COROLLARY THEOREMS: "sooner or later, any valid theorem is going to be invalidated."

What people do not understand is, computers are blunt, dead tools, just as hammers are: we use them TO HELP our intellectual creative efforts, but nothing more than that. The SF idea of "Artificial Intelligence" is idiotic: no matter how developed a pile of metal and semiconductors is going to be, it will never be able to compete against the human brain--NEVER!

Sure, we do have chess playing computers, and they are far more skilled than any human. So, what? Chess is just a limited game. Being a good "player" in any game has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence--on the contrary. Our human brain works million times slower than a computer, it makes stupid mistakes after stupid mistakes, it is lazy and inefficient; overall, however, human intelligence is limitless in terms of power of creation!

Fragment form Three Stories from Hilsa'N Tassa Galaxy, Hurran Invasion story:

"(. . .) A machine is, and it will always be, just a finite structure. I am sorry, I haven't been very clear, Raika. Logic doesn't come alone: it comes with the power of imagination, with the power of abstraction, and so on. Machines cannot imagine abstract things or implausible situations--they cannot even understand them!"

[Fragment from "Global Picture in News" October 8, 2006. © Corollary Theorems Ltd.]


We noticed that some readers appear to be a bit disappointed with our article A5, Cold Fusion. We are certain that some of them must've said: "They are losing it", "They are out of sync", or simply "They have no idea of what they are talking about."

Yeah, we do need to clarify this A5 Amazing Article, although we will do it briefly, because we have another topic on our schedule. Now, we browsed through the Internet for about 2 hours (in 2005) trying to discover other articles in support of our affirmations in A5, but we couldn't find any. It is possible we didn't search the Internet properly, or maybe there are no other similar articles. In either case it doesn't matter, and you will have to take our words as good for what we are going to present here--this is, only if you want to, naturally.

The name Cold Fusion was first used in 1960s when researchers [most likely they were the NASA researchers, but we cannot swear on this one] have discovered that metallic elements appeared from nowhere inside the grown adult plants, although those plants had been experimentally fed only with pure water, air, and light. Those plants were grown in laboratory conditions, and they were part of small, perfectly isolated ecosystems. We are baffled that we couldn't find any articles on the Internet about those extremely important experiments, but it is possible that data is considered secret today. Anyway, at that time, 1960s, researchers have employed the Cold Fusion name for the first time, and the discovery itself has shaken the scientific World quite a lot!
In 1970s another interesting set of experiments took place, this time in connection to the Ball Lightning phenomenon. You can find a lot of information about the Ball Lightning on the Internet, although it is presented more like an unexplained curiosity. In fact, that is another extremely important observation of a natural phenomenon, as it clearly demonstrates that matter may exist in a fifth state: the self-contained, highly energized, "electrons cloud", or Ball Lightning.

RED LEAF LConventionally, matter may exist in 4 "physical states":

1. as a gas;
2. as a liquid;

3. as a solid;
4. as (very hot) plasma (as a mixture of ions, electrons, protons and neutrons).

Particularly interesting about the new state is, the Ball Lightning floats, as if it manages to annihilate the all-surrounding gravity! Some researchers name that new state "plasma", but it doesn't look like plasma at all. In addition, the Ball Lightning has a few more incredible particularities which differentiate it clearly from plasma, and from anything else.

Anyway, a few characteristics of the "electrons cloud", or the Ball Lightning, have lead to the troublesome Cold Fusion experiments of 1990s, of which we are certain you are well aware--there are millions of articles describing them. Things happen this way: the unexplained fifth state of matter, the self-contained cloud of electrons, is capable of changing the atomic elements via fission and/or fusion, and those processes happen at very low temperatures; in the same time, a certain quantity of extra energy is produced. The reaction temperatures are slightly higher than when plants perform their miraculous "growth" of new elements, but they are still incredibly low, and the sweet, gentle Quantum Mechanics Theory cannot, again, explain them. 
In fact, according to Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Probability, Bra-Ket modeling, and many other beautiful mathematical models--totally abstract and far away from any reality--Cold Fusion cannot exist! Yet it is here, and this time it is recognized as existing by most of the scientists despite the fact they cannot explain it "scientifically".

Let's take a closer look into their experiments. What they do is, they use a calorimeter having two electrodes. Inside they introduce experimentally various liquids and substances, and they create a tiny Ball Lightning via the two electrodes, and with electrical current, naturally. Now, various liquids and different substances give more or less conclusive results, but the generally accepted facts are:

1. little, extra energy is produced;
2. the atomic fusion reaction happens;
3. the atomic fission takes place;
4. dangerous atomic radiations are not present, or they are infinitesimal.

It may be worth highlighting that plasma does not produce similar results. In fact, plasma cannot even exist at the temperatures of the Ball Lightning--or the "electrons cloud", same thing.


We name the Ball Lightning phenomenon as "electrons cloud" because that is exactly what it is. However, "electrons cloud" is an ad-hoc name used here, now, and it has nothing to do with the "electronic cloud" naming used to name statistical position the electrons have around atomic nucleus.

["Ad-hoc" means in Latin "on the spot".]


Now, many people hope that Cold Fusion is going to satisfy our insatiable hunger for energy in the future and, to be honest with you, we also believe that is the right direction to look for more energy. The troublesome aspect is, we do not have an adequate mathematical model to explain the new Cold Fusion reactions. However, very many bright scientists are working feverishly on putting together new theories--as new patches to the ill-famed Quantum Mechanics Theory--and we have no doubts they are going to manage it, somehow. After all, it is only mathematics: we can discover whatever we want using mathematics, if we trouble a bit harder.

The great problem of our days is not the strange Cold Fusion experiments--and many others without names, or those that are kept secret: it is our intellectual inertia. The troubles reside exactly in the mathematical models we use today. However, note that this mathematical modeling is such an important topic of discussion that we need to write a new article about it . . . Please stand by.


First published on May 21, 2005 
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