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Researchers throughout the World are studying the techniques of storing hydrogen for quite some time, because this is a major problem. The hydrogen molecule is so small, it is capable of penetrating throughout most metallic walls; only a few special alloys (as is 10TiNiCr180) may contain it safely. In addition, in its gaseous state hydrogen takes too much space, plus it is highly explosive at low pressures--at higher pressures hydrogen is far more stable.

Storing hydrogen in a liquid form requires very low temperatures, too much volume, and complex installations for the safe subsequent gasification. The solid form appears to be the best solution, except this in not related to solid hydrogen directly: it means storing the hydrogen as a component embedded into a solid complex substance (. . .)

[Fragment from "Global Picture in News" October 8, 2006. © Corollary Theorems Ltd.]


Life, nature, or even THE GREAT CREATOR if you prefer, show us many true, real, scientific wonders. One of the most interesting phenomenon was named Cold Fusion. Now, it may be interesting to point out that this "Cold Fusion" name fits into the general category of other cryptic--though poetic--names as are: "Dark Matter", "Dark Energy", and "Black Holes". Particular to those phenomena is the fact that we cannot explain them scientifically. In other words, within our rigorous, scientific, physical-mathematical apparatus we currently use there is nothing that could explain them!

Some astronomical phenomena, as is Dark Energy for example, are indeed rather difficult to explore and theorize, but what are we going to do with the ones that are very, very close to us? Take this Cold Fusion thing: we see it each day, all around us, yet our science cannot explain it. To us, it is obvious that the problem resides within our science: there must be something missing there.

It is possible some readers do not know what this Cold Fusion name stands for, though we shall be very brief, because the topic is explained in MERCY. Things are this way: when a plant grows, new atomic elements are formed from nowhere! Because there is no explanation for that process, scientists decided that plants are able to fuse atomic elements together, somehow, in order to account for the new elements; hence the romantic name of Cold Fusion.

GREEN LEAF RThe "Cold" part of the name comes from the fact that the supposedly "fusion process" happens at very low temperatures. In fact, those temperatures are so low that our sweet, gentle, Quantum Mechanics Theory doesn't even bother to consider possible. Just to get an idea, in order to fuse two hydrogen atoms together, the simplest ones, we need an atomic bomb to create the necessary tens of millions of Celsius degrees . . .
This Cold Fusion thing takes place permanently right here, under our very noses, because the plants also grow everywhere around us; still, we do not understand it. We do not understand it because it wasn't scientifically proven, therefore it doesn't exist. Sure, you might say, it doesn't exist for the ignoramus.

Fact is, the Cold Fusion trouble is here, and you will not believe this: something similar happens right inside your own body! Our mechanical science cannot explain the energy produced by the animal body--let's consider it only the human body. As mentioned, our science fails to explain how it is possible to feed a person with a handful of organic substances, and then to obtain physical and intellectual work from that person for, say, 16 long hours per day. This time, the unexplained phenomenal display of forces that resides in each of us has no name, because the truth is way too disturbing.

Thermodynamics is said to be the most complete physical-mathematical model we have to study nature, though it fails catastrophically when it deals with the human body. According to the Carnot Cycle, the handful of food we eat--this is in terms of energy entered into the human body thermodynamic system--should be sufficient for us to live for a minute or so; as for producing any physical work, that is simply impossible, thermodynamically! 

Of course, some intransigent scientists would cry out loud that we do have the Quantum Mechanics Theory to account for hidden, enormous energies residing inside the atomic elements contained in our food. Could be; except, in that case, our body organism is supposed to actually break and fuse those atomic elements, in order to obtain the necessary energy. Those atomic fission and fusion processes should happen, again, at a very, very low temperature which . . . Well no, dear friends, it doesn't happen that way.

Anyway, what is totally perplexing is, we and the plants surrounding us are the most important "things" in our environment, and in our lives. Scientifically, we and the plants do not exist, because the way we do exist cannot be explained. To our actual, rigorous, mechanical science, our very existence belongs to the Science Fiction domain!

Logically, the conclusion is that we do exist--very well, thank you--but it is our science that has some serious flaws inside. Today, it is the right time to take, scientifically, that necessary sharp turn towards the Science Fiction side which is us, the plants, and our Real Universe.

Such things (even way more advanced) are nicely detailed in MERCY, Peasant Ambassador, and in Hurran Invasion. For those who want to open their eyes, to understand, scientists or not, the gate to knowledge is already opened for you, dear friends.

You see, things are this way: we have "received" our intelligent existence as a priceless gift, for free. Could it be that we do owe something in exchange; something also . . . intelligent in nature? Our intelligence is built/trapped inside an animal organism and it is, in fact, the only thing that differentiates us from animals. Why do you think we have been gifted with that "intelligence" thing by THE GREAT CREATOR . . . or by MOTHER NATURE?


First published on April 27, 2005 
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