COROLLARY THEOREMS: "sooner or later, any valid theorem is going to be invalidated."


The hunt for extrasolar Planets using the Hubble Telescope is hotter than ever, and the results/inputs are perplexing. After analyzing 180 000 stars in the central bulge of our Galaxy, the conclusion is: about 6 000 000 000 (six billion) Planetary Systems in Milky-Way have at least one Planet as big as Jupiter.

Note, however, that the results follow just a brief investigation, meaning, a thorough analysis may increase dramatically the number of stars in our Galaxy having Planetary Systems. This data is coming from NASA, and it surely widens our Global Picture!

[Fragment from "Global Picture in News" October 5, 2006. © Corollary Theorems Ltd.]


Antigravity appears to be the golden dream of our days--this is, if you read the available SF literature of the past 50 years or so. Amazingly, our Civilization is very close to actually see antigravity implemented in a few useful applications. However, in order to enhance the antigravity vector we need plenty of energy in strong, mobile, and compact power sources which . . . we do not have.

The first and the most obvious question is: "What could we achieve with this great antigravity technology? What good does it bring to us?" Well, the sad truth is, not much, dear friends. Interstellar travel IS NOT performed with antigravity engines, despite the hopes expressed by many past and present Science Fiction writers. We need a lot more than just antigravity in order to reach other stars--way, way more!

The only way we could achieve a lucrative interstellar transport technology is if we discover means to annihilate:

1. mechanical space
2. the inertial (mechanical) mass

The antigravity technology should bring us a little closer to understanding the Subatomic Universe, and that is a very good thing. However, as mentioned, the truly important problem is ENERGY. No matter what new, future, advanced technologies our civilization is going to discover, a cheap and very strong source of power is going to be, for many thousands of years, THE most important discovery.

The good news is, there is plenty of power--even electrical--around us; the bad news is, we have to find it! Now, the new question is: "Is it that difficult to step over the existing mechanical Physics we know, so that we may discover new and more powerful sources of energy?" Well, it depends only on us. You see, for some period of time, our Civilization has evolved as the Egyptian one. The World was ruled during those great days by the Pharaoh, the offspring of the AMON RA [AMON or AMEN means "the Sun-God"; RA is the first and the only name given to our Sun-star; Ter-Ra means "the third planet from the star Ra"].

Incredibly, those dear parents of ours have started their Civilization by chopping the stone, and they ended it exactly the same, some 3000 years later! For 3000 years our Civilization was halted at a stand-by. No evolution! Sure, they did built those pyramids, and the Great Pyramid is still an exceptional technical wonder of our Civilization, but the Egyptian lack of social development, for 3000 years, is the most phenomenal aspect! 

RED LEAF RSome say the Egyptians used the antigravity technology to build their pyramids, and we are not going to deny that. It is possible they did it--by themselves, or helped by THE OTHERS. However, that is not that much important when we think of our Egyptian Civilization--well, not very much. Anyway, we should learn something from those incredibly "conservative" old Egyptians.
The idea is, we should dare to explore technical avenues that are today the realm of Science Fiction. "Aha!" the critics would cry out lout, "So there is where you were heading!" Well, things are this way, dear friends: our actual science is build on "mechanical theories" which simply do not take into consideration antigravity, as if it doesn't exist. In fact, not only that antigravity is here, among us, but no atom could exist without it--not even us!

We shall not insist on atom's structure and antigravity, because  these subjects are detailed in Peasant Ambassador, in MERCY, and in our future SF books. For now, just try to imagine what it means for our science the discovery of the antigravity vector: more than half of all physical laws we know, up to now, would have to be reformulated. All previous scientific experiments would have to be reevaluated. Fact is, sooner or later, that technological revolution is going to become a reality, since it comes naturally, following our social and technological development trend. In other words, technical revolution results from our cultural evolution.

Gravity vs. Antigravity

Anyway, more interesting seems to be another topic: "Which country could develop the antigravity technology in the near future on our Planet?" Antigravity, plus many other advanced technologies, requires that we take a sharp corner in our scientific mode of thinking--very sharp. There is no place for antigravity in the science we study today, although IT IS here. It takes just a few years of intense, serious study to unveil it, and that may happen in many countries today. The true beauty is, following the antigravity technology, there are many other avenues of advanced technologies just waiting to be explored, and exploited. However, like it or not, all those great discoveries are dealing with what we name in our SF books, the Subatomic Universe, and Primary Energies.

Natural antigravity is explained in Peasant Ambassador, and everybody can read about it. Further from there, people need to do some research, and then they should think seriously about what is missing in our physical laws. Try to imagine that all we have discovered in terms of theorems and physical laws up to now is limited "mechanically" to our Planetary System, system of coordinates.

Now, the sad aspect is, most of the Scientists today, and almost all those who became and will become the great managers of our Civilization are capable, practical people, realistic, but . . . they cannot see further from the vast horizon of their office desk. Things happen, again, exactly as they did during the Egyptian Civilization: those extraordinary Egyptians could have reached the Planets of our Planetary System 2000 years ago, but they preferred, instead, to develop their incredible techniques in chopping the stone . . .

Yeah, the message is, all those advanced technologies are close, well within our reach, only the great problem is our mentality: it is still rooted into Paleolithic--did you think about it?


First published on April 19, 2005 
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