happens that intelligent beings feel a very strong psychological need for TRUE SOCIAL JUSTICE. However, people cannot find JUSTICE in society, therefore they are driven towards religion.

Now. religious people believe that Life and the Universe are the work of the GREAT CREATOR. We are the last ones to deny the existence of our CREATOR, and we have many good reasons for that: some of them are scientific!

At Corollary Theorems we estimate that about 80 percent of all people on our Planet believe in CREATOR. Of course, they use all sorts of names, instead of CREATOR, but that is entirely not important. The truly important ideas/concepts are:

1. the CREATOR is only ONE;
2. ALL intelligent beings on our planet are wonderful creations, and they are ALL CREATOR'S children;
3. ALL intelligent beings in the Universe are wonderful creations, and they are ALL CREATOR'S children;
4. ALL intelligent beings in the Universe are brothers and sisters, as they have the same father: our CREATOR;
5. our Universe is the great, wonderful CREATION of our CREATOR, and we should strive to study it as much as we can.

The remaining 20 percent are people who believe the Creation Process is the work of MOTHER NATURE. We are certain the CREATOR has absolutely nothing against the idea: the naming used is, again, entirely not important. Anybody could replace the name "CREATOR" with "MOTHER NATURE" and vice versa--it is only the idea of a CREATION PROCESS that matters.

GREEN LEAF RBelieving in CREATOR--or in MOTHER NATURE--is something very nice, and even necessary, but the bad part is, people use religion to express their devotion. Many years ago, a great Muslim philosopher said: "I searched for God for years in all mosques in Asia, though I discovered HIM only in my soul." Very nice, and incredibly truthful words! The CREATOR lives only in our souls; the CREATOR is only in your soul, and in the soul of the anonymous people next to you.

It is very interesting that many religious persons promote the idea that we are alone in the Universe. They say, we shouldn't bother studying science, or the Universe, simply because we have the CREATOR to trust/believe in, and that should be sufficient. Well, that is the way some people are, and nobody will be able to change their convictions--not even the GREAT CREATOR himself: IGNORANCE IS THE ONLY THING THAT LASTS FOR ETERNITY!
Other religious people do want to find out more about our CREATOR, therefore we will try explaining a few things for them. First, after creating our Planet, our Planetary System, our Galaxy, the Universe, and then finally us, the CREATOR did not die, or even became tired of his work. The CREATOR continued, and he continues the work he started, therefore very many intelligent beings live happily and they build billions of other Civilizations in the Universe, close to us, right now!

The second interesting aspect is, the CREATOR has bothered to create ANIMALS and INTELLIGENT BEINGS. However, please note this: intelligent beings are built inside an animal body/organism. Why did the GREAT CREATOR trouble to create intelligent beings in addition to animals? The answer is very simple; it is: "Because the GREAT CREATOR wanted to create intelligent beings in addition to animals." Now, we are those intelligent beings, and we should use our intelligence to discover and understand THE ACT OF CREATION. That is the reason the GREAT CREATOR gave us intelligence: we have to use it! Should he not want us to use our intelligence, he could have left us in the animal state.

For those readers who do not believe in CREATOR, think that MOTHER NATURE struggled for billions of years to create intelligent beings, therefore we need to honor that terrific CREATION PROCESS, also by THINKING. As you can see, in either case the message is only one: we must think intelligently, and as much as we can. If we do not do that, then we are nothing better than animals, and it is a waste of CREATOR'S work, or of billion years of natural evolution.
Fine! Now we know that we must use our intelligence in order to prove that we are not just animals to the GREAT CREATOR, or to our dear MOTHER NATURE. The only problem appears to be the fact that we do not know how to use our intelligence! Well, let's take a first look at what the animals do:

1. animals eat
2. animals procreate
3. animals fight each other

Of course, we are built just as the animals are, therefore we are able to do everything the animals do--even way better! Still, we know we are required [by the CREATOR or by MOTHER NATURE] to use our intelligence. Most of you think, probably, that is exactly what we do. Well, not quite, if you look at the Global Picture. There are only two things, in addition to the actions the animals do, that may seem that we, the intelligent beings, are doing our job/duty. However, without those two things, all our actions end up exactly like animals'. The two things we are referring to are: we work, and we use money.

So, we work in order to get money; next, we use the money to:

1. eat--or to "consume" all sorts of things;
2. procreate
--in fact we have an entire "culture" about that "art";
3. fight each other
--this one is (socially) more complex, since many name it "success", "achievement", "accomplishment", plus many other deceiving terms.

To us (at COROLLARY THEOREMS), it is clear there is not much difference from what the animals do, and we have the feeling that we do not perform our job/duty sufficiently efficient to the GREAT CREATOR, or to MOTHER NATURE. You see, we have been gifted with intelligence, therefore it is our job/duty to use it at maximum possible. Sure but . . . how? 

Things are a bit more complex with this "need to use our intelligence" thing but, unfortunately, at this moment in time we cannot reveal more. It is not just that we should strive to discover the ACT OF CREATION; most likely, we will never be able to learn the entire story. However, while struggling to discover reality, and our true nature, we could be rewarded with A NEW STATE OF MENTAL DEVELOPMENT . . . AND EVEN MUCH, MUCH  MORE!

You see, if you learn a lot, very, very much, you may achieve . . . things beyond your wildest imagination. The door to knowledge is open for everybody, and we all have exactly the same chance to open it; beyond that common aspect however, only very few--if any--of us may discover the GRAIL OF GRAILS. [Though rest assured that
IT IS THERE! Some of us did get to it in the past.]


Regarding their level of intelligence, people are:

1. specialists, or technicians
2. intellectuals

Of course, the second instance above is the highest level of intelligence we could achieve, and we are certain that everybody knows this. What is less known is, being an intellectual has little or nothing to do with the number of years spent in official schools. We have met very many low condition people having incredibly advanced intellectual profiles. It hurt us to see those wonderful yet humble representatives of the Human Species were not even aware of their true level of intelligence . . .

Let's perform a little experiment: try to discover if you are an intellectual. Things are very simple: all you need to do is, think of the next highlighted phrase. If you agree with it, totally, then you are an intellectual; otherwise, you are a specialist, or a technician. [This test is valid for any intelligent being, regardless of the number of years spent in schools.]

It is our duty to protect and to develop our Planet, and the Homo Sapiens species, at any costs.


If you feel the need to change the word "Planet" with anything else (say, "my country"), you are not an intellectual, dear friend. Same, if you honestly feel that instead of "Homo Sapiens species" it would be more appropriate to you anything else (for example, "our kind", "my people", "the believers", "my brothers", or simply "me") then, again, you are not an intellectual.

Now, if you are a specialist, that is not quite a tragedy, because that is, in fact, natural order of things: very few people are (true) intellectuals. However, if you are an intellectual, then these articles up to here, and further on, are going to help you very, very much: you may understand!

We have mentioned that to an external observer our Planet is just a tiny spaceship traveling through space. That is the true objective state of things which defines us all. On our spaceship-Planet people live in various compartments: some live in the interesting navigation compartment, others in the powerful engines area, while others live in the dirty cargo bays. We use this literary-graphic division only to achieve a realistic comparison. Now, some compartments on our spaceship are easier to live in, or more pleasing than others; other bunkers are really dirty, while in some it is quite dangerous to live in. Please do not take the word "dirt" literally. Dirt means many things; for example corruption, imposture, greed, lies . . .

The point to note is, our spaceship is just one unit, or one Planet, and dirt in one place is dirt for everybody! That dirt, or dangerous living conditions, could easily spread throughout our little, wonderful spaceship. In addition, to an outside observer--this could be even the GREAT CREATOR--the dirt in a few places on our dear spaceship defines us all, regardless of the actual place we live in.


First published on May 27, 2005 
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