COROLLARY THEOREMS: "sooner or later, any valid theorem is going to be invalidated."

About 8000 years ago appears the first Civilization of our ancient history: Sumer (near Baghdad). As it is mentioned in A14, the Sumerians were incredibly--better said, stunningly and unexplainably--advanced for those primitive days. Today, we still use a few extraordinary Sumerian scientific concepts such as:

1. the 360 degrees geometrical circle, with one degree having 60 minutes, and one minute having 60 seconds--and then each second was further divided in 60 subdivisions, and then each subdivision was further subdivided in 60 . . . ;

2. the 24 hour day, with one hour having 60 minutes, and one minute having 60 seconds--and then each second was further divided in 60 subdivisions, and then each subdivision was further subdivided in 60 . . .

You see, the Sumerian Civilization used a base 60 Numeric System--we use a base 10 Numeric System, the decimal one. Sumerian science was further (partially) adopted by the Egyptian Civilization, then by the Hellenic one, and then by the Romans. The Romans have preserved (some of) it up to very close to our modern days.

We should all be very grateful to that mysterious, wonderful Sumerian Civilization: the 360 degrees geometrical circle is the FIRST WHEEL of our Human Civilization!

[Fragment from "Global Picture in News" December 23, 2006. © Corollary Theorems Ltd.]


ENERGY is the true, magic word: it means life, development, wealth, space travel, contacts with alien civilizations, and . . . everything. To us, now, energy is particularly important because we are faced with a terrible energetic crisis: the fossil oil reserves started to become depleted!

Only a few people know what the oil crisis actually means, and that is not good, because people should know what is going to come. For us, oil means:

1. fuels for transportation;
2. production of electrical energy;
3. raw materials for the plastics industry;
4. raw materials for many (better said, most) chemical products; for example, medicinal drugs, and paints.

The good news is, we do have technological means to compensate for each of the above criteria without any fossil oil--and we could do things even better! The bad news is, we cannot change our economy towards using new sources of energy/power because we do not have a strong, united, healthy, social mentality. 

The spectrum of the coming oil crisis has appeared the first time in 1974. At that time, the little, diplomatic oil-crisis was solved behind closed doors--details are not even important. What is important is, although the World was well aware about the future developments of the next oil-crisis, and people wanted to implement changes that would curb down oil consumption, things went in fact exactly in the wrong direction! In that glorious year, 1974, hydrogen was first presented officially as a perfect alternative to fossil oil, and that has ended the first oil-crisis. However, 31 years later [41 years in 2015] we still do not have a working hydrogen infrastructure, although 31 years [41 years] in the life of a Civilization in crisis means a lot of time wasted!

The actual and the future oil-crises are important because they will disrupt our comfortable way of life. They will bring inflation, and the costs of living will increase to absurd levels. That will generate (and it generates) great social unrest. However, whenever the oil price goes up, the most part of the money are just very, very hefty benefits for a few individuals. What we are dealing with, during the actual and future oil-crises, is in fact a social crisis. There were and there are many solutions to the technological oil-crisis, but they face a fierce opposition from a handful of individuals who make now, and in the future, enormous benefits from the depleted oil reserves. Amazingly, despite the fact that they are just a bunch of rapacious, greedy, brainless individuals, they win the fight against the entire Planet!

Particularly interesting is, the vast majority of the people (the voters) don't care a bit about any oil-crises, although they will be the ones to suffer most. Even worse, the democratic majority supports exactly those few wealthy individuals who are pushing them further down into poverty! That exemplifies perfectly clear that our social education is well below the minimum required level for a healthy, prosperous Civilization.
Now, do not worry because we have no intention to discuss about the fossil oil, or about any (better) social structures--not now. Our focus in this article is PURE ENERGY, as it is defined in Physics. The first, interesting aspect is, we are able to measure energy quantitatively. From the quality point of view, however, we use a lot of names for energy: "exergy", "anergy", "internal energy", "energetic levels" and so on, but the truth is, we have no idea what that energy thing really means, or is!

I was very young when I discovered the famous Einstein's energy equation, and I was deeply impressed, for a while. At that time, I believed that the materialist-dialectic philosophy was able to explain, perfectly clear, everything about our Life and Universe. However, Einstein's equation revealed that matter was in fact a form, or a sum of forms, of energies. I asked myself, "What is energy, as seen from the materialist-dialectic point of view?" My answer, then, was very clear, "An idea!"

Soon I discovered that the famous Einstein's energy equation is just a childish mechanical speculation. What Mr. Einstein did is, he started from the existing formula of Kinetic Energy which defines any moving mechanical body.

     W = 1/2 * m * v2

The above formula is currently known and used in grade 9 Physics today, and during Mr. Einstein's days. The next "thing" Mr. Einstein did was to replace the speed "v" with the speed of light "c"--which he has defined as being "a constant", and the maximum limit possible.

     W = 1/2 * m * c2

However, dividing a constant doesn't make much sense, therefore he simply took out the 1/2 division and . . . BINGO!

     E = m * c2

It is obvious to anyone who knows a bit of elementary Physics that Einstein's energy formula is a joke. The above formula refers to a mechanical body moving with light-speed; however, internal energy contained in the atoms of that body is billion times greater than its mechanical kinetic energy. Einstein's famous energy equation is a grade nine mechanical prank.

Now, particularly because it was mechanical in nature, that "equation" was quickly accepted and "understood" by everybody--and particularly by people who knew jack about Physics. Next, Mr. Einstein became overnight a genius! Sure; why not? A genius of the fools though.


Note added in 2018: in support of the above 2005 remarks, note that the E=mc2 joke explains nothing about the particular and specific undulatory nature of a moving light-quantum. The "scientists" of our time take it as, "Just a phenomenon, dear," except . . .

Wow! We published MERCY and Three Stories from Hilsa'N Tassa 13 years ago though, unfortunately, it looks like it was to no avail


GREEN LEAF REnergy appears following the potential difference of two states: one positive and one negative. One single state is not sufficient to generate energy. In order to exist, energy needs, first of all, a difference of energetic potential. For us, the humans, it is easy to use energy, only it is difficult to understand it. Our environment has a certain temperature range, a gravity vector, and even oxygen: these conditions create one side of the energetic potential. What is left for us to discover, and then to exploit, is the independent, (the true) two-sides energetic potentials, but this is another story.

Now, the abstract, mathematical notion of an energetic potential, or the gradient of energy, needs to have some concrete basis, something more . . . substantial, because potential difference in itself doesn't help us much. We need a term for those two energetic states, and because there is none, we took the liberty of naming it Primary-Energies, or Primordial Energies. To get a visual picture, try to imagine many layers of "something" very cold, invisible, and totally inert, energetically. Of course, this picture is very foggy and confusing, but at the level of Primary-Energies things are more ideological in nature than material. That level is what we name the Subatomic Universe.


Fact is, the Primary-Energies are not quite ideas; they do need to have a true, real, nature of some sort. However, what is interesting is, there must be something else, lower than these Primary-Energies, which forces the Primary-Energies to interact intelligently with each other. That interaction creates the atomic components we know, therefore the Atomic Universe comes into our material existence. For us, the atoms are capable of generating measurable quantities of heat, light, and other energies.

So, what could be further down from the Primary-Energies? At one particular moment in time we considered that there are some "factors", more like ideas, which are driving the Primary-Energies. However, those idealistic factors do have some remarkable particularities which deny, again, the idealistic notion: first of all, they are a certitude! Naturally, because nobody ever though of this before, we took again the liberty to name those factors, the Certitude Factors.


The idea is, those Certitude Factors exist, and they have a specific purpose: they "push" the Primary-Energies of the Subatomic to create the Atomic Universe. Of course, the new thorny issue was: why do the Certitude Factors exist? Well, they exist because they are Certitude Factors. Ha, ha! [This is just a joke.] No, the Certitude Factors exist because there are a few, very important, "Fundamental Reasons" which force Certitude Factors into existence. These Reasons are defined in the Universal Imbalance Principle.

Now, we are closer to the roots of things, although not quite. As it is explained in Learn Hardware Firmware and Software Design, there are methods of dealing with projects that may seem to be above our power to execute them, or to understand them. It is described there a practical design method: we start with the Global Picture, then we corner our problem, theoretically, down to its very roots. Sure, many aspects remain unknown and unclear after that first iteration, therefore the next step is to go back to the Global Picture. Next . . .

"Those are just SF literature speculations!" the critics will cry out loud. Well, dear friends, let us point out to some true, real evidences. The first one is the Big-Bang (or the Little-Pop) theory. Although that is just a theory, the fact that we do exist, now, means the Big-Bang itself also happened some time ago. Think of what has determined, or pushed, that NOTHING to become our Atomic Universe.

The second argument is that little piece of rock mentioned in A8. Try to imagine the entire Atomic Universe is only dead rock--sooner or later we are going to end up that way. That dead matter Universe requires fantastic quantities of energies to simply exist, and they come again from . . . NOWHERE! Of course, there are many more disturbing evidences and, possibly, we will summarize them in these web pages in the coming articles; however, the best thing to do is, read our SF books.


First published on June 02, 2005 
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