COROLLARY THEOREMS: "sooner or later, any valid theorem is going to be invalidated."
     " . . . because we all know the English grammar is of German origin . . ."

The above words were written a few days ago (in 2005) by some N. American writer, somewhere on the Internet. The exact place where the incident happened is not important; what is important is that many (or all) of us "know that"! The truth is, yes, you could say English grammar is of German origin, providing that you consider the German language itself has about 70% of its grammatical structure founded on vigorous Latin roots. For clarifications on this topic, and on very many others, we suggest Logically Structured English Grammar4.

This is an unbelievable situation. Our modern Civilization was founded on such an extraordinarily advanced culture, the Hellenic (Latin) one, yet very many people today do not like this aspect--particularly in the English countries. The German migratory people were just hordes of primitive creatures (same as the French, the Helvets, the Belgs, the Scandinavians, the Huns, and all others) when they came into Europe. We are extremely fortunate that there was a Roman Empire during those dire early days to spread the Latin culture, otherwise we would continue today selling/killing slaves and raiding territories through "fire and sword". This "English xenophobia" is a particularly interesting social-psychology aspect, therefore it is going to be dissected thoroughly in one of our future Amazing Articles.

The lack of basic, general culture these days is stunning! Just an example, Adolf Hitler--the most ardent supporter of the "German race superiority"--was very proud, and greatly impressed with the Latin roots the German people had from the extraordinary Roman Empire. His famous salute "from my heart to the sky" was copied from the Roman Imperial Guards salute: "Heil Hitler" is identical to "Ave Caesar" in meanings, and in gestures. Hitler's hottest dream was to build a one thousand years German Empire, just like the Roman one--read our Article 38.

Anyway, one hundred years ago people knew a lot more about the unmatched greatness of the Roman Empire than they do today. Our modern (national) societies, with their specific local customs, Laws, governmental structures, Democracy, science, literature, entertainment, and . . . whatever, are all tailored according to the Roman model (and, implicitly, to the Hellenic one). Modern education, you say? Well!

[Fragment from "Global Picture in News" December 1, 2006. © Corollary Theorems Ltd.]


Our Atomic Universe is built, naturally and obviously, out of atomic elements. Most of the time, atomic elements group themselves into complex substances: molecules. We have named 118 atomic elements up to now--or something close--but there is place left for many more elements in the Periodic Table of Elements. [The names "element" and "atom" mean exactly the same thing in certain contexts.] In the same time, we know and work with about two hundred thousand complex substances--this is just a rough approximation. [The names "substance" and "molecule" mean exactly the same thing in certain contexts.]

We say that we "know" and we work with atomic elements and molecules, only things are far from being clear to us, regarding what they really are. For example, many scientists know that billions of dollars have been spent on water molecule research during the last 50 years, all over the World. Despite very little gains in knowledge about what this water molecule really is, it appears that lately both the funding and the research efforts have increased a lot!

GREEN LEAF RSo, after 50 years of intense research we do not know too much about the pure, basic H2O (hydro). Well, the plain truth is, the simple, fundamental water molecule is a true mystery to our science. Now, if you add to that mystery what is suggested in Peasant Ambassador, then the little water molecule is going to lead us straight to natural antigravity!
Sure, the water molecule is a substance, built out of two elements, therefore it could be too complex for our gentle, sweet mechanical science. Let's take a look at only one atomic element; for example, the very first and the most simple one: hydrogen. Many researchers today are very proud to announce that they have solved the Schrödinger equation for the hydrogen atom. However, the solved equation mentioned helps exactly nobody and nothing. The Schrödinger equation is part of the Quantum Mechanics mathematical model of the hydrogen atom, and solving it is just another mathematical exercise. That equation tells us precisely nothing about the real hydrogen atom.

It was mentioned in A7 that we do need mathematical models, and on certain atomic/subatomic levels we cannot have better instruments to continue with our research. That is perfectly true, only we have to clarify the concept a little bit. All mathematical models are just theoretical models; they are not the "real thing". This affirmation is valid today, tomorrow, one thousand years from this time, and even one million years from now on.

The mathematical models of the atomic elements we use today, say the Quantum Mechanics Theory, are developed more like a collection of mathematical exercises which are excellent for mathematicians, but they have little or nothing to do with the reality under study: the atom. The Quantum Mechanics Theory [QMT for short] is just a bunch of equations which are solved based on a few assumptions: for example, that "c", the light-speed, is the maximum possible speed in the Universe. In fact QMT is such a preposterously absurdity that our Universe--and us--shouldn't exist, according to its "equations"!
Because very few people know how vague, utopian and fictional QMT really is, huge amounts of social-money are pumped into building enormous installations for breaking and fusing the atoms. With little efforts, the atom may be broken "free of charge" using the microwave stove in the kitchen. Those monstrous particle accelerators are used, mainly, to measure the energies of the atomic particles--well, let's take a look at those energies a little bit, this time without a multi-billion dollars particle-accelerator: we are going to use only our brains! 

In the interstellar space the temperature is very low: about 1.3 Kelvin degrees, and that is as far as we can reach in nature towards the absolute 0 Kelvin temperature. Suppose that one oxygen atom is part of a molecule [SiO2--this is sand--for example] inside a rock, somewhere in the open space. Because it is so cold, there is no energy coming into the oxygen atom to sustain the movement of its electrons--eight--around the nucleus. Any book of Physics is telling us that at very low temperatures the atom "keeps a small quantity of energy" which allows the electrons to continue spinning around the nucleus. That explanation sounds reasonable, but only for the untrained mind.

Now, try to imagine that our piece of rock is lost in the open space for about 6 billion years--this is a reality. Next, try to calculate how much energy the electrons of one oxygen atom consume during that enormous period of time--it should be way more than 1 KW per one oxygen atom. Of course, a decent piece of rock has about one billion oxygen atoms, and that means our little piece of rock (the size of a pebble) "consumes" 1 Terra Watt of power out of nowhere! At the scale of the entire matter existing in open space in the Universe the numbers defy imagination, regardless of how wild it could be--this is, only for our Universe to exist, not to evolve in any way/form.

The problem is, where is that enormous amount of energy coming from? Our sweet Quantum Mechanics Theory is dead silent about that but . . . You should read MERCY, dear friends.


In the book following MERCY, LATHAN-KHON-KOP, you could read about the structure of the electron--among very many other interesting topics. We are certain you cannot believe this, but our tiny electron named "particle" in QMT is not a particle at all. In fact, the little electron hides so many secrets that we will not be able to discover them all not even after 10000 years of continuous, ascending development. As for the true nature and the structure of the protons, neutrons and . . . Aaah!

The Cold Fusion experiments using the Ball Lightning state of matter--which we have arbitrarily named the "electrons cloud"--show that the electrons are able to do a lot more than just holding an electrical charge. Amazingly, at the atom-level the electrons act like a shield which prevents the photons to reach the nucleus. That is an interesting observation, and it is similar to the "plasma and laser shield" described in MERCY, Hurran Invasion, and Peasant Ambassador.

Well, we could go on and on with arguments, though we do not want to spoil your surprise when reading our books. Now, let's direct our attention towards the psychological aspects of the scientific research activity, of our days--you could also find some details about this one in MERCY. Things are this way: most scientists today behave similar to the religious fanatics. That is, they "trust", and they "believe" in their "books", and they do not want to hear any heresies. Now, you shouldn't worry too much about that absurd, irrational manifestation, because that is, in fact, natural human behavior. However, we intend to dissect this social-psychology subject sometime, because it is very important.
You see, we could stuff these Internet pages with new incredible theories and strange phenomena about the atom, and beyond the atom, but this will help exactly nobody and nothing. Regardless of how advanced technologically we may become one day, for us, the Homo Sapiens species, the only thing important is to develop true, good human qualities: honesty, respect, love, trust . . . The truth is, too advanced technologies could easily lead us into total destruction, given our existing social-psychology state of mental development.

Any scientist, or future scientist, MUST BE first of all a compassionate and sympathetic person; in other words, an intellectual! That is far more important than understanding the Certitude Factors and the Fundamental Imbalance Principle that drives the Subatomic, for example. In fact, becoming intelligent people with true, good, human feelings is the great goal of our entire Human Species. If we manage to reach our goal, then we would be equal to any Civilization, anywhere, regardless of our--or their--technological level of development.


First published on May 27, 2005 
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